December 24, 2013

"Domination - Control the Wrist, Control the Game" - Vimeo On Demand Instructional w/ Carlos Machado

Fushnickens... you have waited until the very last minute to get the grappler on your list a gift.  RCJ Machado will help you skip lines, avoid parking squabble, and still hit a home run with an awesome gift as red-black belt Carlos Machado and Vimeo are here to save your day with his latest instructional, "Domination - Control the Wrist, Control the Game."  

Carlos (and all the brothers for that matter) is way ahead of his time when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the dissemination of knowledge.  "Domination" is a prime example of that brilliant approach to our art in both content and delivery.  A 55 minute instructional detailing a very specific game via principle oriented drills, this instructional will serve the intermediate - advanced student quite well, simultaneously laying out a lesson plan for the seasoned instructor.

Shot with his black belts and nephew Jean Machado, Carlos runs through a number of situation where wrist control is imperative to maintaining control of the pace and tempo of the fight.  In true Machado style a number of trouble shooting options are investigated throughout the instructional.  What I love about all of RCJ Machado's productions is that the teachings are a glimpse at a complete game.  It is not an exhaustive study of one specific position, but rather a principle based approach to attaining and maintaining wrist control in an effort to re-guard, attack, and/or pass depending on the situation.

Carlos is a great instructor.  Clear, concise, and precise he guides students through techniques and makes teaching look truly effortless.   Peppered with reviews, "Domination" is like sitting in on a class or seminar and then reviewing and intertwining the previous lesson with the current.  Not only is the martial content top notch but the delivery system via Vimeo is the next level of instructionals.  Free and easy to get an account on Vimeo, this enables you, the practitioner, to access this video anywhere you have internet access.  Phones, laptops, tablets... you can literally take this series of lessons directly onto the mat with you and drill with a partner while accessing the video more conveniently then ever.  

Clean production and video quality have become standard with RCJ, save a handful of shaky camera moments.  I like the video effects and notations accompanying the video, but some of the editing could be tightened up and cleaner.  The audio was crisp and clear over the entire video with the feed on Vimeo being smooth and clean as well.  My transaction ($19.99) went through quickly and easily and my subscription lasts for an entire year.  After that I am not sure of what happens, but I assume you had downloaded the video elsewhere. 

"Domination" is another great instructional coming from the RCJ Machado production crew, and is a perfect gift for any hard to shop for martial artists in your family. 

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