February 27, 2011

Common Misconceptions (read Fear's) About BJJ

This is an awesome clip from one of the most respected BJJ coaches in the world, Draculino, who has produced champions like Alberto Crane, Romulo Barral, etc. etc.  In it Draculino addresses some common misconceptions about the efficacy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's guard work.

I come from a traditional background in both the Japanese and Chinese arts.  To this day I still train them though I focus more of my time and energy on BJJ.  I have spent countless hours arguing with ignorant people about this very subject to no avail until those people actually try some of what they think will work. I am not sure why the fear, (and don't be mistake... it certainly is fear!) seems to guide these peoples arguments.

First of all there is nothing to fear in BJJ!  BJJ will not ruin your traditional art.  It very well might ruin some misconceptions YOU had about YOUR training in the traditional arts, but to be quite frank BJJ has improved my stand up game one hundred fold!  How you ask??

Simple... I no longer feared going to a place I was ill prepared to go.  When you are on the ground you need to have a base knowledge of what to do and how to safely get to your feet.  Once I could handle myself safely on the ground I did not care if the fight went there.  I would prefer to stay on my feet for sure, but we cannot control every scenario and variable in a fight.  It is pure chaos.  That is why I laugh my ass off when I hear traditional practitioners pounding their chest saying "No one could take me to the ground."

Yeah.... let's dispose of this myth right away.  One does not need to be "taken" anywhere by anyone, as mother nature is constantly working against us with gravity (remember: "Gravity doesn't lie, and the ground never misses!") so something as innocuous as a misplaced step, slip on ice, a rolled ankle, or even a missed punch can put anyone on the ground regardless of their opponents intentions.

So I hope you enjoy this short clip from Draculino, as it is pretty funny and spot on with its point.


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