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June 16, 2014

John Will West Coast Tour - Huntington Beach & Seattle

John Will, one of BJJ's Dirty Dozen, will be making his sole visit to the PAC NW this coming Sunday when he visits NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 N. 95th St) to offer gi and no gi seminars.  Rumor has it he is is going to cover some Spider Guard essentials in the gi portion, and "no gi game changers" for the no gi session.

All are welcome regardless of rank and experience.

Also for all mi amigo's in So Cal, John will be visiting Huntington Beach on the 19th as well spreading the grappling good word.  So if you are in the LA area make sure to stop in an check out one of the best kept secrets in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

May 24, 2014

John Will "The Coaches Coach" - Seattle, WA. June 22nd 2014

John B. Will will be making his annual pilgrimage to the Emerald City on Sunday June 22nd to offer glimpses of his genius in both gi and no gi grappling.  As most of my readers know John Will has been Brian's coach for well over a dozen trips around the sun, and he takes a weekend of his year to visit with us each rotation.  One of the Dirty Dozen (first twelve non-Brazilian black belts), Australia's first BJJ black belt, and one of the most sought after coaches, join John Will at the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy for a day of training. Payment reserves your spot and space is limited. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training
Sunday June 22nd, 2014

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy
942 N. 95th St. 

12-2pm Gi
2:30-4:30 No Gi

$50 one session / $85 for both

February 17, 2014

RCJ Machado Five Brothers Camp: Oz Version 2015

I have a surprising number of Australian readers that I wanted to make sure were made aware of an AMAZING opportunity knocking on their front doors... Our friend and coach John Will is proposing hosting the Machado brothers for two separate camps in Australia later this year and needs your help.  Below is the flier and a message from Will.  PLEASE do not dismiss this post just because we are over a year out for this planned seminar.  First of all you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to train with five of the best BJJ practitioners ever!  Secondly please realize it is incredibly difficult to get visa's in Australia so planning must be made well in advance.  For more info click here.

a quick update re: the proposed 5 Brothers Camp.
    The plan – albeit it in the early stages – is to bring all five Machado Brothers out for a full weekend of training in May 2015.
    Ideally – depending on interest and numbers – I am proposing two camps – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.
This is to ensure that we cater for everyone …
    The Sydney-based Camp (a Friday-Sat-Sunday event) would cater for the ACT, NSW and Qld – whereas the Melbourne-based Camp would cater for Vic, SA, WA and NZ.  This would also minimise traveling for those living in either NSW and Vic – where we imagine we would pull the larger portion of attendees from. Apologies to all those living in other states and in New Zealand – but it’s the only solution I can come up with at this point.

   The first step is to have Carlos Machado’s wife Lindsay – investigate to process of obtaining Temporary work visas for the event – once that is done – we shall book venues and lock in dates – and of course – take names to secure spots.
   So that’s it … an awesome plan – and although we are still a long way off – it might be worth buying yourself a 5 brothers piggy bank and attacking in a dollar a day between now and May 2015. Easy.

Best wishes all
with respect
John Will

July 15, 2013

"Move What You Can. Not What You Want" - A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Review of John Will

A seminar by John Will is really more of what I would call an event due to the fact that I always walk away  with so much more then just new ways to choke someone out (though we learned a number of those as well).  Hard to put into words with a hazy head but John's yearly visit to the Emerald City is a refreshing reminder to myself to constantly be looking at the martial arts in the broad spectrum.  How can I apply the principles on the mat in my everyday life?  The monicker "The Coaches Coach" is fitting on many different levels.

We started the seminar off with a lesson on Osoto-gari and several ways to set it up.  Using this as a warm up gave John the chance to discuss the importance of having some fundamental take downs with the gi.  Then we spent the majority of the day working on the crucifix, where John showed us several ways to enter into the crucifix position, and then showed us a handful of submissions depending on where your opponents arm is in conjunction to your body.  This is my... seventh John Will seminar I believe and a common theme is his "Hour Glass" approach to teaching.  That is, working one position (that is the center of the hour glass) with a number of ways to get into into, and then a number of ways to finish/transition out of it (those are the top and bottom of the hour glass respectively). 

