June 10, 2013

Lineage Photography: Capturing the Experience of a Lifetime

When you enter a big tournament such as the Pan Am's or World Championships you are literally fighting against the best in the world.  This is not a "moment" or an "event," but rather in all true essences of the word this is an experience.  One of a lifetime to be quite honest.  Regardless of the outcome those few precious moments on the mat will be burned into your soul for the rest of your life, and that is something you would certainly want captured on film if at all possible.

Enter John Cooper and the collective brother/sister - hood of photographers known as Lineage Photography.  Covering grappling / MMA events have become their specialty, and let me tell you they are PHENOMENAL!  When John offered dedicated coverage of my experience at the 2013 Worlds I anticipated good shots but what he delivered far exceeded what I expected.  Within seven short minutes he nailed over 20 amazing shots, everything from black and white, to close ups, to more panoramic views.  Not only did John capture the moments of transition, but he conveyed the energy and excitement of fighting in the pyramid with various shots.

Now I already know what dialogue is running through your head.... "Why spend the money on this Jake when my __________ is basically a professional photographer?!"

Well I used to be married to a "professional" photographer and though her images were good, she did not understand the fight enough to be in the right spots at the right times to capture the perfect shot.  Cooper and his crew have complete access via press passes and work hard moving around the mat hitting various angles and getting a variety of shots.  Knowing the lay of the land is so vital to getting the right picture.

The crispness and clarity of the pictures are second to none, and John almost instantly has them downloaded to an easy to access site, as well as a smart phone sticky gallery (free to download) for your i Phone/ Pad where you can see the images on the go.   Again these images you are seeing have not been altered or photo shopped.  With dedicated coverage, Lineage photographers capture all aspects of your fight; warm up in the bullpen (you don't see many of those because John could not find me as I was standing outside the bullpen warming up), the fight itself, and post fight podium coverage as well if you are that lucky. The best thing about it all is that you do not even notice the photographer snapping shots of you.  They are excellent at giving you your space and not interfering with any aspect of your preparation. A minimum of 20 images is guaranteed on top of the coverage... all for $100.  This gives you unlimited access to the images online (you can download or send them to a print shop all very easily from your computer).

You can also vie for a $35 sitting fee where they cover your match but no images are included in this package.  Depending on the size and where you print them, prints will run $7+ each.  So really it all depends on your goals and motivation for the photo's.  But Lineage Photo has plenty of options for all budgets so give John a call and talk with him.  A lot of photographers are a bit pretentious and act like their jock strap don't stink, but John is super down to earth and quite personable, answering phone calls and emails immediately.  To be honest the only negative criticism I have is that the subject is not allowed to use the photo's online because of copyright issues, which for most I would imagine is not a huge issue as you are using these photos personally.  Either way I am sure you could talk to John and work something out if you needed something.

Quite honestly I will be budgeting $100 each major tournament I do as John's images are spectacular!  Like I said these are moments in time that you will never get back, plus with the adrenaline pumping it is quite easy to forgot details of the match.  With Lineage photo they freeze those moments in time forever and offer a piece of art in return.  Check out the photographers of Lineage:
Yes, John captures the awkward moments as well!
So prior to planning your next tournament make sure to reach out to John at 714-904-1341 or Cooperfoto.com  , or Lineage Photos, and book your coverage.  Just take a look at these shots that no one is going to be able to get from the stands!  And you never know when you might be in a situation that calls for you to "Clark" it up! 

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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