February 28, 2012

Congrats 1914 Kimono BJJ Family

Sorry it took a day or so to post this, but I wanted to take a moment and congratulate the 1914 Kimono's fight family as lots of competition went down over the weekend.

Firstly big props to Justin Rader (2011 No Gi World Champ) who fought his ass off in NYC at the Ultimate Absolute II.  Justin made it to the finals and lost on points to a very tough Celso Venicius.  Some great fights from Justin including this win over Ryan Hall:

Also congrats to Zach Adamson of Seaside JJ who took silver at the San Fran Open after bumping up a weight class because no one was in his original weight!
And last but not least hats off to Brandon Russell and Dallas Niles who both won their weight at theNAGA OKC gi tournament over the weekend.  Dallas also took his weight in no gi!  A great weekend for the 1914 fam, I hope the positive vibes will flow to the midwest over this coming weekend.  

Brandon winning the NAGA belt!
Congrats guys!
Zach taking silver


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