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March 11, 2015

The NCAA Wrestling Tournament and THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Intermat just released their final rankings for the 2015 NCAA wrestling season with five of the top ten spots held by Big Ten squads, and with your Ohio State Buckeyes ending up third on the overall team rankings. 
    The NCAA also released the tournament brackets which will feature a Buckeye in EVERY single weight class!  This is very exciting news as Logan Steiber eyes his fourth straight NCAA title and the Buckeyes look to lay claim to the championship. Make sure you tune in March 19-21st for the tournament broadcast from St. Louis, MO. and cheer for the Buckeyes! 

Click here to see the brackets.

1 Iowa Iowa 99.5 Big Ten
2 Missouri Missouri 96 MAC
3 Ohio State Ohio State 93 Big Ten
4 Minnesota Minnesota 89 Big Ten
5 Cornell Cornell 84.5 EIWA
6 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State 60.5 Big 12
7 Penn State Penn State 60 Big Ten
7 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech 60 ACC
9 Edinboro Edinboro 57 EWL
10 Illinois Illinois 54 Big Ten

March 9, 2015

THE Ohio State Buckeyes: Your 2015 Big Ten Wrestling Champions

It has been over 64 years since the Ohio State Buckeyes last savored the sugary sweet taste of success in Big Ten Wrestling, and WOW what a season 2015 has been!  This past weekends tournament performance was quite impressive both on the individual side of the brackets as well as the team coming together and earning 120 points in a tie with Iowa.

To watch Logan Steiber wrestle on TV is truly amazing.  The dominance, the speed, the strength... amazing to say the least.  But to witness such an athlete in his own house at the peak of his career... I struggle to find the words adequate to describe such a wrestler.  Logan's last performance at St. John's Arena was arguably one of his most impressive.  As he scoops up his 4th Big Ten title and heads for his 4th NCAA title (first in Buckeye history), his explosiveness and back control is unparalleled in collegiate wrestling!   

The Buckeyes head into the NCAA tournament with the greatest prospects of winning a national title they have ever had with nine wrestlers hitting the mats in St. Louis.  Logan Steiber was named most outstanding wrestler of the Big Ten (first ever from OSU) as well as the champions, and coach Ryan was named the Big Ten Coach of the year!  

This past weekends Big Ten Tournament was a great time had by my family and I. I highlighted Steiber but in reality the entire squad wrestled well.  Nate Tomasello put on a clinic defeating Delgado and moving on to take the title.  Bo Jordan fought his cousin Isac Jordan (Wisconsin) in the finals getting narrowly beat in what was a great match.  Good time spent supporting some of the most amazing athletes in Collegiate sports, all for $15 a session!!!  The staff and customer service with the Ohio State Campus is typical of Midwest hospitality and care.  Also met with a smile and a hello, the only gripe one could have about the weekend was the overwhelmingly stifling air, but alas... it is wrestling. 

One noticeable exception to my above statements about Midwest pleasantries would be the Iowa contingent.  Both fan and wrestler alike were rather disrespectful and unsportsmanlike across the board.  From running off the mat without shaking hands, to leaving the medal podium prior to getting pictures taken with fellow champs when Iowa placed anything other then first, to the Iowa fans clapping only for Iowa wrestlers.  I have witnessed this before on TV, but observing it for the first time in person was a bit of a slap in the face.  The sweet couple I sat next to went to EVERY wrestling meet they could and said this was very indicative of Iowa and their fans.  Jim told me he had even asked Dan Gable about it stating that Gable was much  more respectful in his day.  The response was a shrug of the shoulders coupled with "We have the mindset that we must dominate."  Domination is one thing, but sportsmanship and respect are totally different.  One cannot argue the results of such a mindset/program, but I certainly can (and will) call them on the methodologies.  And shame on the majority of the fan base from Iowa too. 

Overall I cannot suggest enough that you and your family support your local wrestling at the high school and/or the collegiate level.  An amazingly affordable adventure for the entire family where you will witness some of the best athletes in the world! 

April 2, 2014

2014 NCAA Wrestling Tournament Highlights

With the Div I Wrestling championships being won by Penn St. (4 years in a row!!) here is an amazing highlight video of the entire tournament.  I can't wait for the 2015 season!

Watch more videos on Flowrestling

March 23, 2014

Penn St. NCAA Div. I Wrestling Champs

A big congrats goes out to Penn St. for their fourth consecutive NCAA Team Wrestling Title under Cael Sanderson, who has been coach at PSU for just five years.  An amazing tournament capped off by the dominant performances of seniors Ed Ruth and David Taylor who will close out their college careers with a combined record of 270-6, five individual titles, and four team titles!

