February 17, 2012

Thanks to NWJJA Sub Crew!

I wanted to take a moment and thank Denise, Eric, Randy "The Lost Mendes," "Scrappy" Phil, "Chickenwing," and Chris "McMuffin" for their excellent instruction and guidance this week while our fearless leader is catching some much deserved R&R southwards.  Extra props to Randy and Scrappy on their excellent jobs teaching classes for the first time!   Many folks believe it to be easy to teach, but if you care, really truly care, it is actually quite energy draining and difficult to teach people martial arts.  Both Phil and Randy made it look like they have been doing it for decades!   I have much to learn from both of you.

We are truly blessed to have such a fine cadre of talent within such a small academy.  It is always beneficial to gain insight into another persons game or style of rolling.  One thing I took away from this week's various lessons is the importance of our basic principles!

  • Three points of contact must be maintained at all times
  • Guard passing is essential to a deeper understanding of BJJ
  • The guard is essential to a deeper understanding of BJJ
  • We need to work our guard passing drills more often
  • We should never quit striving to be better partners
Well I guess that is more than one thing, but you get my drift.  Thanks also goes out to the students who came in support of our fellow teachers.  For those of you prepping for the various tournaments it is time to get your ass on the mat and train!  One or two classes a week ain't going to cut it guys.  

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Much respect and love,

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