January 10, 2010

Lagalize MMA in New York

I must admit no love loss for NYC. Not one of my favorite places on earth, but none the less I respect what it has given us over the years in terms of rich sports traditions with the Rangers, Knicks, Mets, and some of the best fighters in boxing history. I find lots of humor in the irony of NYC being one of the "most progressive" cities in the world, and yet they have fallen to the back of the line in regards to jumping on the MMA bandwagon. To this day MMA is illegal in New York, and Ontario Canada, which each respectively holds the largest city of each country (NYC / Toronto). The potential for the community to benefit is through the roof, yet douchewaffle legislators maintain a strict crackdown on MMA in New York state, and the province of Ontario to this day!

Here is a great short movie I am borrowing from Ross Training (thanks Ross for finding it!). It is extremely well done, and poignant!

Oh, and check out the ignorant comments about tattoo's by promoter Bob Arum, then your questions of "why are such knuckleheads running things?" will be answered!


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