As per usual the lessons were awesome!  Peppered with stories of when John was learning crucifix position in the jungles of Brazil with the Machado brothers, Renzo Gracie, and some of the Gracie family, we were taught a number of different submissions and finishes for MMA/BJJ/ or Self Defense.  But what was the real lesson?  For me...

"Jiu Jitsu is like a puzzle that you have to figure out." - John Will.  He spoke about how he believes BJJ is different then other martial arts... it encourages and engages analytical thinking in a physical realm.  "When escaping move what you can, not what you want."  I mean how many different problems in daily life could you apply such advice too?  We get all too focused on one aspect, yet so many other aspects of our life are free and open and positive.  John Will teaches a way of thinking, a method of learning if you will, where the technique that is taught becomes secondary (at least to me) and the way in which to analyze a position... a submission... a technique.  That is the true lesson.  So much to think of with just a few hours on the mat with one of BJJ's sharpest minds!  Many "teach," John Will truly "coaches!" 

And we cannot forget to mention that 4th degree black belt David Meyer is also in attendance helping out where need be.  David and John are friends from before time itself and David always makes it to any event John does to help out.  An added bonus for those of us sticking around after the seminar... rolling with a legend!  What a great day!  Thanks to the 30 in attendance and especially our coach Brian Johnson!


July 12, 2013

John Will Seminar This Sunday!

Last call on the John Will seminar this Sunday 12-3pm at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 N. 95th St.)!  Word from the man himself is he will be covering the crucifix position in grave detail for half of the seminar.  So after you ensure you vote on the poll to your right -> check out these video clips by John Will:

Followed by 1.5 hours of Escapes:

Don't miss the best seminar in Seattle this year! 

July 7, 2013

John Will West Coast Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars (Corte Madera, CA. & Seattle, WA.)

John Will will be visiting Corte Madera, CA. two weeks from today, so if you are in a 180 miles radius I really cannot see any good reason to miss this seminar:

Also don't forget my fellow Pacific NW'ers in exactly a weeks time (July 14th) we will be on the mats with the Coaches Coach himself in Seattle, WA. from 12-3pm!  DO NOT MISS this opportunity to train with an original member of BJJ's "Dirty Dozen!"  Stop by the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy or call us at 206-440-8856 to reserve your spot today! 

And for any of you that are still not sure on what you are missing.....


July 4, 2013

John Will Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Seattle, WA.

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Presents:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar
w/ “The Coaches Coach”
    John B. Will
John training with Renzo Gracie back in the day! 
July 14th
   942 N. 95th St.
    Seattle, WA.
      $65 for 3 hours with a grappling legend!
*Revolution Competitors Special: $35*
John Will’s martial resume reads like a virtual who’s who of the martial world.  One of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen,” Australia’s first BJJ black belt, John has trained under the Machado family loyally for over 20 years!  Renowned for his teaching prowess, John travels the world teaching martial artists and coaches alike!  This is one of only three stops he makes in North America so don’t miss this opportunity to train with a legend.
Contact Brian Johnson at 206-440-8856 or stop by the Academy to reserve your spot ASAP!

June 24, 2013

John "The Coaches Coach" Will: Member of BJJ's "Dirty Dozen"

Renzo Gracie always clowning, with Renato Magno chilling!
For those of you unaware, we have a very special guest making a quick pit stop here in Seattle, WA. next month goes by the name John B. Will.  John is Australia's first BJJ black belt, as well as being a member of the "Dirty Dozen" (first 12 non-Brazilian's to attain black belt in BJJ) under the Machado family.  Teaching over 300 seminars a year around the globe, John has become renown for not only his near perfect techniques on the mat, but also his presence while teaching.  It truly is something to experience just how planned, detailed and intricate his instructions are, as well as his control of the room.

If you are still on the fence whether to attend (Click here for more information on the seminar July 14th here in Seattle) I have found some solid examples of John's teaching method for your perusal:

teaching MMA star Gil Melendez

June 14, 2013

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar w/ John Will - July 14th, 2013 - Seattle, WA.

