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December 2, 2013

The Foundational Strategy of Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Weapon Based Combat in Seattle, WA.

As you all hunker down on Cyber Monday reaping deals at the stroke of a key, take a moment and fill out my new poll to your right regarding weapon carry and use please.  As always I am scouring the net looking for quality martial arts material to share and I must admit a severe lacking of it from the FMA community as a whole.  Below is a rough draft of my teachers (Meynard Ancheta of PTK SoCal) Foundational Strategy of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

Here at Three Harmonies we train PTK twice a week; Wednesday nights at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 9am.  All are welcome to join us regardless of experience!  Kali is a great way to get in shape AND learn how to defend you and your family!  For more info email Jake: [email protected]


It is simply this: The foundation of strategy in Pekiti Trisia Kali is to CLOSE IN ON THE THIRDS. Whereby, the practitioner may accomplish the following:
1. Attack from a superior position.
2. Increase options while reducing the opponent's options.
3. Isolate and dominate the opponent’s capacity for action. 

By virtue of your superior position you limit the opponent's and increase your own options thereby you can effectively isolate him (or his limbs) and dominate the combative event. The foundation of strategy of Pekiti Tirsia Kali is EXPLICITLY stated in the name of the art: PEKITI (to close or to close in), TIRSIA (thirds).
Combat Bladefighting tactics are executed according to this strategy.
Tactics and training must provide skills for protection, evasion against opponent’s strikes, and the ability never to be hit because our strategy leads us to seek for the Superior Position. The superior position makes everything else possible. The live blade provides instant realization of this principle. Protection from strikes and attacks are accomplished by footwork mobility and maneuver, that is obtaining the superior position.
The ability to strike the opponent first, deliver a variety offense and counter offensive attacks is another effect of Superior Position. The second element of the foundation strategy means that we have more options to strike the opponent first and counter any strike he may deliver. Opponent weapons are destroyed by direct strikes to the weapon hand or incapacitation by striking vital areas off-time of opponent’s strikes. This is the virtue of having more options than your opponent.
Superior position and the variety of our attack options allow us to Isolate and dominate the opponent or combative event. The ability to quarter, control, and neutralize the threat regardless of terrain, environment, or multiple adversaries is a direct result of the first two elements of the strategic foundation. The three elements of the strategic foundation work in unison and Pekiti Tirsia Kali has the methodology to teach this strategic approach to combat.

July 23, 2013

Pekiti Tirsia Kali: Edge & Impact Weapon Fighting Concepts Seminar August 24-25th 2013

I am very pleased to announce my Kali teacher returning to Seattle, to offer a two day workshop on Pekiti Tirsia Kali, one of the most beautiful and effective of the bladed arts.  All levels of experience are welcome, as Meynard will lead us through a progression of concepts that will be applied with moderate resistance. 

Also while you are stopping by make sure to vote on the poll to your right -> and let me know what martial art you would like to see covered here more?

Three Harmonies Martial Arts Presents
Pekiti Tirsia Kali:
Edge & Impact Weapon Fighting Concepts
w/ Guro Meynard Ancheta

August 24: 12-4pm
August 25: 10am-2pm
942 N. 95th St.
Seattle, WA.
$75 One Day
  $105 Entire Weekend
Open to any and all levels of experience!  

“Doce Methodos Progressions for Technical and Full Contact Sparring.”
In this seminar, students will learn blade combat flow and how to apply the "Methodos" in a dynamic and progressive way. The skills taught in this seminar will lay the foundation that will allow students to explore the principles of the Doce Methodos (Twelve Methods) while training with resistance and thereby develop true fighting ability with edge weapons.  Students will learn effective and proven techniques applied in real time against uncooperative and skilled opponents.  
Meynard Ancheta has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years.  A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as a dedicated student of Tim Cartmell’s for over 10 years in various disciplines, Meynard has comitted his life to training Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Leo Gaje.  He is head instructor of  PTK Southern California, and the PTK instructor for Three Harmonies Martial Arts in Seattle, WA.

