June 24, 2013

John "The Coaches Coach" Will: Member of BJJ's "Dirty Dozen"

Renzo Gracie always clowning, with Renato Magno chilling!
For those of you unaware, we have a very special guest making a quick pit stop here in Seattle, WA. next month goes by the name John B. Will.  John is Australia's first BJJ black belt, as well as being a member of the "Dirty Dozen" (first 12 non-Brazilian's to attain black belt in BJJ) under the Machado family.  Teaching over 300 seminars a year around the globe, John has become renown for not only his near perfect techniques on the mat, but also his presence while teaching.  It truly is something to experience just how planned, detailed and intricate his instructions are, as well as his control of the room.

If you are still on the fence whether to attend (Click here for more information on the seminar July 14th here in Seattle) I have found some solid examples of John's teaching method for your perusal:

teaching MMA star Gil Melendez

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