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Presents:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar
w/ “The Coaches Coach”
    John B. Will
John training with Renzo Gracie back in the day! 

July 14th
   942 N. 95th St.
    Seattle, WA.

      $65 for 3 hours with a grappling legend!
*Revolution Competitors Special: $35*

John Will’s martial resume reads like a virtual who’s who of the martial world.  One of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen,” Australia’s first BJJ black belt, John has trained under the Machado family loyally for over 20 years!  Renowned for his teaching prowess, John travels the world teaching martial artists and coaches alike!  This is one of only three stops he makes in North America so don’t miss this opportunity to train with a legend.

Contact Brian Johnson at 206-440-8856 or stop by the Academy to reserve your spot ASAP!

Here is a great intro interview John did a couple of years ago:

John and David Teaching:

February 19, 2013

John Will's Black Belt Promotion

In some schools when the coach is promoting a black belt, it is common for said coach to remove his black belt and award the student with the teachers actual belt.  This is certainly the case with the Machado brothers, when Rigan promoted John Will to black belt in 1998 as evidenced by a picture from John's personal archives:

L-R: John Machado / John Will / Jean Jacques / Rigan / Guessing Roger in the socks;)

Here is a candid glimpse into the humor of the Machado brothers as Rigan jokingly "demotes" himself to brown belt after promoting John!

John is a member of the "BJJ Dirty Dozen"which are the first 12 non-Brazilian's who have earned black belt status in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.

Pic's like these are important because we quickly forget that we are living history as it happens, but all too quickly people come and go and we miss opportunities to snap a picture to share a memory.  We earn a black belt only once, and it is quite an arduous process simply to attain said rank, as students often spend the better part of 10-12 years to earn faixa preta!

When you get the chance, check out BJJ Dirty Dozen on Facebook.  A small group dedicated to preserving the knowledge and info of BJJ's Dirty Dozen! 

I am glad whomever it was captured this moment on film.
Keep The Ground Never Misses bookmarked as John Will will be visiting the Emerald City sometime in the summer months.  Remember... a black belt is simply a white belt who never quit!  Just keep training!   

January 13, 2013

Top Control Drill With David Meyer

Our friend and coach David Meyer will be visiting the Pacific NW here in the near future (more on that soon) and here he is with our other friend and coach John Will showing a fundamental top control drill.

At first glance this may look a bit simple, dare I say basic!?  But if training at NWJJA has taught me anything its that the fundamentals are where it is at!  Our training partners coupled with the best coach in the Pac NW offer one of the greatest training environments around.  And as of late everybody's "basic" pressure and movement has been fucking phenomenal!!  Keep it up guys!

In the meantime study this video, lots of good things packed into 90 seconds:

September 17, 2012

Most Impressive Martial Artist's Still Alive - According to John Will

John Will is one of my great inspirations both on and off the mat.  I have had the pleasure of training with him over the past 6 years and I must say he is one of the most impressive martial artists / coaches I have ever come across.  One of the things that impresses me most is his humble approach to the arts.  For instance he just shared the following post on whom he considers the most impressive martial artists still alive, in no particular order:

8th degree Rigan Machado
- Rigan Machado: his insight into the nuances of BJJ goes beyond anyone else I know - and I know some of the best. I have witnessed him tying up and tapping out world champions - seemingly, without effort.
- John Smith: perhaps someone only the wrestling community would know. My favourite American freestyle wrestler - current USA coach. Amazing competitive record and all-round takedown genius.
- Richard Norton: one of the best martial artists on the planet. All-round paragon of excellence - the person who taught me never to accept mediocrity. An amazingly proficient martial artist.
John Smith 2x Olympian / 4x world champ