For more info or to register contact Jake Burroughs:  [email protected] / 206-941-3232

July 7, 2013

Three Harmonies Combatives and Kali Class Schedule (Revised: July 2013)

Effective July 9th the following class schedule for my Combatives Class as well as the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Class:

Monday 6-7pm: Combatives

Tuesday 6-7pm: Combatives

Wendesday 6-7pm: Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Thursday 6-7pm: Combatives

Saturday 9-10am: Pekiti Tirsia Kali
              10-11am: Combatives

There are a couple things you will notice here.... First and foremost the importance of training in the combatives class even if you are mostly interested in Kali training.  We now have 5 days a week you can train in a group lesson.  Private instruction is scheduled individually.  Tuition will not change... still $105 / month for unlimited classes, or if you choose to attend 1-2 classes a week it is only $85 / month.  Private instruction is available as well in BJJ, striking, weapons work, personal fitness, etc.  Contact Jake Burroughs to arrange a lesson today: [email protected] / 206-941-3232

September 3, 2012

Kickboxing / Combatives / Kali Classes In Seattle, WA.

Get a jump start on getting in shape for the holidays by joining a class at the Three Harmonies Martial Arts Center here in Seattle, WA.  For the entire month of September I will waive the $40 membership fee for new students.  We offer a variety of classes in an effort to not only meet, but exceed your goals in training.

Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for a great workout, a busy executive wanting to lose weight, or a college student wanting to learn some self defense, we have the right class for you:

Kickboxing / Combatives Class:
 Mon-Thurs 6pm
 Sat. 10am

Pekiti Tirsia Kali: 
Wed. 7:15
 Sat. 9am

Private instruction is also available.  Call today for more info or throw us an email: 206-941-3232 / [email protected]

Train Hard.  Train Smart.


July 10, 2012

Counter Punching Mastery

Ran across this posting over at Ross Boxing and wanted to share it as we have been covering check hooks the past week or so, as well as doing some counter striking off of the bob and weave last night in class.  Check out the most legendary check hook in modern times at the 1:43 mark where Hatton walks right into Mayweather's hook!  BRUTAL!

For those interested in getting in shape all the while learning self defense skills, Three Harmonies Martial Arts offers group and private lessons in kickboxing, combatives, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali (by the way knife attacks have gone through the roof in the PAC NW in the past year!  Come learn to defend yourself against weapon wielding nut jobs who do not get enough vitamin D)!

February 13, 2012

Striking / Grappling / Traditional / MMA / Weapon Based Arts on the Ground Never Misses

I appreciate all 25 of you who voted on our latest poll which asked what genre of martial art would you like to see more of here on The Ground Never Misses.  Results were as follows:

- 36% of you want to see more grappling
- 24% of you all would like to see more weapon based arts
- 16% of you were interested in seeing more traditional arts covered
- And then the last two groups of striking and MMA brought in 12% each

Clearly the majority of you want to see more grappling themed coverage here on our little blog, which is solid since my personal journey through the grappling world continues to develop new and fresh opportunities and I plan on dragging you along!  Some great upcoming things to look for are 1914 Gi Review, tournament coverage, Roy Dean's latest DVD on "Brown Belt Requirements," Bad Boy board short review, exclusive interviews, and some exciting seminar announcements as well.

Surprisingly 24% of my readers are looking for more weapon based arts, which ultimately means more coverage on the arts of the Philippines (Kali / Escrima / Arnis etc.).  I train Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Meynard Ancheta, and love the system!  Unfortunately the amount of quality information out there is very, very limited and I am a bit.... picky as to what I include on this blog.  By all means I pass along anything and everything I find online that is quality, but all too often the videos, articles, and info online are nothing more then goofy wanna be commando's playing with sharp objects.  This is the same reason you cannot find a ton of info from Tim Waid or GM Leo Gaje.  They are very, very discriminate as to what they put out for the world to see, and want to ensure the utmost quality.

So please send me anything quality you find online from anyone.  I admit my Kali-fu online is weak!

