April 19, 2011

Product Review - "Under Gi"

New to the market, Under-Gi boxer briefs offer a something new and refreshing to the fight wear boom happening right now.  Tired of the tighty whiteys?  Tired of the boys getting bunched up and caught in positions they do not belong in?  Want something comfortable to wear both on and off the mat?  Under-Gi's boxer briefs are the answer.  (Claim: I decided to opt out of modeling these for you.  You all owe me a beer;)

Made in China from 80% Polyamide & 20% Elastane, Under-Gi's are snug and stable without becoming banana hammocks, while comfortable and breathable like boxers.  I have worn my pair both kickboxing along with grappling and  they are pretty damn comfortable.  I must admit that I am very picky about what I wear and how it fits.  Without getting graphic, I want my boys in a certain spot especially when doing combat sports without a cup.  I have a hard time finding solid workout briefs, but Under-Gi fills that niche!

They breathe well and have enough compression to be firm without getting restrictive.  Go big when sizing.  I float right at 36-37" waist and the XL are a tight fit.  The only slightly negative I see with the Under-Gi is the price.  At $20 a pop plus shipping these can get a bit expensive for those of us who workout all week (I easily hit 12-14 pairs a week, and that is just working out and teaching!).  I would also like to see a bulk discount perhaps!?

Though made in China, Under-Gi is an Ohio based company so give some love to the Midwest, they are in desperate need of some!  Click here to order a pair of Under-Gi briefs!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.
Jake B.

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