-David Meyer: a great martial artist whose moral compass is set to true north. Once he came to realize that there was a better and more complete style of Jiu Jitsu down the road, he not only closed his school but suggested that all his students go and join up. David is an inspirational being.
- Marcelo Garcia: not only does he have extraordinary skill in BJJ but he is an all-round nice guy, driven by passion and joy, and seemingly without a nasty bone in his body. A smiling virtuoso.
L-R: David Meyer / Chubby Jake / Mr. BJJ / John Will
      Now ... having just named those awesome martial artists - I must say that there are also many, many others that come to mind. Each brings something unique to the martial arts landscape ... and it is an imaginary amalgam of this large collection of inspirational figures that should serve as a kind of archetypal guide for each of us as we strive forward in our efforts to be better than we currently are ... JBW

Truly an inspiration that at John's level and rank he still find inspiration in those around him and gives credit always where it is due!  


September 15, 2012

John Will Interview In Jiu Jitsu Style

You have heard me rant and rave about Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine before, and if you have yet to subscribe then I truly don't know what you are waiting for.  The latest issue should be motivator enough though, chock full of great articles including an exclusive interview with our very own coaches coach John Will!  Check out a couple of snippets I took of the excellent interview where Will offers insight into how he got started in BJJ, why he chose Rigan Machado as a coach, and his thoughts on a number of issues.
Renown for his teaching skills, check out what John has to say about the keys to a good seminar (which his are some of the best BTW):

 And few know that John Will is one of the infamous Dirty Dozen of BJJ (first 12 non-Brazilians to earn the rank of black belt).  Below is the most comprehensive list I have seen!

To read the entire interview log onto Jiu Jitsu Style and download the latest issue.  I stand fast by my statement that it is THE premier grappling magazine on the market!

June 27, 2012

Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu History

Still recovering from the John Will hangover, I found a little gem on the world wide inter tube... a two part interview conducted by Dan Djurdjevic over at "The Way of Least Resistance."  Amongst many a topic the history of John learning BJJ is discussed and subtly one can read between the lines and see just how much the Machado family influenced BJJ, though we rarely read nor hear about any of the brothers regarding modern BJJ.

Although I have heard John and Rigan regale many with this story, it never gets old:

JJ Machado defeats Fabio Santos 1996
DD: I believe you were one of the original “dirty dozen” - the first twelve westerners, or non-Brazilians, to achieve black belt status in BJJ.

JW: I think I was number 8. Something... I think I was number 8. Yeah, I started back... it was ’87 I think when I first kicked off on it. And that was five years before the UFC or something like that. Going to Brazil, over in America and then going to Brazil. I befriended Rigan Machado, who was great. I went to Rorion Gracie’s over in Los Angeles for my first lesson. He was charging US$100 for half an hour - that was in 1987! I only had $500 to my name, so that’s 5 lessons and my life savings was gone. So I rocked up and had lessons one, two, three and four with him in his garage at that time. He was only teaching out of his garage. The fifth lesson, he couldn’t do it because he was going to take his kids to Disneyland. He said: “I’ve got my cousin here - he’ll do it.” 

   So Rigan Machado was there. Couldn’t speak a word of English. And I had the fifth lesson with Rigan who was paying $2 an hour. So Rigan was working for peanuts, just barely making enough to feed himself. And at the end of the lesson - which was by far the best lesson I’d had - because I’d run out of money I took of my jacket, took off my jumper, anything with Australia on it, you know a kangaroo and a couple of hats or something, and gave him some Australian paraphernalia - a bag with a kangaroo on it - and just gave it to him. Then I went back home. 

   I saved up for six months with the intention of not doing that again, but going there for one lesson which I could pay for, getting the information where I could train in Brazil. Because I figured “Brazil, it’s got to be free - it’s a third world country”. It’s not true, but that was my perception. So went back over there, rocked up and said: “Here’s my one lesson, and by the way, I want to go down to Brazil so maybe you could give me an address - an address down there to train.” Rorion said: “Come on out, no problem.” I come out there, he said to me: “Sorry I can’t train today, I got to take my kids to Disneyland again,” or whatever. “But my cousin’s still here and he took a few lessons last time - remember? You want to do it with him?” I go: “Sure.” 

