August 20, 2012

Buchecha Invades the Pacific NW This Saturday

Click here to check out all the details, but keep in mind world champion Buchecha is going to be at North Sound BJJ this weekend offering a 3 hour seminar for a measly $85!!  This is an opportunity to train with arguably the best grappler on the planet right now (and rumor has it he rolls with everyone at seminars!  Just a rumor, but a damn accurate one from what I understand!)

Click here to link to the site to register for Saturdays seminar!

A short list of his achievements:

Main Achievements
  • 4x World Champion (2010 brown & absolute, 2009 purple weight & absolute);
  • 6x World Nogi Champion (2011 black weight & absolute, 2010 black weight & absolute, 2009 brown & absolute);
  • 4x World Cup Champion (2009 brown – weight and absolute, 2008 blue – weight and absolute)
  • 3x Pan American Champion (2010 brown, 2012 Black weight and absolute);
  • 3x World Pro Cup Trials Champion (2010, 2012 weight & absolute)
  • SP Cup Champion (2010 WLPJJ)
  • 2x Miami Open Champion (2010 black, weight & absolute – closed bracket with team mate);
  • 3x Brazilian National Champion (2010 brown, weight & absolute, 2008 purple);
  • Brazilian Teams Champion (2008 purple)
  • World Silver Medallist (2011 black)

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