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June 10, 2015

Jean Jacques Machado in Jiu Jitsu Magazine

Our friend Professor Jean Jacques Machado has a feature in this months Jiu Jitsu Magazine specifically on how to attack the turtle position via a series of chokes.  Two things I love about this article... one is the variety of chokes JJ offers, with variations I have not seen other places.  And the other is the constant inspiration Jean Jacques Machado offers all of us where a man with virtually no fingers, nor a functioning hand, can specialize in a variety of collar chokes.  He never let his birth defect EVER slow him down not hold him back.  Respect. 

October 24, 2014

2014 RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp Day 1

NWJJA has arrived and the 2014 RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp is underway!  Practitioners from Mexico, Canada, and all over the US have flown in to train with the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Family on earth.  As with every year Prof. Carlos Machado started off the festivities offering the his latest findings in his infamous hook sweep game.  A teacher beyond compare whose conceptual learning method I find the most symbiotic with my frantic learning style.  The three hours on the mat went by in no time.  And speaking of which... we are down to the last 7 days to register for Carlos Machado's seminar November 1st in Seattle, WA. 

This evening we have John Machado, with Roger and Rigan tomorrow followed by a feast for warriors at Fogo de Chao!!!! 

September 1, 2014

Carlos Machado All Over the BJJ Globe

Professor Carlos Machado has been all over the place as of late with a featured column in the latest Jiu Jitsu Style magazine where he speaks about tournament fighting and the importance of points in our training.  Check out page 51 for the entire article.  The really great news is the Barnes & Noble at Northgate in Seattle has started carrying Jiu Jitsu Style in lieu of Gracie magazine!  So please go support them and sell Jiu Jitsu Style out every month!!!

Carlos will also be one of the featured instructors at the RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp Oct. 24-26 2014 in Dallas Texas.  Join us where Carlos will share the mat with his four brothers (three of which are red-black belts!!) and be teaching some of the most technically sound Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will ever see.

And as if that was not enough Carlos Machado will then be visiting the Emerald City for the very first time where he will teach a BJJ seminar on November 1st 2014 at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.  All ranks and affiliations are welcome to join us for Prof. Machado's first visit to the Pacific NW!  More info coming...

August 30, 2014

Jean Jacques Machado Copa Cantao 1987

Chris Saverese delivers once again with video from over 25 years ago as Jean Jacques Machado fights in the Copa Cantao against an unknown grappler.  Though edited, this clip gives great insight into the game we fight and how it has evolved.

Make sure to sign up for the RCJ 5 Brothers Camp where you can train with Jean Jacques and his four brothers (also pretty darned accomplished at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) in Texas this October.
Click here to register

August 15, 2014

2014 Machado 5 Brothers Camp

It is officially official... mark the calendar, pre-register, and book the tix to DFW.  Five brothers, three days, one love!  All ranks and affiliations are welcome.  Register today! 

August 9, 2014

Machado 5 Brothers Camp 2014

So fresh off the press that we don't even have a poster for it, but the official announcement has been made with the annual 5 Brothers Camp being held at the Colony in the DFW (Dallas) area on October 24-26th 2014.  Join all five (Carlos / Roger / Rigan / Jean Jacques / John) of the Machado brothers as they impart over 200 collective years of experience and wisdom gained on the mats.  This even is open to any and all ranks, affiliations, and experience levels.  This is true Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, NOT a sport jiu jitsu camp!  Where else can you get hands on training from THREE red-black belts??? 

Great teaching.  Great people.  This is exactly what our art is all about!  We will have more info at RCJ Machado in the coming days. 

Special guest appearances this year as well! 

July 21, 2014

Machado BJJ Coming to Austin

Jean Jacques Machado has two affiliates that are going to be offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Austin Texas very soon.  I have no open date yet, but here is Mark Armstrong and Todd White with a video promo which looks nice.  Always great to hear about Machado academies thriving and expanding.  Lucky Austin-ites!

June 8, 2014

Eddie Bravo Visits Portland Oregon July 25-27

My vote for logo of the year!!
Man o' man the Pacific NW is THE place to be for a grappler as we have John Will's seminar coming up at NWJJA in Seattle June 22nd, Henry Akins will visit the area in August, and I just got word of the NW No-Gi Training Camp in Portland, OR. July 25-27th 2014 which will feature at least one seminar with Jean Jacques Machado black belt, and 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo! 