   I come to Rigan. By this time he’s learned the rudiments of the English language. He says “My friend! From Australia!” I went: “Wow, he remembers me!” He’s still wearing the cap I gave him. [Laughs] So, you know, be kind to world Brazilian jujitsu champions. He took me in there, taught me a great lesson, and I said: “I want to go to Brazil.” He leaned across the mat, he said: “Listen, don’t stay here, these people know nothing. Get with me, go to Brazil, that’s the place to learn.” I said: “I want to go.” He says”: “I’m going tomorrow - come with me.” So we went together.

   I didn’t know who he was. I just knew he was really good. We went to Brazil, started training down there, I walk into a place called “Barra Gracie”. At that time that was the capital of the Gracie thing. That was owned by three of the Machado brothers and Carlos Gracie junior - all partners. So I walk in there and I do a lesson. I did a week of training and Rigan was teaching classes and I thought “Geez, an academy whatever, he’s pretty good. 

   I’m sitting over the side one night and all these legends walk in - apparently they were Brazilian national champions. And Renzo Gracie was sitting next to me. And he could speak English - he was about the only guy who could. And he said: “Look at all these legends walking in; this guy’s this champion, he’s that champion.” And I go: “Why are they coming here - is there something special on?” And he goes: “They’ve come to train with him.” And Rigan’s sitting next to me. I looked past Rigan. “With who?” I’m looking down the hall. “With him - with Rigan!” says Renzo. I go: “With this goofy guy?” Rigan’s just my goofy mate. He says: “Don’t you know who he is?” And I go: “I dunno - his name’s Rigan.” He says: “John, he’s been undefeated in Brazil for twelve years, blah, blah, blah, he’s the best guy in the country.” I go: “This goofy guy?” [Laughs]

Here are the links to part's one and two:
Click Here to Read Part One!

Click Here to Read Part Two!

And just in case you all needed a refresher of just who these Machado cats are, here is some competition footage from over the years.  Pay special attention to the hook game, and the "always attacking" nature that Jean Jacques plays here against Rogerinho at the Mundial's in Brazil:

In this clip brothers John and Jean Jacques fight Franginha (Jeff Glover's teacher) and James Boran, respectively, at Joe Moreira's Nationals in 1997.  Notice again the ever attacking nature.  No one stalling out, no one counting points and holding out for the win by two advantages.  None of the silly shit we so often see now days, just basic principles of control and superior positioning coupled with an ever attacking game and look at the submissions that are collected!

Not sure if I have shared this one before, but here is the man himself Rigan fighting in a Judo tournament in 1993.  Once again note the aggressive game, but due diligence with position and control.  Listen carefully and you can here David Meyer coaching Rigan in the last match.  

Their is a lot of history that is often glossed over by those more interested in promoting their own agenda and marketing ploys.  I hope this post has opened up your eyes to a rather unknown element in BJJ; the Machado influence.



June 25, 2012

A Separate Zebra - John Will Seminar Review

A few hours out of 8,760 is just not enough time with our beloved coach John Will on his annual pilgrimage to the Emerald City.  Accompanied by his ever faithful sidekick, lawyer, personal physician, accountant David Meyer, Mr. Will warmed the class of over two dozen attendee's up with a very simple, yet beautifully integrated shrimping drill that taught the student to shrimp in all four directions (right - left - forward - back).  Always challenging how one perceives jiu jitsu John got our right and left brains firing straight away.

John Will with Renzo Gracie back in the day!
Technically the topic was attaining and working from Spider Guard, and all in all we covered a lot of ground particularly on sweeps.  Utilizing the grips properly in spider guard leaves your opponent feeling like a marionette, with no or little base.  As always John encouraged us to break down each movement into an operations manual.  Literally logging each fundamental movement and key point.  At one point in the seminar he asked us to perform the movement and give him a number of key points we came up with.  It was interesting to note the white / blue belts typically had a number in the range of 7-9, where as the purple and brown belts saw easily 14-16!   This is a prime example of how we evolve  and how our perception and understanding grow each time we step onto the mat.

