April 20, 2013

Drysdale Dominates Legacy FC 19

Dear Double Wide - Douche Waffle Dana White,

Rumor has it you are shopping Robert Drysdale to get him into the UFC sometime in the near future.  As I understand you think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is "boring" to the average Joe who knows nothing about the sport.  I implore you to watch this video and then tell us fans of MMA that BJJ is "boring"! 

Thank you

All sarcasm aside a huge congrats to Robert Drysdale on his 6th straight MMA victory, which will be his sixth submission (first rear naked choke he has nailed), oh... and all under 3 minutes by the way! 

Best of luck on your journey Prof Drysdale.  Rest assured your fans think you are one of the most exciting Pro MMA fighters out there to watch!  I look forward to your future challengers!


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