Unfortunately many of the "traditional" arts are in the very same predicament I speak of above with Kali (which is considered a Philippine traditional art) where the arts have been very watered down and poorly represented in many cases.  I have been involved in the Chinese martial arts for over 15 years now, training with some of the best I could access in North America and Europe (never travelled to Asia).   I see a handful of you wish to see more and to be quite honest I too want to report more on the traditional arts of China, Japan, Africa etc.  The Chinese martial arts community is very fragmented and still rather stand off-ish, which in turn creates a very negative, ego based atmosphere where individuals are more concerned with the betterment of themselves then they are with the art as a whole.

I have continued writing as of late and you will see a handful of articles coming out in various martial arts publications this year including Kung Fu - Taichi Magazine, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, and a few others.  What I ask of you out there in the community is lets start at the grass roots with your own individual practice and training.  Lets start focusing more on quality over quantity.  Lets test the limits of our knowledge, push our comfort zone mentally-physically-emotionally and raise the quality of all martial practice.

In closing I thank you all for your support and participation in the polls.  I plan on continuing them and I hope to see participation increasing each poll, so please bookmark The Ground Never Misses and include us on your daily "rounds" if you will.  2012 looks to be quite promising for the blog and training, should be a great ride.  I also have an exciting announcement coming up very soon!


January 11, 2012

DVD Review - "Sword and Impact Weapons" w/ Tim Waid

Hot on the coat tails of their first release, "Strategic Knife Defense" the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Global Production crew has released "Sword and Impact Weapons" with Tim Waid presenting the first DVD in a series on the authentic Pekiti Tirsia Kali system.  The goal of Tuhon Tim Waid and his teacher Leo Gaje Jr.  with releasing these DVDs is to present the authentic art of PTK as it was handed down within the Gaje family, and provide a clear training progression and curriculum to follow.

The foundation of PTK is found within the Doce Methodos, or Twelve Methods, and Waid presents the first 6 methods in some of the best instructional material I have ever seen representing the Filipino Martial Arts, not to mention Pekiti Tirsia Kali!  Contrary to what many may assume, it is not the bevy of techniques nor the complexity of flashy movement that makes this DVD stand out.  Rather it is the approach and method in which Tim Waid has organized and presented the 50 minutes of material.

Here is a great 5 minute preview of the DVD:

When I first started training the FMA it was the early 90's with Prof. Remy Presas who was a pioneer in Arnis, as well as being one of the first to produce a series of instructional VHS tapes ("Google" it kids!). I mention this for a couple of reasons; one being how far the technology of recording equipment and organizing content has come in the past 20 years.  Tim Waid and the PTKGO has set a new precedence with these DVDs!

   Tim starts off the DVD offering the definition and philosophy of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.  He does not delve too deeply into the origins and technical meaning of the literal translation Close Thirds, but stresses the foundation of PTK: life / success / good health, throughout the instructional.

Lessons 1-2:

  • Abecedario's (12 Attacks Instruction)
  • Target Areas
  • Principle of three angles of attack
  • Abecedario solo form

Lessons 3-4:
  • Payong (Umbrella)
  • Dakup y Punyo (grab and hit with the punyo)
  • Quatro Cantos (Four Walls)
Lessons 5-6: 
  • Tirsia Corto
  • Ranging and striking drills
  • Five fluid attacks
Advanced Combat Methods:
   Technically there is no instruction in this section, but Tim showcases free flow and technical sparring as well as live blade sparring.  

   Arguably the gem of the DVD in regards to historical footage.  Here we have about 10-15 minutes of Abecedario instruction from Leo Gaje Jr. circa 1981!  Considering it is over 30 years old the footage is fantastic and the instruction is clear where Gaje demo's the Abecedario target areas on a student and then has the student do a basic set of calisthenics.    

  Filmed in an all white room with dark clothing on the participants makes movements and weapon arc's very clear and easy to follow even with full speed sparring.  During the instructional segments Tim Waid is exceptionally clear and concise with his verbage, offering definitions where needed and not wasting time nor opportunity to regale the viewer with stories (which I am sure he has, but that is not the context of an instructional DVD.  A pitfall MANY teachers fall into when they find themselves on camera!).  

