October 8, 2010

Philipino Martial Arts Supplies

Arvin Logarta runs Philipino Martial Arts Supplies over on the islands, and is producing some excellent quality Kamagong Iron wood training weapons!  I have one of his Ginunting's and the quality is top notch!

I was severely impressed with the weight, design, and computability of the hardwood Ginunting!  The design of the weapon is spot on in regards to the blade and handle.  Often trainer Ginunting's have an overemphasized curve to them which is not at all accurate.  But if you check out the picture below you will see a beautiful piece for training or decoration.   I look forward to checking out some of his other designs.

His rattan seems strong and sturdy.  I have banged them up a bit and they are holding well, but the true test will be time.

The only negative aspect to ordering with PMAS is the shipping!  Arvin prefers to use UPS for tracking purposes and quite frankly the shipping is going to run you about as much as your order!  Too much IMO! But on the flip side I have yet to find this type of quality wood with training weapons.

If you order up some weapons let Arvin know Jake sent you!  Super nice guy with great products that are hard to find in the US.



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  2. It's spelled as "Filipino" and never use Philippino.

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