March 4, 2010

Basic 12 Curriculum - BJJ DVD Release by Brian Johnson

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Brian Johnson's (NW Jiu Jitsu Academy) first volume in his BJJ series on his "Basic 12 Curriculum."

For those who are unaware, Brian has structured his curriculum into 12 fundamental positions, with two lessons each position. This is a unique approach in the BJJ world where often instructors have no set curriculum which can lead to frustration and confusion for beginners and fellow teachers alike.

In this first volume (of a planned three volume series) Brian covers the following key fundamental positions:
-Top Control
-Mount To Back
-Closed Guard
-Pass To Mount

Do not be mistaken, these are not meant to be comprehensive tutorials on each given position, but rather serve to introduce the beginning student to the fundamentals of each position, and transition. Of course submissions are included but they are not the focus of the instructional. Rather the focus is on how to gain and MAINTAIN a dominant position!

The brilliance of this DVD is in the teaching formula Brian lays out not only for the student, but also for the teacher of BJJ. Every lesson is done three times showing different angles with clear concise explanations of each movement and position. Instructors will find the teaching guidelines invaluable, as how to teach is a rarely addressed topic in all martial arts.

The DVD is capped off with a warm introduction by Rigan Machado, and some fight footage of Brian using these sound fundamentals to win such prestigious events as Grapplers Quest (3x Black Belt Champ) / 09 World No Gi BB Champ / 08 Silver World No Gi!

Those of you who know me know I am loyal to a fault. so of course this is a biased posting. But those of you who know me, also understand I do not settle for second rate when it comes to anything (beer, women, scotch, martial arts), and I would not be pimping these DVD's unless they were worth every cent of the mere $40 you will spend for this! If you are remotely interested in BJJ you need these volumes in your library.

Future volumes include the following lessons:
-Side Mount / Knee Ride / Mount Escape / Escape to Guard
-Guard Attacks / Open Guard / Top Attacks / Takedowns


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