It has been a minute since Eddie last visited the Pac NW and this is a wonderful opportunity to train with one of the 21st century's most revered grapplers and teachers.  Regardless of what you think of his personal views on marijuana, chem trails, or government conspiracies... Eddie is honestly one of the top instructors I have ever had the honor of sharing the mats with!  A man whose grasp of fundamental grappling is really second to none, as he is truly his masters protege in that Eddie is an innovator whose foundation is rooted in the fundamental laws of grappling. 

Johnny Fu / Your's Truly / Bravo / Doc in 2009

Do not miss this opportunity to train with Eddie Bravo!  Visit 10th Planet Portland to pre-register for this event that will surely sell out! 

And just in case you have no clue whom this Eddie Bravo cat is...

March 29, 2014

Metamoris III - Results

"Old Guys Rule" proved to be the rule tonight at Metamoris III where Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo fought a 20 minute half guard clinic with Eddie throwing on submission attempt after submission attempt including his famous Vaporizer leg attack to which Royler would not give the pleasure of a tap.  A match no one believed would happen until it was well underway proved to be one of the greatest rematches in grappling history where both fighters went for it playing their specific games; Bravo with his infamous 1/2 guard and Royler's renowned knee cut pass. 

I must admit a bit of confusion in that the initial rules stated that a match would not be stopped if a submission was on!?  Technically that match should have continued until a tap or Royler escaped.  Just saying...

Though this fight ended in a draw it proved to be one of the most exciting matches of the event as well as asserting the fact that Bravo's first win was certainly no fluke.  Both of these fighters are well into their 40's and proved to be some of the best conditioned athletes at Metamoris.  I personally would love to see more "masters and senior" fights at Metamoris.  The first Metamoris was supposed to showcase Nelson Monteiro versus Jean Jacques Machado but never happened because of an injury to Monteiro.  But the experience level of Gracie and Bravo combined is well over 50 years, and experience is exactly what shaped the fight of the night!  Imagine if Metamoris brought back some of the rivalries of old... Gracie vs. Machado!?!?  Make sure to vote to your right and leave any feedback in comments below ---- >

The master Jean Jacques Machado coaching his pupil
The third edition of the submission only super show proved to be the best.  Production quality was topped only by punctuality (an issue with past events), with excellent commentary from Kenny Florian and Jeff Glover.  Both of whom brought the right combo of humor and information without the awkward pauses with past commentators. 

Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts
Surprisingly this match opened with a double guard pull which went back and forth until about the 5 minute mark where Maxwell passes Roberts guard and quickly follows into mount.  Attacks of Maxwell are defended to a draw. 

Gui Mendes vs. Samir Chantre
Gui set the pace throughout this match and it was clear early on that though Samir was certainly game, he was simply dominated this evening.  At the 13:30 mark Gui nails a baseball choke with the nights first submission. 

Babalu Sobral vs. Dean Lister
After a frustrating standup period Lister decides to pull guard and but scoot.  This leads to a great back and forth battle that includes the requisite leg attack flurry by Lister.  Though Lister attains mount he is unable to finish.  Awesome no gi battle that ends in the nights second draw. 

Kevin Casey vs. Keenan Cornelius
Originally Cornelius was scheduled to fight Vinny Magalhaes but a pre-fight medical check Magalhaes could not pass due to a staph infection.  Immediately the Gracie's (organizers for Metamoris) made phone calls and were able to grab Kevin Casey, MMA fighter and Rickson Gracie black belt, to fill in at the last minute... literally.  And let me tell you Casey stepped up, sweeping Cornelius several times from standing frustrating the younger fighter for the first half of the match.  But then Keenan's spidey sense kicked in and he noticed Casey tiring a bit and turned on the heat pulling into 50-50 guard, leg dragging Casey's leg to the opposite hip where Keenan attacked the inside heel hook securing the tap at 6:56.

Rafa Mendes vs. Clark Gracie

Simply put...a clinic on explosive Berimbolo attacks, which to the laymen sounds like something terrible you bring back from a trip to Guatemala, but to those who know Rafa this comes as no surprise.  Clark certainly was aware actively backing his hips out and barely squeaking out of Rafa's back control attempts.  Thankfully for Gracie no points were counted as this match ended in a draw.  

