April 10, 2011

Food & Diet Blogs

Stumbled upon some great new blogs and websites regarding Paleo and overall diet and health:

Latest in Paleo has a little bit of everything on it; recipes, talk shows, etc.

Archeovore is Kurt Harris' renamed Paleonu.  Great resource for solid health info from an MD!

Tribe of Five has some good solid info on food quality, selection, and knowing your source.

As with anything take food and diet advice with a grain of salt, and learn to listen to your body.  everyone is different and diets will similarly be slightly different with each individual.

I also wanted to take this moment to ask that any purchases you make with Amazon be made through the link on my blog.  I get "points" for anything purchased via the link on my blog.  It costs you nada a damn thing, and it helps me out.

Cheers, and

LETS GO HAWKS!!!!   They need the win today!!



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