January 26, 2010

New Website Launch (finally!!!!!!)

I will spare my good friends here at gravity central the loooooonnnnnnngggg story, but the short and narrow of it all is Three Harmonies is back on line! Absolutely NO THANKS to the douche waffles at Comcast who deleted my previous website (really, is there any good god damned reason for your existence, other than to give my good buddy Justin a job??)! After, I am not sure how long of, an absence we are back on line!

Not to toot my own horn, but I am happy to say I designed and created this site completely on my own! For those who know me personally.... you understand I am NOT a computer guy, so this is kinda a proud moment!

So anyways, peruse, linger, hang out etc. and most of all enjoy! I am quite happy with the service and program I used (Wix.com), and with the turnout. Please do me a favor, bookmark the site and visit it daily. Just click on the site once a day and that will help drive it higher with search engines (from what I understand).

Keep in mind this is a work in progress as I will be adding things (articles) and changing the site regularly so please do visit us regularly.


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