February 28, 2011

Great Push Hands in Seattle, WA.

Just recently I made a new friend in Scott Meredith here in Seattle who showed up as a doe - eyed newborn babe at Meynards seminar on Kali.  Scott had never picked up a stick in his life, but he has made a pact with himself that at least once a year he ventures outside his realm of comfortability to try a new seminar, workshop, or learning experience in an effort to continue growing.  

Come to find out Scott is probably one of the most experienced Taiji Push Hands players not only in the area, but honestly I would put him near the top 2-3 pushers I have ever met!  Hands down the best I have ever pushed with was Mike Martello, and honestly most skilled players cannot drop their ginormous ego long enough to even learn anything from them.  Scott is the polar opposite with the skills to boot.

If you are in the Seattle area and want to either learn, or improve your sensitivity training their is no better I know of then Scott.  Check out his modest site, especially the writings page!


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