January 3, 2010

USA Today Muhammad Ali Special

Cruising through the airport in Detroit I stumbled upon a special edition by USA Today (not normally a fan of such propaganda, but this is Ali!) on one of boxing's greats, Muhammad Ali. Regardless of your opinion of Ali you must respect his boxing prowess and work ethic. Truly one of the greatest in terms of footwork, movement, and fluidity.

This 64 page special edition is pretty much devoid of advertisements, save a few for Ali schwag, and full of various articles, stories, and stats of Ali. Interviews with Ali's wife, trainer, and fight doctor, as well as an article on the day to day life of Ali in Arizona (his permanent residence) highlight this rag.

A couple of articles regarding Ali's toughest opponent Joe Frazier were scattered in as well, but I felt these could have either been edited or left out all together. Frazier is a bitter old man in regards to his war with Ali 30 years ago! I admit back in the day Ali said some crazy off the wall shit, but god damned Frazier let it go! Making comments where Frazier accounts Ali's Parkinson's disease to him not "believing in the real God." is just ignorant and deplorable! This is a tribute to Ali's legacy and Frazier used it as a soapbox to preach his bullshit Christian rhetoric. I have grown very tired of the right wing fruits and nuts in the Christian army here in America. Tim Tebow of Florida is another example of this increasing trend.

A fight by fight breakdown is also offered for Ali's pro career which I thought was great, and Bert Randolph Sugar breaks down his top 10 pound for pound, and top 10 heavyweights.

If you have an extra $5 to blow go for it, as it is a good read especially if you are a boxing fan or Ali fan or both.


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