September 23, 2010

The Versatile Genki Sudo

Thanks to my friend Terry for this clip.  Genki Sudo is one of my all time favorite fighters who retired with grace and the heart of a champ.   Genki's style was completely unorthodox yet extremely powerful and versatile in the ring.   Always entertaining, a very deep individual, and one who cares for the welfare of the world with sincerity, Sudo shows his versatility in life with a new band called "World Order" and this is one of their videos from it:

The choreography, film quality, and camera work is top notch!  Here are some of the lyrics I found online, a beautiful song!

We have opened the veil of the world
and heard two voices
One is the soothing beautiful lie
and the other the distorted truth that fills the hollows
What is right and what is wrong
Truth is always the paradox
One era has gone by
and I awake in sleep

The rhythm of the universe the rhythm of your love
Dreaming cycle Beautiful Venus

The rhythm of the universe the rhythm of your love
Now in this moment I 'dance'

World Order

And for those of you who have no clue who Genki Sudo is in the MMA world here is a nice compilation:

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