A shout out goes to Logan Stieber who won his third consecutive title this time moving up a weight class to 141 as well as his Ohio State Buckeyes who wrapped up the tournament in 6th place overall.  A stronger season is coming next year for the Buckeyes! 

To read the entire recap click here. 

Stieber on his way to a 3rd consecutive title! 
Team Standings:
1. Penn State 109.5
2. Minnesota 104
3. Oklahoma State 96.5
4. Iowa 78.5
5. Edinboro 62
6. Ohio St. 57
7. Cornell 53
8. Virginia Tech 49
9. Northwestern 46
10. Oklahoma 45


Finals Results:
174: No. 1 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) dec. No. 2 Andrew Howe (Oklahoma), 4-0
184: No. 2 Ed Ruth (Penn State) dec. No. 1 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland), 7-2
197: No. 2 J'den Cox (Missouri) dec. No. 1 Nick Heflin (Ohio State), 2-1
285: No. 2 Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State) dec. No. 1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota), 4-2
125: No. 1 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) dec. No. 2 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell), 3-2
133: No. 3 Tony Ramos (Iowa) dec. No. 5 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin), 3-1
141: No. 2 Logan Stieber (Ohio State) maj. dec. No. 4 Devin Carter (Virginia Tech), 10-1
149: No. 5 Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern) dec. No. 11 Josh Kindig (Oklahoma State), 3-1 SV
157: No. 3 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) maj. dec. No. 9 Dylan Ness (Minnesota), 13-4
165: No. 1 David Taylor (Penn State) dec. No. 2 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State), 6-0

January 8, 2014

NCAA Wrestling Rankings

Here is the latest ranking based on NCAA strength not dual meet strength. 

  1. Penn St.
  2. Iowa
  3. Oklahoma St.
  4. Minnesota
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Cornell
  7. THE Ohio State
  8. Nebraska
  9. Edinbor
  10. N. Iowa

December 12, 2013

NCAA Wrestling Site Selection 2015-2018

NCAA just announced the host cities for Div I-III Wrestling for the years 2015-2018. The lucky winners... St. Louis, New York City, and Cleveland Ohio! 

March 23, 2013

NCAA Wrestling Championship: Penn St. 3rd Consecutive Team Title

An exciting, and record making, weekend of Division I wrestling was capped off today as Penn St. locked in their third consecutive championship under coach Chael Sanderson.  Just keeping ahead of Minnesota, PSU are well on the way to what one could argue is "dynasty" status.  Keep in mind on top of the ruthless onslaught, they lose only ONE starter for next year!  Can Penn State make it four in a row?   Kyle Dake did.

Cornell's rise into the elite levels of collegiate wrestling has to certain degree been founded by perennial grappler Kyle Dake who did not break any records in the 2013 NCAA Wrestling tournament... he made the record!  Dake has won four consecutive championships at for different weight classes (141/149/157/165) becoming the only NCAA wrestler to do so. 

Congrats to Penn State and all the champions for a great season of NCAA Wrestling! 

Team Results:

  1. Penn St.
  2. Oklahoma St.
  3. Minnesota
  4. Iowa
  5. Cornell
  6. Ohio St.

March 11, 2013

Big Ten Wrestling Championship 2013

A weekend o' wrasslin' with a big congrats going out to the NWJJA team members who fought at the Revolution: Perry / Scotty / Omar / Randy.  From the sounds of it you had some killer matches and everyone fought well.  While you all were nursing soreness I was relaxing and enjoying the privilege of watching the 2013 Big Ten Wrestling Championships held this year at the University of Illinois. 

A superb day of grappling that is a great primer for the national title coming up in two weeks (held at Iowa St. University this year), we saw some history unfold right in front of our eyes.  Here is the breakdown of the championship matches:

125#'s: Delgado, a sophomore All American, from Illinois pushed the pace and completely dominated Iowa's McDonough who looked shell shocked after the match. 

133#'s: The 133 pound championship brought two undefeated records to the table with Ohio State's Logan Stieber fighting Iowa's Tony Ramos.  Logan owns the center of the mat and pushes the pace putting Ramos hesitantly on his heels the whole match.  Logan secures his second Big Ten title in as many years! 

141#'s: Logan's brother Hunter Stieber (of course from Ohio State) brings the same style game to the mat with a bit more muscle.  Fighting Mark Balweg from Iowa, Hunter maintains an aggressive game constantly attacking and pestering his opponent.  Winning on points the Stieber brothers become the first brothers to win Big Ten titles since the Brand brothers did with Iowa in the early 90's.  Some anticipate perhaps dual NCAA titles to the brothers.  We shall see.

149#'s: In what was one of the most exciting matches of the day Minnesota's Dylan Ness comes from behind and pins Nebraska's Jake Sueflohn with a beautiful reversal.  This is Ness' first Big 10 title!

