February 21, 2012

If Ever In Senegal... Make Sure to Wrestle

Thanks to Ross over at Rossboxing.com for sharing this 4 minute piece on traditional wrestling in Dakar, Senegal (thats west Africa... the continent, not the country!).  These guys are a MMA / BJJ market just waiting to be tapped!  Yolked to all get out with MAD crazy stand up grappling... add a bit o' kickboxing to the mix and some BJJ... West Africa can be the next hotbed of MMA talent!  You heard it here on the Ground Never Misses first!


  1. Absolutely right, we're currently working an initiative to engage with Senegalese wrestlers in November 2013. Check us out.
    www.lionheartmmafrica.com/ or find us on Facebook at Lion Heart Initiative.

  2. Check out this awesome BJJ story in ROLLIN' IN DAKAR, the full documentary about the rise of BJJ/MMA in West Africa. In November 2013, we shot and produced “Rollin’ in Dakar” a short film by Genghis Con documenting an American team introducing BJJ to Senegal. https://vimeo.com/96002928