September 30, 2013

Enson Inoue and Animal Abuse

Enson Inoue is one of my hero's for several different reasons, but the main important one is because he is a consummate advocate for animals and their rite to be treated right.  Enson is on one of his two month long pilgrimages to raise awareness for earthquake aid (yeah, remember that little rumble in Japan a while back?) and has dedicated the 20th day of his journey to our fuzzy friends (and even those with scales). 

I could not agree more with the statements he makes below.  If you agree make sure to express your appreciation by checking out one of Enson's handmade bracelets at Destiny Forever.  
Dedicating my day today to all the abused animals. To all of you treat your pets like shit wish I could just have five minutes with you on the mat!

Thinking it's cool to mistreat the weaker is not right! Just speaking out for the our furry cuddly friends that don't have a voice.

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