Evolution was a hot topic over the weekend, and John was quick to remind us that evolution does not always equate to something "better." The word "better" is purely subjective.  Perhaps with technology things get better, but as Will stated "Evolution does not always mean better.  For example; food, cultural habits, nor sweeps."  He reminded us that everything has a price, everything.  We must ask ourselves if we are willing to pay the price.

As with any lesson under John the students get marinated with stories of the past 40 years John has spent studying the martial arts, and he shared several "old-old" sweeps that the majority of the attendee's confessed to never seeing before.  Then Mr. Will begged the question, "Well then, is it new?  I learned what people are calling the Berimbolo sweep 25 years ago from Chris Heuter!  He was doing the same exact thing the Mendes brothers are doing today."  Yet another lesson, not to get trapped into the "better-worse" mindset.  It is all just different.

The real treasures of John Will's seminars are the true lessons peppered in between the techniques.  How we evolve and how the art evolves is really what I walked away with from this weekend.  Don't get me wrong, the tiny little details he shared regarding the omoplata alone were worth the price of admission!  But John really got me thinking of statistics in regards of how often we see a certain movement or position, and how good we are at those positions as opposed to the ones we rarely see.  It reminded me as a student and partner that I need to play more games that are not necessarily mine in an effort to make my partners better.  It also reminded me as a coach/teacher that I need to keep my mind ever open to new and different perspectives so I can expose my students and minimize the surprise factor if they ever run into that certain position, game, submission, etc.

We have to be careful of our fears and lack of knowledge.  Embrace our ignorance so we may empty our cup and let it be filled once more, but sometimes that pesky ego gets in the way.  John shared another story of which I had heard before, but never new the details.  Back in the day spider guard was literally banned from competition in Hawaii for a year or two after a certain Brazilian brown belt moved to Hawaii and started teaching his brand of BJJ which just so happened to be predominantly spider guard.  So naturally he taught his students spider guard and they went into the local tournament that was run by Relson Gracie at the time and they cleaned house.  Well this infuriated the tournament organizers SO much they literally wrote a bylaw in the rules that spider guard was not allowed in the tournament, and since one person was running all the tournaments in Hawaii, it pretty much equated to a complete ban in the state of Hawaii!  Much akin to the Judo federation ruling that single and double leg takedowns are now illegal because too many wrestlers were coming in and nailing them!  LOL!  Why evolve when you can simple change the way the game is played and never have to deal with that problem again!?!?

As I always do I feel like we just skimmed the surface of what John has to offer us in regards to evolving our game.  But I honestly feel that if we take his attitude and philosophy and apply it to our own understanding of grappling and jiu jitsu, then we will perceive our evolution in a more clear, distinct light.

I want to thank Coaches Will & Meyer for sharing their insight with us.  Thanks to my coach Brian for bringing in such great teachers and giving back to the community (something you do all the time, but rarely get credit for I feel).  And thanks to those in the community both in and outside of our academy that supported this seminar.  We cannot do it without you and we truly appreciate the continued support.  Lets get an even bigger turnout next time!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.


May 15, 2012

John Will Seminar Review

Our friend Slideyfoot just posted a great, VERY detailed, review of John Will's visit to the UK and seminar series offered a few weeks past.  This is a great post chock full of details and anecdotes.

"However, Will does it differently, the key detail being that linking arm. Instead of pulling it up and trapping it under your armpit – which exposes you to that linked hands escape – jam your arm next to your raised knee so they can’t get their arm around your back. Will's route to getting into scarf hold is itself also unorthodox. From side control, Will focuses on the arm pushing into your hip. Underhook that arm and walk your fingers along the mat, then literally lay your body on top of the arm, squashing it flat.

In some ways this is reminiscent of the Sao Paulo/Tozi/Reis pass (it has lots of names), in that it feels counter-intuitive, because you think you’re exposing your back. However, if you’ve distributed your weight correctly, they should be stuck in place. Their next move tends to be turning towards you, which is when you wrap their head with your other arm. You can now switch into scarf hold, remembering to block their ability to reach through for your back. They are probably then going to try and push into your neck, giving you the opportunity to push their elbow to bring their own arm past their head, then transition to the head and arm choke once again.

