February 8, 2012

Keep Your Politics off Our Bodies

Mucho thanks to my cyber friend Georgette over at her mega popular blog for posting this moving and powerful clip.  Once again I am not a fan of discussing political BS and for the most part I have stayed out of the tsunami of political wrangling in regards to the Komen debacle.  But this video clip from Linda Burger should be required watching not only for the message she sends our leaders, but also as a testament to the will and fortitude of a woman who has lost more of what makes her whole then any of us can imagine, and who has bigger balls then most any of the men I know!

What does this have to do with a blog dedicated to the martial arts you ask?  Well, number one I whole heartily feel that no one, NO ONE, has the right nor privilege to tell me what I can do to my body.  Period.  And to use my body as a political leverage tool is insulting, shameful, and overall one of the most personal attacks I can imagine!  If our societal leaders (be it politicians, or non-profit "do gooders") can dictate and control what happens to a woman's body, what decisions she has a right to make for her well being.... then how long is it before they are dictating to all of us!  Martial artists or otherwise!?  That is truly self defense!

And secondly it is my blog and I can post whatever I think is an important message;)

Not sure how to end this other then I hope you never have to experience anything like Linda has, but if you do, know that the strength of those before you will help carry you through even the darkest of times.

Thank you Linda for being such a brave, strong woman!    Please share this with every strong woman you know.

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