April 15, 2013

Spider Guard Leg Attacks with Yuri Simoes

Checkmat is renown for their leg attacks, which I touched upon with this post on Buchecha last month.  
So I thought this clip from Budo Jake and the crew at Budovideos with Yuri Simoes attacking from Spider Guard would be a perfect fit to start the week off. 

For members of NWJJA Brian will be working Spider Guard this week during classes, so make sure to get on the mat and work your open guard game.  Thanks to my bro Jeremy for finding this clip on Lapelchoke.com! 

"If you don't have a solid open guard game, you are not doing jiu jitsu.  Period." - Brian J. Johnson

And here is Cavaca doing what he is known to do best... Achilles lock:

Train Hard.  Train Smart. 

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