157#'s: Another come from behind win was mounted by Jason Welch of Northwestern who nails the pin fall on Nebraska's James Green taking home his first Big 10 title as well! 

165#'s: Penn State has THE top team in the NCAA right night and David Taylor came out to put a clinic on Conrad Polz of Illinois.  Taking his third championship home, Taylor beat up on Polz 9-1! 

174#'s: Matt Brown of Penn St. looked a bit slow to get into his rhythm, but he must has smelled the coffee brewing as Brown cleaned house with a 6 point 2nd period (2= takedown / 4=near fall) on Iowa's Mike Evans.  For those of you keeping track at home Iowa was shut out in the finals! 

184#'s: If you have not heard the name Ed Ruth in college wrestling, well then you have not been paying attention!  The Penn St. standout has been nothing short of dominant throughout his career and was named Intermat Wrestler of the Year 2012!  With his 6-3 win over Minnesota's Kevin Steinhaus, Ruth amassed an impressive 35-7 point differential over his opponents in the Big 10 Championship alone! 

197#'s: The big boys brought some impressive setups and strategy as Penn St.'s Quentin Wright used repeated underhook attempts to get his opponent Scott Schiller (Minnesota) to cease changing levels.  Then Wright faked the underhook attempt and shot the double!  Beautiful work on his way to securing the 197# title for PSU! 

Heavyweight: Tony Nelson from Minnesota goes on to win his second Big 10 title over Mike McMullary of Northwestern.

 Team Standings: What can be said about powerhouse Penn St. wrestling that has not already been blogged about!?  They are dominant under Chael Sanderson and will be the team to beat at the NCAA Championships in two weeks.  Though Minnesota fought a gallant fight they could not squeeze by the dominance of PSU lead by 184# stud Ed Ruth.  The Big Ten remains the most difficult conference in NCAA wrestling.  Here are the final standings:
  1. Penn St. (Three Big 10 Titles in a row)
  2. Minnesota
  3. Iowa
  4. Ohio State
Congrats to all wrestlers for a season of hard work and incredible grappling!

May 7, 2012

Kyle Dake Headlines Awesome Wrestling Camp

Though from the latest poll results one would not think seminars are well attended since I only had 5 of you vote, but this wrestling camp looks killer!

Thanks to my bro JP for sharing this info on FB, as it seems the Tribe's Wrestling site is down.  For those of you living in So Cal, or for anyone really, you cannot afford to miss this amazing opportunity to train with some great grapplers including NCAA stud Kyle Dake!  

This camp will boost your grappling skills ten fold, guaranteed!  What I also find interesting to note is the inclusion of Judo and Sambo exhibitions at a western wrestling camp.  This is quite telling in that we are starting to see more and more cross "pollination," if you will, in terms of techniques from other systems of grappling oriented combat be included in western wrestling's repertoire.  I feel this is nothing but positive for all grappling systems regardless of origin, and for the most part we can thank MMA for single handedly making grappling main stream again! 

March 18, 2012

Penn St. NCAA Wrestling Champions

A record 18,919 people sat perched on the edge of their seats this past week for one of the most exciting NCAA Division I wrestling tournaments ever!  Packing the Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, Mo. spectators were treated to outstanding matches in every single weight category.  A field comprised mostly of freshman and sophomore's, these guys fought a tough struggle all weekend long with Penn State clinching the team title for the second consecutive year.

Team Standings:

  1. Penn St.
  2. Minnesota
  3. Iowa
  4. Cornell
  5. Ohio State
  6. Oklahoma St.
  7. Illinois
  8. Lehigh
  9. Northwestern
  10. Oregon St.

Once again we see the dominance of Midwest wrestling with the Big Ten showing 12 finalists this year, as well as dominating the team standings as well.  34 wrestlers earned All American Honors from the Big Ten.  

Champions at weights broke down like this:

125# Matt Mcdonough (Iowa)

133# Logan Stieber (Ohio State) - Logan's first championship

141# Kellen Russell (Michigan)

149# Frank Molinaro (Penn St.)

157# Kyle Dake (Cornell) - Kyle is the first wrestler to win at three different weight classes!

165# David Taylor (Penn St.) - Most dominant wrestler (513 points - season long).  Named outstanding wrestler of the year, as well as winning the Gorriaran Award with four pins in 8:46.  

Ed Ruth dominating the season!
174# Ed Ruth (Penn St.) - Went 31-0 this year!

184# Steve Bosak (Cornell)

197# Cam Simaz (Cornell)

HWT# Tony Nelson (Minnesota)

Shout out to Binghampton's Donnie Vinson who was the fourth seed and lost his first match of the tournament.  Went on to win seven straight  to place third at 149$ and earning All American honors!  THAT is what the struggle, the pain, the hours, the sweat is all for!  Nicely done Donnie!

