April 18, 2013

Maintaining Leg Control with Dan Faggella

Our friend and Pan Am champ Dan Faggella over at BJJ Leg Locks recently wrote a nice article for Grapplers Planet on maintaining leg control when attacking with leg locks.  I am going to be reviewing Dan's DVD on Heel Hooks you see advertised on the left, and this is a great introduction to his analytical approach to attacking the legs.  For Three Harmonies Students who have the night off this is good study material.

Click here to read the entire article where Dan uses a nice instructional clip from Reilly Bodycomb, a Sambo leg lock expert, to illustrate the importance of controlling your opponents free leg.  This is an often overlooked detail when learning leg attacks, yet it is arguably one of the most important. 

Study this article and check out some of Dan's videos, and look for a review in the coming weeks of his Heel Hooks DVD! 

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