  Tim's approach to training and demonstrating is second to none from what I see (caveat; never personally met nor trained with Mr. Waid) on this DVD.  Tim is a man of slight nature but purposefully choose his biggest and strongest opponents to demonstrate on with this instructional.  Lets face it... this is not often the case, where instructors "show off" on a smaller / weaker / very willing partner.  Demonstrating that proper application of angles and execution of technique will trump strength and size every time!  

   Along the same line I liked how all instructionals and much of the free sparring is repeated in slow motion.  This is crucial when teaching ANY weapon, as the angle and application are often lost in the speed and suddenness of the attack.  And lets not overlook the fact that they are free sparring on this DVD!  A standard in Pekiti Tirsia Kali is unrehearsed levels of uncooperative drilling including full contact sparring.  Waid offers the basic foundation to safely and intelligently drill your techniques with partners.  

   2012 is looking very positive for practitioners of Pekiti, as well as all FMA fighters, as Leo Gaje and Tim Waid (PTKGO) are on tract to release some of the best instructional DVDs you will ever own.  Essential viewing by practitioners of Pekiti Tirsia worldwide, these instructionals (look for the solo knife DVD review in the future here on The Ground Never Misses) are a steal at $40 each and can be ordered here:

January 4, 2012

Kickboxing - Combatives - Kali Classes Seattle, WA.

Kick 2011 in the head and start 2012 off with a right lead, stop by Three Harmonies Martial Arts and start training today!  We offer both group and private lessons in various disciplines such as kickboxing, Shen Wu Combatives, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, and a number of traditional Chinese martial and healing arts as well.

Our group classes are comprised of a combination of both striking and basic grappling that is self defense based, not stylistically based.  Students can expect to learn basic striking and covering, mitt work and sparring drills, stand up wrestling and grappling, as well as ground proofing to ensure students are well versed and skilled in all ranges of combat.

We also offer Pekiti Tirsia Kali training for those interested in the Filipino bladed arts.

We have fun while we train and work hard!  If this sounds like the place for you, stop by and say "Hi" and we can set you up with some training.   You can also drop me a line at 206-941-3232 or email me at [email protected]

Click here to check out our 2012 schedule!

To set up a private lesson with Jake contact him via phone or email.


October 4, 2011

Biegler Blade Works - Kutlery for Kali

Thanks to the Guv for turning me onto  Biegler Bladeworks site.  Always happy to help spread word about fellow Pekiti Tirsia Kali players, especially ones that produce beautiful pieces like Mr. Biegler does.  Though a bit pricey I am sure they are worth every penny, look at the meticulous custom design work.  In the near future I will solicit Biegler for a blade to review on the Ground Never Misses and we will see just how tight these blades are, but in the meantime check out their gallery page and keep the drooling to a minimum!
UPDATE: Just got an email from Brian, he will be sending out a blade or two later this year for an exclusive review on The Ground Never Misses!  Stay tuned!

For those in the Seattle, WA. area interested in learning how to use / defend against one of these beauties, hit me up for Pekiti Tirsia Kali lessons ([email protected]).


September 15, 2011

Yelp Review for Martial Arts in Seattle, WA.

I would like to request a little help for the Three Harmonies Martial Arts Yelp page.  One of my students Nicole was kind enough to start a Yelp business page and offer a review of my classes.  I have heard Yelp is really good for getting clients and generating business.

My request to you is if you have ever trained with me please log in and offer an honest review of the classes and my teaching's.  Again I want honest criticism, and if you have never trained with me disregard this message.

Your help is really appreciated, as the more reviews I get the higher my ranking goes, which in turn means more people will see the page.


