February 2, 2011

Anthony Robles - A True Inspiration

Muchas gracias to Bonzai for linking me to this story!  Anthony Robles was born without his right leg and has become a huge inspiration to all wrestling his senior year for the Arizona State University team.  Plus he is a diehard Raiders fan, so how can't you like the guy!?!?!

Robles sense of balance and use of leverage is uncanny given his missing leg.  His attitude is amazing, and he attributes it to his parents who raised him no differently then his brothers and sisters.  Parents are a missing theme / link in many kids lives now days.  Even when they are around, they are missing in many respects.

Anthony reminds me of my hatred for four letter words like "CAN'T!"  Next time you tell someone "I can't....." think of Anthony, then shut your mouth and push yourself!


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