February 17, 2014

RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp: Oz Version 2015

I have a surprising number of Australian readers that I wanted to make sure were made aware of an AMAZING opportunity knocking on their front doors... Our friend and coach John Will is proposing hosting the Machado brothers for two separate camps in Australia later this year and needs your help.  Below is the flier and a message from Will.  PLEASE do not dismiss this post just because we are over a year out for this planned seminar.  First of all you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to train with five of the best BJJ practitioners ever!  Secondly please realize it is incredibly difficult to get visa's in Australia so planning must be made well in advance.  For more info click here.

a quick update re: the proposed 5 Brothers Camp.
    The plan – albeit it in the early stages – is to bring all five Machado Brothers out for a full weekend of training in May 2015.
    Ideally – depending on interest and numbers – I am proposing two camps – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.
This is to ensure that we cater for everyone …
    The Sydney-based Camp (a Friday-Sat-Sunday event) would cater for the ACT, NSW and Qld – whereas the Melbourne-based Camp would cater for Vic, SA, WA and NZ.  This would also minimise traveling for those living in either NSW and Vic – where we imagine we would pull the larger portion of attendees from. Apologies to all those living in other states and in New Zealand – but it’s the only solution I can come up with at this point.

   The first step is to have Carlos Machado’s wife Lindsay – investigate to process of obtaining Temporary work visas for the event – once that is done – we shall book venues and lock in dates – and of course – take names to secure spots.
   So that’s it … an awesome plan – and although we are still a long way off – it might be worth buying yourself a 5 brothers piggy bank and attacking in a dollar a day between now and May 2015. Easy.

Best wishes all
with respect
John Will

February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Jean Jacques Machado

My warmest wishes to Professor Jean Jacques Machado on his birthday today Feb. 12, 2014.  I have learned so much from the most technical of technical grapplers and I look forward to sharing the mat for many moons to come. 


February 11, 2014

"The Grapplers Handbook: Gi and No Gi Techniques" - Review of Jean Jacques Machados Latest DVD

Jean Jacques Machado and Jay Zeballos have released the DVD set "Grapplers Handbook: Gi and No Gi Techniques" which very well could be considered the pinnacle of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD sets.  A companion to the two books under the same title, "Grapplers Handbook (GH)" offers a unique approach that we have not seen a lot of in the DVD instructional realm and that is a glimpse into the game plan of a high level master.  With this 3 disk DVD set you will be introduced to Jean Jacques complete grappling blueprint for both gi and no gi.

Jean Jacques Machado is considered by many to be one of the most technical grapplers alive today where his ability to execute is only overshadowed by a keen teaching prowess that few possess.  When his other four brothers need the details to a certain position or move they come to Jean Jacques as he truly embodies his own quote "the more you know, the less you do."  The devil truly is in the details and lets be frank... BJJ instructionals are a dime a dozen now days, so why should you buy this DVD set over any other out there?  The answer my friends is two fold; exquisite details in both the strategy of the pedagogy of the presented material as well as the beautiful editing and camera work provided by Black Belt Magazine-Video. 

I will be blatantly honest here and say outright that this material and the format it is presented is geared towards the intermediate to advanced grappler.  Not to say beginners could not glean a lot from the lessons contained in the three hours here, but Jean Jacques assumes a base knowledge for the viewer.  Again he lays out a strategy and game plan, so this is not the conventional "let me show you every arm bar from the guard" type of training.  In lieu of being exhaustive JJM has pinpointed some choice techniques and grouped them into the following categories over three disks:

  • Passing the Guard
  • Attacking from the Guard
  • Top Attacks
  • Takedowns
  • Art of Pulling Guard
  • Mixed Martial Arts
Details of the techniques are taught along with slow motion and full speed versions for each segment demonstrated.  This is imperative when training with JJM, as his attention to detail often requires several reviews just to get into the context of the technique.  I must admit that one of my favorite aspects of this set is the overhead camera angle which offers SO much detail while JJM is instructing that I cannot believe others are not following suit.  Especially when we are talking about ground grappling, a third angle is desperately needed to see the complexities of the technique.