June 13, 2011

Seattle Martial Arts Classes - Kickboxing / Combatives / Kali

My Martial Friends and Family -                                                         June 2011
I hope this message finds you in good health and happy spirits.  It has been quite a while since I have sent out an update of what is happening here in the Pacific NW, and we have some exciting things to announce! 
Kickboxing –
            Develop pinpoint accuracy along with devastating power using kicks, punches, elbows, and knees.  Whether you are looking for a calorie-burning workout, or you want to learn fundamental striking for self-defense as you are working your butt off this class will address all of your fitness and training goals! 
Essential Combatives –
            Continuing where kickboxing leaves off, Combatives class uses strikes to enter into clinch range where students train throws, takedowns, ground proofing, and the essentials of self-defense.  Ideal for women and those wishing to take a more realistic approach to your self-defense training, combatives will challenge you mentally and physically. 
Pekiti Tirsi Kali –
            Filling in the final gap in modern day self defense one must address the weapon factor.  Pekiti Tirsia Kali is considered the most technical bladed art to ever come out of the Philippine Islands, and it addresses all ranges of combat as well as all types of weapons.  Learn a traditional Filipino weapon-based art in a safe and fun environment. 
Schedule & Tuition –
6 - 7:15 Kickboxing / Combatives
6-7:15pm Kickboxing / Combatives

6 - 7:15pm  Kickboxing / Combatives

7:15 - 8:30pm  Kali
6-7:15pm   Combatives / Kickboxing
9:30-11am Kickboxing / Combatives
12-1pm     Kali

1-2 Classes per week = $85 / month
Unlimited  (3 or more classes a week): $105 / month
Drop In Mat Fee: $25 / class
            For those wishing to cross train with Three Harmonies and NWJJA, we will be offering a special combined rate.  Email me for further details. 
             Bookmark the blog The Ground Never Misses for details and more information.  As always please contact me with further questions, or to schedule a lesson!
            Any help you can offer on spreading word via email, facebook, etc. is appreciated!  I will also be offering specials for students who get friends to sign up! 

Jake Burroughs

May 18, 2011

Rommel Tortal Seminar in Seatown

For those interested in improving their stick and knife skills, Rommel Tortal will be visiting Seattle, WA.  Check out the flier below for more info.

April 26, 2011

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Technical Sparring

Pekiti Tirsia Kali So Cal (PTKSC) has been working hard on their sparring and techniques.  Training out of Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA. now, Guro Meynard Ancheta has really stepped up training with his So Cal group.

Here are several clips of technical sparring Meynard just put online.  Some things to notice and reflect on while viewing:

  • The weapon is in constant motion so a cut can be made from any angle, at any time
  • Footwork is paramount in Kali
  • Angles, angles, angles.... angle of the weapon, angle of the slash/thrust, angle in conjunction with the footwork, which in turn creates new angles.  I knew I should have paid attention in geometry in high school!
  • Notice the focus on one of the most fundamentally difficult concepts for people to grasp... range 
  • Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a bladed art
   Lets elaborate on that last note a bit.  Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK) is a bladed art that relies on technical strategies and a superior understanding of angles and range.  You will notice the absence of brute strength and caveman type behavior in the following clips.  That is because employing such strategies will get you hacked / slashed / thrust into pieces as soon as you step into range!  Here is a pic of a Ginunting, the standard weapon used in PTK:

Some Filipino martial art groups claim to gain a clearer consciousness via harder blows where their focus is on the impact aspect of FMA and use of the stick.  Nothing wrong with this approach but the reader must understand the fundamental difference in what we are bringing to the table!  

If those were bladed weapons how much different would those fights have been?  Nothing wrong with the above training, but my point is the difference between training in an impact art as opposed to a bladed art.  While PTK employs all weapons (and we train with sticks because they are cheap and easy to replace), relying on the results of blows can be quite variable.  

For example take a look at modern day MMA fights.  We have seen everything from nasty KO's by blows that barely hit their opponents chin (Nick Diaz), to literal beat downs where the opponent takes amazing punishment both to the body and brain to no effect (Wanderlei Silva, Pride days).  But much like sinking in a choke, using a blade is technical and precise, and if it lands the damage is guaranteed!  Tendons, ligaments, skin, and flesh all cut and tear the same with all of us regardless of pain tolerance or "toughness."  Just like a choke, when it is sunk in, it does not matter how tough your opponent is.  When the oxygen is cut off to the brain, the body goes to sleep!  

