August 8, 2012

Marcus "Buchecha" Oliveira de Almeida Invades the Puget Sound

Officially it is Marcus Vinicius Oliveira de Almeida but it seems his nickname "Buchecha" is a bit easier to remember.  Still have no clue who I am talking about?  Really?  Well do yourself a favor and sign up for one of the remaining dozen spots left in what has become Washington's best kept secret;

6 x World Champ 
Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar

August 25, 2012

North Sound BJJ
Lake Stevens, WA.

Ace Jiu Jitsu is fortunate enough to have Buchecha teaching on a weekly basis, and my coach and friend Tim Cartmell had this to say; "He is an enthusiastic and excellent teacher who breaks down techniques very well.  His competition mindset and drills are unique and valuable.  We are so fortunate to have access to a true champion like Buchecha."

And for those of you interested in the latest "fad" of not training the gi.... keep in mind that Buchecha is a 6 x World No gi champion who believes firmly that training in the gi is essential!  So borrow your buddies "pajama's" and come join us to take your grappling to another level!

Seriously my broski Scotty called last night and said their are just a handful of spots left, do not procrastinate (sorry for the big words Kelland!) and click the link above to reserve your spot and check out easily!  Or if you are not interested in training with the best... stay home and sit on the couch while the rest of us train with the best grappler in the world right now.  

Some AMAZING talent coming up here so make sure you take advantage.  Check back here at the Ground Never Misses for announcements about possible private lesson opportunities too.

Train Hard.  Train Smart. 

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