February 10, 2013

"Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful..." Sensei Keiko Fukuda Rest In Peace

I hate coming home from a great weekend of training to bad news but the cogs of time pause for no soul no matter how revered it is here on earth.  Sensei Keiko Fukuda passed away just two months shy of her 100th lap around the sun on Saturday February 9, 2013.  Sensei Fukuda was the highest ranking female Judoka ever (10th Dan) and was also the sole surviving direct disciple under Judo founder Jigoro Kano.

Sensei Fukuda embodies the true essence of budo and the martial spirit, a true inspiration to martial artists of all disciplines and backgrounds.  Sensei had to not only go against the cultural ethos of a very stringent society, but also walked the lonely path of a dedicated martial artist in an art dominated by sexist men.

Find energy, passion, and fire in her story and let her inspire you!  I wish I could have met her but I can honestly say her powerful lessons on life I will never forget.

Rest in peace knowing you have positively affected so many individuals.

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