Some food for though while you watch the following clips.  I already have my students working on the basics of technical sparring, and hope to have them up to this level by the end of the year.  

If you are interested in doing some Pekiti Tirsia Kali in the Seattle, WA. area email me at [email protected] 


April 6, 2011

Interesting Stick and Blade Videos

An interesting clip from CNN on stickfighting making a comeback in South Africa.  African stickfighting has always held my interest not only for their bravery, but also the timing and understanding of range.  Check out the shorties!  Too cute!

On a more serious tone...

Here is a great clip on five common myths about knife fighting, which I would have to concur with, though I think their ending comment is complete bullocks!

The reality and ferocity of a knife "ambush" (no one draws a blade and squares off like John Wayne!).  If you are not carrying, you may want to reconsider!

Train hard, train smart, train realistically!  Those interested in doing some Pekiti Tirsia Kali email me at [email protected]

Food for thought in our ever changing world.

February 18, 2011

Jogo Do Pau - Who knew!?

Quite by accident I stumbled upon this clip earlier today on the French Boxing blog:

The kids are cute, and this reinforces my opinion that all socialized citizens should be trained in weapon arts.

As you see there is no description, but the great thing about Youtube is the linked clips, of which I found these:

This is fascinating WWI training footage of soldiers!

Though not quite Pekiti Tirsia Kali I figured it would be a nice way to end the week and get prepared for our weekend with Guro Ancheta training the Doce Methodos.  Have a safe and fun weekend.  I will drop a full report on the weekend early next week!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

January 24, 2011

Pekiti Tirsia Seminar w/ Guro Ancheta - SOLD OUT!

I have been hosting seminars for nearly 10 years now from Ohio, to New Mexico, now to the Pacific NW... and never in that decade, not once, have I had so much interest and response to a single seminar!  I have hosted some of the most sought after coaches in MMA / CMA / BJJ and this Pekiti Tirsia Kali seminar has completely booked up a month out from the seminar!  I did not even get a chance to make a flier, and their is no need to now!

If you have not registered with me yet please EMAIL ([email protected]) me so I can put you on a standby list in case of any cancellations or last minute changes.

I want to thank everyone who has made this a success!  To all my students as well as those coming in from all over Washington and Oregon.  Those registered will receive an email about a week out confirming details, address, and addressing any last minute needs of anyones.  Otherwise please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


January 15, 2011

All Star Fitness Schedule

I have expanded my teaching schedule at All Star Fitness located downtown at the Medical-Dental Building on 5th and Olive Way.  Take advantage of this awesome opportunity as classes are free to members of the gym, and they have all sorts of sign up specials happening right now!  Take a look at how many training sessions you have with yours truly:

- Kickboxing 12-1pm

- Advanced Kickboxing 12-1pm
- Pekiti Tirsia Kali 1-2pm
- Kickboxing 5:30 - 6:45pm

- Advanced Kickboxing 5:30 - 6:45pm
- Pekiti Tirsia Kali 6:45 - 8pm


- Advanced Kickboxing 12-1pm
- Pekiti Tirsia Kali 1-2pm
- Kickboxing 5:30 - 6:45pm

- Kickboxing 12-1pm

All are welcome to join us!

January 14, 2011

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Interview with Leo Gaje

Here is a great interview from 2004 from


What is the strategy of Pekiti-Tirsia?
 We only deal with 2 things, strategy and tactics. Strategy is a plan of action, derived from continuous training, a conditioning to the various flows of attack.
 The principle of Strategy is attack-- no defense. I don't teach defense. A tactical move is how to make that attack be effective and how to demolish the enemy. My principle of strategy is Offense, no defense. My offense becomes a counter offense, which is the best defense.
 If you teach your people to do defense, they become more static, they become rigid, they become immobile and they freeze and all they remember is how to defend themselves against powerful blows.
 My training is about speed, timing, power, accuracy and precision. . All of these do not involve defense, there is no strategy of defense there, defense per se- meaning disarm, meet force with force and try some technique. It will never work. The word defense has no meaning in Pekiti-Tirsia. The strategy is offense, counter offense, and functionability.

