April 29, 2011

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy

Starting May 2nd, 2011 Coach Mike Leary will be launching the new kids class at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy!    I have known Mike for nearly 5 years now both on and off the mat.  He is an amazing father and Brian could not have found someone more passionate about BJJ then Mike to spearhead this project.  He is going to make the perfect kids coach!

So if you have a rug rat, a mat rat, or just a plain ol' regular shorty bring them on by the academy to get signed up today!

Classes will be held:
Monday & Wednesday 4:15 - 5:00pm (as classes grow I have been told Fridays will be added onto the schedule)

Cost: $100/month (one time $50 registration fee which includes a uniform)

Curriculum: 12 positional class with 5 technical levels per class, forming a total of 60 classes per belt.  Folks, I have been around the martial arts for 20 years, and I have to admit this is fundamentally the most comprehensive kids curriculum I have ever seen!

Click here to view the NWJJK BJJ curriculum!

For more information visit NWJJA, or you can email me at [email protected]

Train Hard.  Train Smart.


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