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January 31, 2015

Hakuho - 33 Tournament Titles - Quite Possibly the Best

Hakuho has taken his 33rd tournament title and simultaneously becomes the sole leader in tournament victories, surpassing the great Taio (32).  This would also be his 11th undefeated championship which proves to be another record. 

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Grappling fans in general and Sumo fans in general are quite possibly bearing witness to one of the greatest periods of wrestling history ever..  Hopefully you all are tuning in;)  Though my coach Tim claims his all time favorite Chiyonofuji is the best of all time, this 33rd tournament victory makes Hakuho arguably the best ever.  And the best news is he still has several more years in him!!

Congrats Hakuho!

March 21, 2014

Kotooshu Retires

One of my favorite Sumo wrestlers, Bulgarian born Kotooshu has announced his retirement from professional Sumo.  The first European ever to win the Emperors Cup, Kotooshu's 12 year career has been plagued with injuries which seem to have become too much to handle.  I just wanted to say thank you for the past decade of amazing fights in the art of Sumo. 

Here is video of day 12 of the Haru Basho which includes the announcement of Kotooshu as well as a great match at 11:19 between Hakuho and Kisenosato.  Kisenosato attempts to be "cute" and play a bit of a mind game with the yokozuna which in general is typically not a good idea.  Lessons were learned:

An interview from 8 years ago:

Arguably his greatest match defeating Asashoryu on his way to winning the Emperors Cup in 2008:

January 28, 2014

Hakuho's Dominant Performance at January 2014 Basho

Hakuho is one of my favorite Sumo wrestlers of all time, and this recent January 2014 basho illustrates exactly why I love to watch him and Sumo in general.

First and foremost check out this AMAZING inside knee prop (Uchimuso) he nails on Kotoshogiku.  This is an incredibly rare throw all set up off of Kotoshogiku over committing his weight into Hakuho:

So that was day 14, where day 15 has yokozuna Hakuho (14-0) taking on Kakuryu (13-1).  IF Hakuho wins it will be his 28th Emperors Cup.

SPOILER ALERT.... So when you have a tied record on day 15 of a basho, it forces the two wrestlers into a sudden death playoff.  What better timing then a winner takes all end to the January basho just before the American superbowl!?  If Kakuryu wins it will be his first Emperors Cup:

January 1, 2014

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hakuho - Sambo vs. Sumo

Merry New Year!  How did you spend the passing of 2013 into the birth of 2014?  Well if you were in Japan you could tune into Giant Killing 3, a super-star packed arm wrestling tournament that is so uniquely Japanese!  Reminiscent of the New Years super shows that Pride FC used to put on before the evil conglomerate of Fertitta and White bought them out, Giant Killing is over the top crazy production where a trucker hat turned backwards is the only thing missing. 

December 4, 2013

Kimarite "Winning Techniques" of Nagoya Basho

Here is a great compilation of kimarite, "winning techniques," from the Nagoya Basho (July) of this past year.  Some great grappling here!  Know your roots:

November 29, 2009

Hakuho Wins Kyushu Basho & 12th Emperors Cup

Hakuho won his third title of the year by stealing the victory with a perfect 15-0 record in the Kyushu Basho! Hakuho ends the year with a never before seen record of 86-4! Best ever for a single year. The Mongolian Yokuzuna finished the tournament with a great throw vs. his rival, fellow Mongolian himself Asashouryu.
The actual bout begins at the 6 minute mark. Great fight!

Here are the highlights from the last day:

Here is the Japan Times breakdown.

To the right is a picture of Hakuho in his traditional Mongolian Wrestling uniform, and his current Sumo Mawashi. Don't forget about the Aaron Fields Mongolian Wrestling Seminar coming up in a couple of weeks!