May 18, 2014

Pam & Denise Forever

I am so joyed and happy for my friends Pam & Denise as they invited me to be part of their intimate family on May 17th 2014 where they tied the knot after 17+ years of love and kinship!  I met Denise nearly 8 years ago on the mat at NW Jiu Jitsu where she promptly choked my big goofy ass out.  We soon became friends and without a doubt she is one of the best training partners I have ever had.  Brian's only black belt and most loyal and dedicated student, Denise is the epitome of the principles on which BJJ is built, and standing right next to her the entire way has been her faithful companion in life Pam.  A more lovely couple you will not meet. 
Yes, thats correct... she got married in her black belt, cuz that's how we roll! 

You will notice I have not used their last name and that is quite intentional as Pam & Denise truly are one love!  I have never met a more wonderful couple and I cannot be happier that the people of the state of Washington finally got their collective heads out of the clouds and legalized the marriage of anyone to anyone.  The fact that we have to legislate these human right's is beyond me but also a topic for another time.  Congrats girlz, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your day!

Love always,

PS Not that they are hip hop fans, but this track from the Polish Ambassador featuring Mr. Lif and Ayla Nereo is amazingly beautiful and the brilliant lyrics about feeling lost and being found seem apropos:

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