February 4, 2011

"Kid" Yamamoto Makes his US Premier

I have been following Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto for years in Japanese fight promotions, and he has been one of my favorites to watch because he is one tough SOB and always brings a brawl!  This Saturday he will step into the octagon for the first time against Demetrious Johnson at UFC 126 and this promises to be a scrap.
Here is what Sherdog had to say about the fight tomorrow.

For those of you never exposed to Kid check out this awesome highlight reel (with one of Hip hops best artists, Immortal Technique).  His wrestling is excellent.  Submissions are probably his weakest area but as you will see that does not mean he is not good at them.  His striking is explosive and precise which makes for a lethal combo.  Enjoy!

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