For instance when approaching the single leg Machado takes on  the subject from all angles; literally.  Walking the student through each scenario when grips are attained: push / pull / neutral, Jean Jacques lays the groundwork for understanding the principle, not just memorizing wrote technique.  Your entry to the single is predicated on their response to the manipulation stimuli.  Ultimately they have limited options as to which way they can go, and all options leave a leg exposed.  A glimpse inside the mind of a master is rare, and that they can convey such information is even more rare.  Practitioners of all levels will reference this DVD set over and over throughout your martial journey.

I have yet to read the two volume text of the same name; "Grapplers Handbook"  so I cannot speak as to how much they are similar or different, though I have it by good measure that Jay and Jean Jacques cover much more detail in this DVD set.   But you can purchase the 3 disk DVD set via Amazon by clicking here which will open a new tab on your browser. Every serious grappling student should own this set, and anyone considering producing a DVD should take note of the production quality, camera work, and editing done by Black Belt Magazine - Video. This is the standard all should be striving for. 

January 20, 2014

Jean Jacques Machado on Eddie Bravo Radio

Well if you are in the Pac NW then you are most likely nursing a hangover and have already called in for the day.  So since you have all day lounging around ranting and raving on your Seahawk glory, sit down, light a fattie and listen to Eddie Bravo have a sit down chat with his coach Jean Jacques Machado. 

Thanks to mi hermano Ivan for turning me onto yet another great Jean Jacques Machado interview from just last week with his student (and grappling genius himself) Eddie Bravo on his weekly videocast "Eddie Bravo Radio."   Lots of great info about the history of BJJ and the Machado family. 

January 19, 2014

Jean Jacques Machado Interview

When Jean Jacques Machado speaks we should all listen, as he embodies over four decades of martial knowledge.  Some would argue he is the most technical grappler teaching today (and yes, he teaches all of his classes at his Tarzana, CA. academy!  I have had the pleasure of training with Prof. Jean Jacques Machado four times this year alone and I cannot tell you the lessons I have taken away both on and off the mat.  Here is a GREAT interview with the Professor himself:

December 24, 2013

"Domination - Control the Wrist, Control the Game" - Vimeo On Demand Instructional w/ Carlos Machado

Fushnickens... you have waited until the very last minute to get the grappler on your list a gift.  RCJ Machado will help you skip lines, avoid parking squabble, and still hit a home run with an awesome gift as red-black belt Carlos Machado and Vimeo are here to save your day with his latest instructional, "Domination - Control the Wrist, Control the Game."  

Carlos (and all the brothers for that matter) is way ahead of his time when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the dissemination of knowledge.  "Domination" is a prime example of that brilliant approach to our art in both content and delivery.  A 55 minute instructional detailing a very specific game via principle oriented drills, this instructional will serve the intermediate - advanced student quite well, simultaneously laying out a lesson plan for the seasoned instructor.

Shot with his black belts and nephew Jean Machado, Carlos runs through a number of situation where wrist control is imperative to maintaining control of the pace and tempo of the fight.  In true Machado style a number of trouble shooting options are investigated throughout the instructional.  What I love about all of RCJ Machado's productions is that the teachings are a glimpse at a complete game.  It is not an exhaustive study of one specific position, but rather a principle based approach to attaining and maintaining wrist control in an effort to re-guard, attack, and/or pass depending on the situation.

Carlos is a great instructor.  Clear, concise, and precise he guides students through techniques and makes teaching look truly effortless.   Peppered with reviews, "Domination" is like sitting in on a class or seminar and then reviewing and intertwining the previous lesson with the current.  Not only is the martial content top notch but the delivery system via Vimeo is the next level of instructionals.  Free and easy to get an account on Vimeo, this enables you, the practitioner, to access this video anywhere you have internet access.  Phones, laptops, tablets... you can literally take this series of lessons directly onto the mat with you and drill with a partner while accessing the video more conveniently then ever.  

Clean production and video quality have become standard with RCJ, save a handful of shaky camera moments.  I like the video effects and notations accompanying the video, but some of the editing could be tightened up and cleaner.  The audio was crisp and clear over the entire video with the feed on Vimeo being smooth and clean as well.  My transaction ($19.99) went through quickly and easily and my subscription lasts for an entire year.  After that I am not sure of what happens, but I assume you had downloaded the video elsewhere. 

"Domination" is another great instructional coming from the RCJ Machado production crew, and is a perfect gift for any hard to shop for martial artists in your family. 

