April 12, 2013

NWJJA Belt Promotion Night

April 11th 2013 marked the largest belt promotion Brian J. Johnson and the NWJJA has ever seen!  Over 50 students hit the mat to congratulate fellow members of our academy and celebrate one of only four promotions you will ever get in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This summer will mark my 8th year training under Brian, easily 4-6 classes a week... and I can honestly say the level of BJJ at this academy has gone through the roof!  Any given night I get tapped by blue and white belts.  Everyone is working hard on what Brian shows us, and to that end our coach has really become quite comprehensive in his lesson plans.  Where as 6 years ago we would work one thing one week, and something totally different the next.  Now, Brian is dovetailing one week's / month's lesson into the following lesson, and then revisiting certain key concepts in future classes as well.  This woven method of teaching has proven successful in student retention and execution. A testament to Brian's dedication and service to us!

Essentially that is a long winded way of saying... ya'll are rollin' frickin' AWESOME!!  In our academy rank is earned, not given, and you can be damn sure when you are handed that belt you have been that rank for sometime!  Last night saw the promotion of both Chris McMullin, and "Scrappy" Phil to brown belt!  Two of our more technical fighters, they both have been coaching and teaching and are a great asset to this school.  Make sure to take advantage of the knowledge those two have.

Faixa Rosa was presented to my good friend and long time training partner "Shadow!"  The best partner one could ask for, proud of you bro.  Also receiving purple belts are Mike "Tony Robbins" Adams, and "Motorbike" Matt Walsh. 

Long overdue blue belts graced the heavyweight division last night with my brother from another mother Kamau earning his faixia azul, along with Kyle Adams (great to have you back on the mat bro!), OMAR (who has been officially relieved of timer duty.  Will bet you a nickel that Nick screws it up!) Alaska Cody,  and Brian.... damn dude... can't recall your last name!?  Sorry.  Repping the lightweight division Craig got his long awaited blue belt as well! 

And contrary to street rumors, Kelland Lindsay did not get demoted to five stripe white belt... this time! 

Congratulations to all and a big thank you to our coach Brian J. Johnson and all of our training partners!  Remember we all improve because of each other and the helping nature of this academy.  Let's not only maintain, but exceed with the foundation that has been laid! 

A black belt is a white belt who simply never quit!

Jake B.

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