August 30, 2010

Meynard Ancheta's First Pekiti Tirsia Seminar a Huge Success!!

First Pekiti Tirsia Kali Training Seminar Seattle, WA. August 28-29th 2010.  W/ Meynard Ancheta
Wow!  To be quite honest my head is still swimming from this weekend, so I am not sure how articulate I will be this morning.  This past weekend was a first in many respects; it was Guro Meynard Ancheta's first time teaching a Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar (which he really outdid himself on); it was the first time I have ever organized and hosted a Filipino Kali seminar (and I had a much greater response than I imagined I would); this was the first time I received so much positive feedback from the participants; and (to the best of my knowledge) this was the first time a Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar was openly taught in Seattle, WA!

"In the field of strategic knife
defense, the Pekiti-Tirsia System
of Kali is THE most progressive,
practical and sophisticated system
of tactical knife self-defense and
edged weapon awareness that I
have ever encountered"
Guro Dan Inosanto

For those of you who may not be familiar, Danny Inosanto is considered one of the living legends of Filipino Martial Arts!  For him to offer such an opinion is no joke as he is a man with integrity and a depth of knowledge few will ever reach.  

Meynard is not a fan of gimmick's and flash.  His foundation both with Leo Gaje, as well as with Tim Cartmell is based in solid fundamentals.  "If you do not have a solid foundation, no tricks or flashy techniques will be effective.  It is the boring stuff drilled repeatedly that makes the difference in technical ability." -  Ancheta

So the foundation of Pekiti Tirsia Kali was set forth.  Meynards emphasis on footwork, correct angles, and range were the sub theme's of the weekend where we trained the Doce Methodos, or Twelve Methods of traditional Kali.  

We worked all three ranges focusing on stick work on Saturday, and progressing to knife work on Sunday.  Basic flow drills, footwork patterns, all the while sprinkled with techniques made the weekend fly by!   A couple attendee's mentioned how they had never seen some Dumog (Filipino wrestling) demonstrated like Meynard showed!  

"A basic foundation in wrestling and ground technique is essential for training Pekiti Tirsia Kali!  If you have been avoiding this type of training, you will pay the price if you ever end up in a fight!"  Meynard was adamant about the need for a solid foundation in grappling both standing and on the ground.  He shared a couple stories of Dog Brothers fights where the difference between losing and winning was determined by the better grappler, not the better stick fighter!

 Privately I got some great insight into the approach Meynard and his teacher Leo Gaje take on Kali.  I cannot express how happy I am to be back training in the Filipino martial arts, especially since I have been taken under wing by Meynard.  I could not ask for a more knowledgeable, and caring instructor!  I am certainly blessed in my life with good, quality people whom surround me in my life from my family, to my wife,  to my instructors.  

For those of you interested in solid, fundamental training in Kali you should really consider hosting Meynard Ancheta.  His skill in the arts is only overshadowed by his passion for sharing those arts!  If you are interested in contacting Meynard please send me a email and I will be more then happy to assist.  

In the end Meynard was very impressed by how everyone picked up what he taught so quickly!  We discussed me heading a little learning group here, and I am looking to see when and where I could squeeze that in.  Again contact me if you are seriously interested in doing something like a small learning group here in Seattle.  

Big thanks to all whom attended, I could not bring these quality instructors to you without your support and hard work.  Special thanks to Bonzai for her expert videographer skills and help throughout the weekend!

Stay tuned to the Ground Never Misses for more information on Pekiti Tirsia Kali here in the PAC NW! We plan on bringing Meynard back after the first of the year sometime.  

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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