February 9, 2011

Field Trip to the History of Steel Exhibit - Macao Museum of Art

Check out the beautiful collection of weapons at the Macao Museum of Art!  This link is for the Philippine section which has some amazing pieces, but also check out the other categories such as China, Japan, SE Asia, and Korea.  I would love the opportunity to travel to Macao and check out this collection in person.  I am ignorant about steel weapons, their development, their design and manufacturing, etc.  I know more about using them then the actual weapon itself, not to mention its role and influence on mankind!  I have so much to learn and am already 1/2 way through this life!  Crazy.

Anyways I thought my readers may enjoy a trip to the museum.  Meynard comes into town next weekend for some great training in Kali.  He is also bringing a couple of custom made Ginunting's with him.  If my hand is not too big I just may have a new toy to show my readers!  I am stoked to get a new shaving razor;)


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