December 10, 2013

"Think as a Martial Artist" - John Machado Interview on Just the Gi Top (Episode #21)

Our friends over at Just the Gi Top had the lucky fortune to interview none other than Prof. John Machado over the weekend!  Any chance we get to sit and listen to the wisdom gained from such an influential martial artist should not be missed, and neither should this hour long interview.  John has some GREAT insight and thoughts into competition, training, teaching, and living the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle ... "Think as a martial artist and you will never be bored again!" - John Machado

 Sit down with some hot cocoa and enjoy the show:

November 26, 2013

"Domination" - Control the Wrist, Control the Game: Carlos Machado's Wrist Control Instructional

Red Black Belt Carlos Machado has just released a brand new instructional called "Domination," and it is all about controlling your opponents wrist/grips.  We all know the grip game is essential to BJJ and at the highest levels the first to dominate the grip is usually the first to win!

From Prof. Carlos:
"Want a better sweep game against a more seasoned opponent?  Want to escape easier against anyone, even if you are still a beginner?  How can a white belt last a bit longer against a black belt?  That, and many more answers can be found at this easy to follow, broken down video of my "Domination" concept, where the simple knowledge of how to control the wrist can become a game changer for students of all ages and levels.
 Remember, the one who controls the grip first will determine how the match

So for those gentlemen bored on Black Friday while the ladies are out shopping, sit back and spend an hour with a legend improving your game while battling the tryptophan hang over.  It is only $19.99 and runs 50 minutes!   I am currently viewing it for a future review on The Ground Never Misses, but for those who can't wait click here to be redirected! 

November 24, 2013

"The More You Know, The Less You Do" - A Weekend at the Reed Academy with Jean Jacques Machado

For the fourth time this calendar year I was blessed to train with Prof. Jean Jacques Machado down in the southern Ohio city of Cincinnati at the Reed Academy Martial Arts.  This would be his 15th year visiting Charles Reed and his students and boy would November 23, 2013 be a remarkable visit!

As with all my previous posts on seminar reviews with Jean Jacques, the devil was once more in the details here in cold-ass Ohio.  Over 70 students from the Reed academy and local affiliates, along with a large contingent down from Ron Dupuis' Windsor BJJ Academy, flooded the  mat early Saturday morning eager to train under one of the greatest grapplers alive.  Being such a long time student of Jean Jacques, Charles Reed has a large bevy of belts from white to brown under him and so we started with some basic warm ups and then progressed into a number of techniques, each flowing with the previous.

Once again JJM dropped some serious Zen wisdom at the seminar and it has had me thinking for the past 24 hours.  Referring to slowing down and doing one technique right a thousand times, Professor reminded us "The more you know, the less you do."  Catching students off guard waxing some of the philosophy of the Daoist Sage Chuangzi, Jean Jacques was certainly not referring to laziness, more so efficiency.  The more steps we take and details we understand with each and every movement we make on the mats, the more efficient, and ultimately more effective of a grappler we will become.  Therefor by investing in gaining MORE knowledge of said movement at the initial stage, we gain MORE wisdom as to how to use said movement(s), and as we spar we have to exert LESS because we have the foresight of what comes next.  By investing in less we gain more but expend less.  That's heavy!!

But it reminded me that in order to progress I do not need to learn more techniques, I simply need to understand the techniques I know BETTER!  Especially on the cusp of brown belt!  And that is the crux of what I took away from this meeting with Jean Jacques and Jay Zeballos, work out the details and deepen my understanding.  I did not try to remember every single thing he showed us over three hours, but rather took away a handful of key points and tips that I am going to immediately implement into my game when I get back. 

As if this was not epic enough at the conclusion of the seminar and free rolling Prof had a list of folks he needed to promote.  At the risk of screwing up every ones name and/or forgetting any, I am not going to list them (except for my brother from another mother "Stu Jitsu," Amanda B., and Iron Man!  Congrats guys!).  Over 15 blue, purple, and brown belt promotions were handed out and then Prof called all senior ranking students to the front.  In one fair swoop 6 member of the Reed Academy including Charles Reed himself were promoted to black belt under Jean Jacques Machado!  I was left speechless as were most recipient's and witnesses.  I mean... to have one or two black belts under one roof is remarkable, but six!?!?!?  That is insane!

