June 8, 2013

5 Brothers Camp: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu w/ The Machado Brothers

Once again RCJ Machado is proud to present the Five Brothers Camp October 25-27th 2013 Dallas, TX.  This is literally a check mark on the bucket list of any serious grappler as you get unprecedented access to Carlos / Roger / Rigan / Jean Jacques & John Machado over the course of three intense training days.  That is over 180 years of collective grappling knowledge and experience on one mat, in one location, at one event and one event only! 

This will be my third Camp and they just keep getting better and better, here is the link to 2012's Five Brothers Camp Review. 

I cannot convey in words the warmth and welcome feeling the Machado extends in everything they do.  The brothers themselves will admit these camps are a way for them to get together and share info.  With all five brothers living in different spots with crazy schedules and family events it is tough to get together and exchange ideas.  These camps prove to be a laboratory for the scientists to share their latest experiments, and we are the right alongside as lab assistants learning the craft from one of the founding families of BJJ in North America! 

You can follow the link to your left or you can click here to be redirected to the RCJ Pro site where you can reserve your spot today!  For those from the Pac NW I recently looked into tickets and they are about $260 round trip to DFW!  Leave your ego at the door, and join us on the mat!Jake

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