February 22, 2012

John Will - Heading to Europe 2012

I have been following Liam Wandi's rollings and ramblings for quite sometime now on his blog the Part Time Grappler.   Liam is a purple belt author living on the other side of the pond in the motherland (Great Britain) and has been quietly making some noise with various articles all over the web and in Jiu JItsu Style magazine as well.

Liam hosted our mutual friend John Will last year for a series of training seminars and from the sounds of it will be bringing John back over this year.  This is an excellent write up on the man known as the "Coaches coach."

"John is a man. He has worked hard on polishing his knowledge and his wisdom. He has pursued his passion in life and chased his dreams. When you are in his company, you feel that you better listen to what he has to share with you. You leave his company inspired to be a better person. A more rounded person. 

His BJJ and MMA skills and teaching style are excellent. Practically flawless and why wouldn’t it be? He is eloquent, knowledgable and has done his 10,000 hours of both BJJ, MMA and teaching many times over. Just look at his BJJ / MMA seminar schedule. Put it simply: John Will is an excellent BJJ and MMA teacher because he never took anything for granted and has worked hard"

To read the entire blog post click here!  

If you find yourself in Manchester on May 3rd, do yourself a favor and check out a living legend!  And say hi to Liam for me!  If you cannot make it to the Queen's court, then come visit us in the Emerald City in late June for John Will's only US visit!


PS Oh... Liam... John taught us his Helio class and it was fascinating on many different fronts!  Enjoy!

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