Red black belt in both BJJ & Daytona USA!
To be witness to events such as this and Carlos Machado's promotion to Red - Black belt are exactly the reason I am part of this art and family.  The Machado family embodies the principles and attitudes that I find most valuable; honor, loyalty, kindness.  And those attributes are echoed by Charles Reed and his students in southern Ohio.  I can't thank them all enough for allowing me to be a fly on the wall on such a wonderful day and event.  I also would like to thank the Dodd's for letting me crash at the villa!  Last but not least thank you Ron Dupuis for awesome rolling! 
For anyone still reading, if you would please take a moment and fill out the survey to your right.  thanks! 

November 22, 2013

The Ground Never Misses Interviews Jean Jacques Machado

I have had the distinct pleasure of being able to train and hang out with 8th degree red-black belt Jean Jacques Machado several times this year, and it has been nothing short of amazing.  This past week I got the opportunity to ask JJM a few questions one of which was who coached him all those years through various championships, and his answer was deeper and better then what I expected, and on the eve of yet another training opportunity I wanted to share this sage's sound advice:

"Let me ask you Jake, who knows your game the best in your gym?  Is it truly your teacher, or is it your training partners?  My coaches have taught me many great things, but the best people to have in your corner at a competition is surely your training partners!  They know your game better than anyone because they fight you every night on the mat.  They are defending your attacks and seeing your moves every day.  These are the best coaches."

I mean... again... details of simplicity.  I am not sure what exactly I expected as an answer; I guess a bit of me was fishing for an awesome story of 20 years ago.  But what he offered was not only pure and honest, but it gave me much to think about over the past week.  I mean... how simple and true is this advice!? And most likely something we have all overlooked at some point in our training.  

One aspect I would perhaps add would be the importance of communication to the equation.  No matter how well I know my partners game, if I cannot communicate to him during a hectic tournament then my knowledge and wisdom is rendered useless. 

I will share more tidbits of wisdom I have picked up over the coming weeks, but let Jean Jacques words marinade a bit before chewing more.  In the meantime come join us in Cincinnati Ohio for a three hour session with the Professor tomorrow morning! 

November 19, 2013

Jean Jacques Machado Seattle Seminar Summation

Here I am nearly 24 hours removed from what many are referring to as "the most epic seminar" they have ever attended!  Three hours of gi techniques followed the next day with three more hours of no gi training, both followed by rolling with the legend himself Jean Jacques Machado one cannot help but feel overwhelmed.  Xmas certainly has come early here at the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy with Jean Jacques Machado's first visit!

I could go through each and every technique and breakdown the genius that lies within the shell of a humble, kind, and subtlety hilarious man, but that is boring and redundant.  Instead I would like to try and convey the energy Jean Jacques brings to the mat when he teaches.  A drive fueled by a love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an unbridled passion for a thirst that will never be quenched.  Truly and honestly he did not teach one technique that I would refer to as "advanced" or that needed special flexibility.  Actually he made things simpler then I have ever seen and yet I still feel like I missed so many details.  Details... the gentrified permanent residence of the devil.  And ultimately it is the details that make the difference.

Brian acknowledged at the summation of Sunday's seminar that what drew him to the Machado brothers in the first place was their openness and willingness to share and teach the art.  I mean lets face it you can learn techniques anywhere; YouTube, seminars, weekly classes, with training partners in your garage.  But to make a connection with a professor, to truly be treated as a part of a larger family is becoming a rare commodity.  The Machado family has a motto: "Leave your ego at the door" and they truly embody that quote.  Jean Jacques humbly shared details to the various aspects of his game.  Teaching like a father to his children we trained and had a blast sharing the mat with a man whose life is solely dedicated to the training and disseminating of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge worldwide. 

Again, we did nothing technically "fancy."  The genius of this seminar weekend is that JJM touched upon a number of positions and techniques and offered little minute details that truly made our grappling much simpler and easier.  No fancy berimbolo's or bullshit 50/50 guard.  Just plain old fashioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that was also not sport oriented "You might need to can opener someone in a self defense situation so you need to know it." - JJM

I want to thank Prof. Jean Jacques Machado for his time and sharing of the art he loves so much! I will see you this weekend.  Also a huge thanks to my coach Brian J. Johnson for having the vision to persevere and bring the best of the best to the Seattle area (now if we could get more of the community to appreciate these opportunities).  Thank you coach!  Thanks to all whom participated over the weekend.  Without you we cannot put these events on.