May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

As you nurse your hangover from an extra night of freedom and debauchery, take a moment this Memorial Day before slurping down dogs and beer and remember those who gave everything in return for there service.  Some have never made it back home either.  In our ADD muddled life we quickly forget the cluster(s) we have allowed our government to get our boys and girls into. 

If you know a veteran, hell if you simply just see one, stop and thank them with a hug and handshake.  My grandfather served and I wish I could spend just 10  more minutes with him.  One more game of chess would be priceless. 

Another little note, please support the Wounded Warrior Project.  WAY too many of our soldiers are coming back missing limbs, no to little psychological counseling, and not getting the help they need.  Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to helping out in any way they can.

Thank you to all who have served past, present, and future. 

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