September 4, 2010

Muay Thai Preservation Project

Happy Labor Day ladies and gents!  I hope this weekend is sun filled, beer drenched, complete and utter chaotic fun for you and your friends and family!  While we are enjoying the fruits of our labor I think it is important to remember how fortunate we are not only to have well paying jobs, but also to appreciate the true gift that is to live in a free country where few of us go without.  Not all are as fortunate as we are reading this blog post right now.

I ran across the Muay Thai Preservation Project quite by accident yesterday screwing around on the net.  I wanted to post a link here as many of you are interested in Muay Thai, but I know a lot of you are also interested in helping out those not so fortunate, and by allowing access to martial arts by those less fortunate is one of the best gifts that can be given to anyone!  The martial arts offer so many various positive attributes that I could write on for pages, but we all know the rewards of training martial arts.  Now imagine you did not have the means to make it to class ever.  Hell, imagine not having enough money to even buy a simple pair of shoes to walk the streets in!

Their are a number of options in which you can choose to help on their site.  Click here to check out the webpage!

Enjoy your weekend,

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