December 5, 2013

Exposing the Team Lloyd Irvin Cult & The Wake of Filth DJ Jackson and Lloyd Irvin Have Left Behind

 Jake Rossen's expose of "Team" Lloyd Irvin and the rape culture he has bred at his Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area martial arts academies.  I cannot stress enough how important it is that we inundate social media and the world wide interweb with articles such as this one that give a sickening synopsis of the kind of cult mentality that Irvin is brewing!  This man, and individuals such as DJ Jackson (bench warrant in Iowa for gross sexual misconduct!!), has direct access to women, teenagers, and children! 

Spread the word, expose the "Team" for what they really are... sick sociopaths!  A short snippet of Jake Rossen's excellent article

They'll tell you they weren't scared. They were just sick of the stories, sick of the escalating pressure, sick of the dark cloud that hung over the school and seemed to be growing by the day.
But calm and collected people don't abruptly pack their belongings and hitch rides to airports in the middle of the night. Some say they feared violence. Others thought Master Lloyd would talk them out of leaving as easily as he talked them into other things.

... the driver passed the phone to the back seat, Keenan (Cornelius) told his mother a truth that would be inadmissible in the militant atmosphere of Lloyd Irvin's school — a place, former members claim, where fear, isolation, and reprisal hung over their heads like guillotines.
"Mom," Kathleen heard him say, "I've never been so scared in my life."

Click here to be redirected and read the entire six page expose!

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