All in all, it was an excellent class. John Will is without any doubt the best seminar instructor I’ve seen to date, so I made sure to pick up a couple of his DVDs at the end (especially as he was selling them at a discount). I wanted to see if the same style of teaching had been captured for an instructional, so I’ll be reviewing both of them at some point in the future. I’ll also be using them to illustrate this post, along with some of the great photos Esther took on the day." 

Click here to jump to the full article!

Make sure you are subscribed to the awesome "Jiu Jitsu Style" magazine (it really is awesome!) for the upcoming interview with John Will.  Also it should be noted that John Will and David Meyer will be visiting us in Seattle, WA. June 23rd for both a gi and no gi seminars!  More details coming soon!

May 13, 2012

John Will Seminar Recap - England Version

Our friend Liam over at "Part Time Grappler" recently attended one of John Will's seminars in England and offered this report:

"Don't waste time on the mat. Don't dilly-dally! If you waste time you are building a terrible and costly habit. Here's an example:

If you waste 3 -4 minutes* per hour of BJJ, and you train an average of 4 hours per week (2 x 2 hour sessions, for instance) then over the span of, say, 6 years of training you would have wasted the equivalent of five to six and a half months of BJJ training! That could easily be the difference between being ready for a purple belt and remaining a blue belt"

Click here to read the entire article!

Sound advice from one of the most experienced and sought after martial arts coaches the world over.  Make sure to stay tuned to The Ground Never Misses for exciting news about John Will and his trusty side-kick hop-a-long David Meyer for their annual visit to the Emerald City June 23rd 2012!

And while you are visiting here, please take a moment and vote on my poll in the upper right hand corner of the this blog ------->

February 22, 2012

John Will - Heading to Europe 2012

I have been following Liam Wandi's rollings and ramblings for quite sometime now on his blog the Part Time Grappler.   Liam is a purple belt author living on the other side of the pond in the motherland (Great Britain) and has been quietly making some noise with various articles all over the web and in Jiu JItsu Style magazine as well.

Liam hosted our mutual friend John Will last year for a series of training seminars and from the sounds of it will be bringing John back over this year.  This is an excellent write up on the man known as the "Coaches coach."

"John is a man. He has worked hard on polishing his knowledge and his wisdom. He has pursued his passion in life and chased his dreams. When you are in his company, you feel that you better listen to what he has to share with you. You leave his company inspired to be a better person. A more rounded person. 

His BJJ and MMA skills and teaching style are excellent. Practically flawless and why wouldn’t it be? He is eloquent, knowledgable and has done his 10,000 hours of both BJJ, MMA and teaching many times over. Just look at his BJJ / MMA seminar schedule. Put it simply: John Will is an excellent BJJ and MMA teacher because he never took anything for granted and has worked hard"

To read the entire blog post click here!  

If you find yourself in Manchester on May 3rd, do yourself a favor and check out a living legend!  And say hi to Liam for me!  If you cannot make it to the Queen's court, then come visit us in the Emerald City in late June for John Will's only US visit!


PS Oh... Liam... John taught us his Helio class and it was fascinating on many different fronts!  Enjoy!

July 7, 2011

Will & Meyer BJJ Seminar, Seattle. WA.

Under 10 days left until David Meyer and John Will and we still have spots left!  So if you are interested in training with two of the most experienced grapplers on earth you will not want to miss out on their only west coast seminar for 2011!   As with all of our seminars they are open to any and all styles and levels of experience.  If you are brand new to the art, please come by and check out this great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Just in case you have been living under a rock all your grappling life here is some insight into who David Meyer is as a martial artist and human being.  A great interview with TONS of invaluable information from a man with over 40 years on the mat, and one of the most decorated grapplers in America:

David still competes to this day (and has written one of the best books on the subject of competition), and here is a clip of one of his fights in the 2011 Pan Am's on his way to gold once again: