May 31, 2013

Here We Go.... 2013 Mundials

In less then 3 hours Scott Stillwell will be tearing up the purple belt lightweights, and in just over 5 hours I will be hunting gold in the heavyweight purple division.  The fight has already been won or lost.  It is a matter of showing up and imposing my will!

My home today! 
Had some great training with NWJJA before I left on Wednesday, and then Ace JJ yesterday morning had another tough but awesome session.  Well rested and going to get some grub here shortly, I wish to thank all that have helped  me on this path; my coach Brian; my training partners; RCJ Machado and the family; my students; 1914 Gi's!  Thank you all for the support and encouragement!

I hope to report good news by days end, but regardless of outcome this is an awesome day to fight!  So stoked!


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