October 26, 2012

Machado Camp Day One

What a whirl... sleep deprivation, caffeine, alcohol, more sleep deprivation, locked luggage, and some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced (avoid flying American Airlines), yet the Pac NW crew arrived in Dallas, TX. in full force for the 5 Brothers Machado Camp!   Unfortunately due to American Airlines terrible service we missed Carlos Machado's opening blitzkrieg on his latest developments on the hook sweep, arguably the Machado families bread and butter.  But from the murmurings amongst the crowd we missed some golden nuggets destined to change sweeps games across the board.

Pac NW Crew with Carlos and John!
Held at Carlos' spacious Farmers Branch RCJ Headquarters, 2012's camp saw well over 50 students on the mat for Prof. John Machado's afternoon session on follow ups if the hook sweep fails.  Common troubleshooting and finishes from a failed sweep gave practitioners a chance to work Carlos' hook sweep and the backup plan if for some reason the sweep fails.  Ending the session with a great detailed look at the rolling knee bar!

This type of piggybacking and congruency is exactly what I recall from the 2008 camp held in South Carolina.  The brothers all bring individual games and styles for sure, but when together their is a certain synergy that I have not felt with other coaches representing over 150 years of collaborative Brazilian Jiu Jitsu idea's and strategies. 

Stories of childhood rivalries bounce off of walls adorned with pictures representing all aspects of the Machado brothers involvement in the art of BJJ:  Rigan competing in the 2nd ever Pan Am's; Carlos' gold medals from the US Open and Pan Am's of yesteryear; and clippings documenting the history of BJJ in America. 

All in all if you are not here you seriously need to ask yourself why!?  Tomorrow we hit the mats at 9am with Rigan teaching some 50-50 guard counters and technique both gi and no gi.  Then after a short lunch break (provided by My Fit Foods!!!) we have Roger Machado sharing his zen like approach from 2-5pm. 

More to come! 

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