March 14, 2012

March Mat Madness - The REAL Bracketology You Need!

Sorry for the shameless play on the March madness theme, but I am serious that the ONLY brackets you need to be concerned with, are the NCAA Div. I Wrestling brackets.  Starting tomorrow (Thursday) morning in St. Louis, MO. the NCAA championships will feature the top collegiate grapplers in the country.  Check your local listings for coverage on ESPN and ESPN 2 throughout the weekend (Fri & Sat I believe), also check with your local college sports networks who will be covering the finals throughout the weekend as well.

Click here to view the brackets for the tournament, which can also be printed out BTW (10 pages long).

It was an exciting season with some close victories and losses, but here is how the NWCA / USA Today Coaches poll laid out the top 10 teams (as of Feb. 28th):

  1. Minnesota (14-3)
  2. Penn State (13-1)
  3. Oklahoma St. (17-1)
  4. Iowa (14-4)
  5. Illinois (16-4)
  6. Cornell (11-1)
  7. Ohio State (13-4)
  8. Nebraska (15-4)
  9. Pittsburgh (14-2)
  10. Missouri (13-4)
Midwest once again represents as one of the premier wrestling regions in the world!  

Make sure to tune in and support your local teams. This is one of the oldest and most prestigious titles in Div. I sports!  

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

March 20, 2011

NCAA Wrestling: Congrats to Penn State

Big congrats to Penn State for their first NCAA Wrestling Title since 1953.  Blowing away the competition Penn St. brought a solid team that did well with Quentin Wright taking the 184# bracket.  This was without a doubt one of the most exciting tournaments I have watched in collegiate wrestling.  Their is some amazing talent out there and I am excited to see how many of them transition in to MMA in the near future.

Some stellar performances such as Anthony Robles (ASU) winning the 125# title in his senior year in dominating fashion.  You may remember Robles story from last month.  Bubba Jenkins (ASU) without a beautiful rolling pin in the second period to win 157#.  In the 197# Kent State (hells yeah, Ohio!!) prodigy Dusting Kilgore got a funky pin when his opponent tried to roll Dustin for a pin himself, but leverage and balance paid off in Kilgores department and he nailed the defensive pin!  This would be Kent St. first ever national wrestling title.

Jordan Burroughs (Neb) was dominant throughout the tournament at 165#'s.  He plays such a fast, dominating style of wrestling.  Very impressive.

Congrats to all the warriors who stepped on the mat, many for the last time in their young careers.

125# - Anthony Robles (ASU)
133   - Jordan Oliver (OSU)
141   - Kellan Russell (Mich)
149   - Kyle Dake (Cornell)
157   - Bubba Jenkins (ASU)
165   - Jordan Burroughs (NEB)
174   - Jonathan Reader (Iowa St.)
184   - Quentin Wright (Penn. St.)
197   - Dustin Kilgore (Kent St.)
HWY - Zach Rey (Lehigh)

February 2, 2011

Anthony Robles - A True Inspiration

Muchas gracias to Bonzai for linking me to this story!  Anthony Robles was born without his right leg and has become a huge inspiration to all wrestling his senior year for the Arizona State University team.  Plus he is a diehard Raiders fan, so how can't you like the guy!?!?!

Robles sense of balance and use of leverage is uncanny given his missing leg.  His attitude is amazing, and he attributes it to his parents who raised him no differently then his brothers and sisters.  Parents are a missing theme / link in many kids lives now days.  Even when they are around, they are missing in many respects.

Anthony reminds me of my hatred for four letter words like "CAN'T!"  Next time you tell someone "I can't....." think of Anthony, then shut your mouth and push yourself!


January 24, 2011

"Iowa Hawkeyes - The Season"

I stumbled across an excellent documentary on the Iowa Hawkeye's wrestling program that was originally shot in 2001 and aired on ESPN's "The Season."Much thanks to BJJ 201 blog and Martin Aedma for finding and sharing! 

Two hours in length this documentary is probably the single best piece of media on the subject I have ever seen, truly catching the essence and nature of grappling and wrestling from the perspective of the single most dominant sports program in NCAA history!  Read that very carefully as I have not mistyped anything.  THE single most dominant team in all of collegiate sports activities is the wrestling program at the University of Iowa!  Legends in the Midwest Iowa has built the best program for wrestlers in all of the world.

Here is the first part:

If you are not hooked yet then guess the rest of this post is not important.  For those who can't get enough go to and sign up to see the rest.  I know, I know it is a pain in the ass, but it is free and easy and the only way I found to view the 13 part documentary and trust me it is worth it!  The heartache, the blood, sweat, and tears that these fighters put into their art and their practice is inspiring.  As is the level of coaching and what they expect from their grapplers!  Goes to show us that we all can push harder and train more.