So how do you defend yourself?

You learn offense!
 You cannot learn defense, there is no such thing as learning defense. It's all offense. The other concept is all defense, self-defense. There is no such thing as self-defense.  It is a misunderstood word, self-defense.
 How many battles in history are there where a castle stood in the middle of the field and was able to win the war?  Always the invading forces are winning. Why? Because you are there in defensive position and when the enemy surrounds you for one year and cuts off the water and food, he cuts of the means of exit, when he catapults stones and shoots arrows over the wall every day?  How will you survive? How much food can you store in there?

So defense has no meaning in terms of warfare.

 When you are on the defensive, you are static, your movements limited, and you have no liberty as far as escape is concerned.
 Is the typical martial artist prepared for a knife on knife or knife vs. empty hands encounter?
 If he is more oriented on empty hands and has no knife training, no he is not. Knife culture is much different from empty hands. All the empty hands came from the knife. The empty hands are very inferior; the person who has only empty hands knowledge has no chance against a knife. No empty hands guy can dislodge the knife from someone trained in the knife, except maybe somebody that is not trained or is drunk. It is impossible for him to subdue a guy trained in knife.

 What do you think about most disarming techniques?

 That is fancy stuff.  That is defeating the purpose. Introducing that sort of technique will get somebody killed. It is impossible. If you are trained on knife techniques and know knife offense, maybe you can use counter offense to survive by getting out with timing to strike the eyes or the head and remove his presence of mind. Then you might have a chance to dislodge the knife.  If it is knife on knife, then there is offense and counter offense. There is no such thing as defense. Knife vs. empty hands, will never work. Disarms and empty hands against the knife, these are Hollywood style techniques. It will never work.

 Should they run away?

 First they should have an equalizer, a gun, knife, stick, anything. If you pull an equalizer, you have at least a 50/50 chance to survive, a deterrent. If someone is trained in only the empty hand and someone pulls a knife, he tends to give his hand to the attacker and gets cut. If you are trained in the knife and have an equalizer, you will respond via training to pull your equalizer. The strong take advantage of the weak. If you have no equalizer, you will lose.  If they pull a knife and you pull a longer knife, you have a better chance. If you have a knife, he has to wonder if you might be better than him. If you have no knife, he will have no fear and run after you and hurt you. Having a knife or equalizer is a reminder to be alert at all times. The less aware you are the more likely you are to be attacked. When you are not careful is when it happens.
 Even if you are on an airplane and the terrorists come, there are equalizers available and instead of them taking you hostage, you take them hostage, but people do not know about how to do this.

 What about guns? Do martial artists need to adapt to the gun?

 A martial artist is someone who is training to be prepared against someone who might attack them. You train for someone who will surprise you and might take your life. Martial arts have to do with weapons as well as empty hands. The gun, and other tools-- stick, and knife- anything, the martial artist must be proficient in all weapons and empty hands. What if you do disarm him of a gun but don't know how to operate it? How can you make use of it? He is going to come with a second attack and perhaps other guys who possibly have weapons.
 If you go into your house and someone is inside and you take hold of a broomstick, you must know how to use it. A gun is an instrument that allows you to equalize another weapon. You need a well-rounded knowledge. Whatever we do in this world has to do with survival.

 You must be skillful in all the tools of the martial arts, knife, stick, sword, gun, a kitchen knife and ballpoint pen; whatever can be used as a weapon. That is the discipline of yesterday; today it is just empty hands.  People are afraid to learn weapons because they say it is dangerous.
 Pekiti-Tirsia is a combat art. The culture is combat culture. PT is directed to follow the old tradition to carry on as a legacy. The gun is a tool like a knife, an instrument of peace.  It is wrong to use the gun as a weapon of violence. If you make peace with the gun you make peace with others.
In the advanced levels of Pekiti-Tirsia, guns are covered in depth and training is based on quick response and counter offense. We deal with all kinds of weapons. I encourage my students to study all types of weapons.  If we remove our concept of combat, we are not teaching martial arts. We would be teaching conditioning. We follow the old traditions, which by philosophy embrace all weapons. Anything you take hold of and becomes a part of you, the tool becomes part of you. The weapon is a protective reminder that keeps your security consciousness alive. You try to avoid all that might irritate other people but you are more confident because of your equalizer. The weapon plus your martial arts training gives you confidence.

 How have some of the other arts lost their way and ended up overly focused on empty hands or sport oriented and lost the focus on combat?

One of the problems is liability. Why has the reality of combat or trueness of the art been lost? There are prohibitions, legal prohibitions that you cannot do this or do that. Why are they afraid to be involved in combat?  Their training is not focused on offense and counter-offense; it is more on defense.   When you are defensively oriented then you are going to suffer, the guy is going to bombard you with multiple kicks and punches and you will be in trouble.
 Their training is not focused on offense and counter offense.
 But if you are trained on counter offense, then you have equalization against someone who attacks you with multiple attacks, kicks and punches. You have the principles of footwork, strategy and tactics, evasion and escape, and the principle of counter offense against offense.
 Much has been lost, because they have removed the whole secret of the tradition. Those Masters of Kung Fu and Karate they will not teach you the secrets of their systems. Do you think I will teach you the secrets of my system?  They teach only the surface. You master the kata that you repeat and repeat and then you become a black belt, then a little sparring.

 This UFC style of sports came into existence because, for many years there has been a loss of a realistic approach of what combat is. But if the system operates within the system of combatancy, and the training is developing somebody on the principle of offense and counter offense he will be more technical, if they are both technical then there is less damage.  I started full contact stick fighting in the US in 1982, since then all my guys involved in full contact stick fighting-- they have not been hurt. The reduction of damage is done by the principles of strategy, the principle of movement, fluidity, and distance. In so doing, they adapt that as part of their techniques. As far as damage, it is very minimal. There is only damage when someone stands there and he is bombarded. There are no such things as pre-arranged techniques in the martial arts.
 What do you think the martial arts are missing today?

 Compared to the martial arts today, the martial arts of yesterday were more traditional and more disciplined. They were based on mental development. The discipline of the mind was more emphasized than the physical. First you developed the mind and then the body.  It was a belief in the early days that if you were strong mentally then you were strong physically.
 Today martial arts are more based on the physical-- forms and things that will fascinate the students. In the past it was based on discipline, in the early days you had to be able to stand against pain.  They had to stand on the threshold of pain. The discipline of pain. If the master said to stand there for 10 hours you have to stand there for 10 hours doing nothing.

 Today we are losing the value of discipline and the elements of combat have been reduced, for fear of being hurt or insurance problems. In the early days in the Philippines the karate guy had to hit the makiwara until blood came out of his fists. The same in the art of Kali, you are bombarded with pain. If you cannot stand pain you have no reason to stay in the martial arts. The path of mental development to physical development is what is lacking today.
 What do you think about the mixed martial arts?

 Mixed Martial arts is a fad today. They mix because they want to learn how to respond to certain techniques.  I want to learn too, I cannot blame these people. But if you mix your martial arts, you have a tendency to develop bad habits. Bad habit because what they give in one martial art may not be workable  in another martial art.

 Why do you want to mix?

 We follow the angles of attack; once you fall into the perimeter of the line of defense, whatever comes in we have to destroy. So why do you want to mix? If the system is equipped with combat technology, you have no reason to mix.
 Many times the person that trains them has no concept of what combat is, he only has limited knowledge, or he is out there for sports and to make a living teaching.

 How long will you master each mix? 

 When you mix in ingredients, you have to know the elements of what you are mixing in.
 I'll give you an example about mixing, you eat Thai food, American food, Mexican food, Filipino food, kosher food; your stomach will be fighting all night. Sometimes you can mix things that are not compatible.
 So the same thing with the mixed martial arts, if someone pulls a knife you don’t know which martial art you are going to use. You hesitate; you can’t decide which technique to use.

 Rolling stones gather no moss. Mixing is not a very sophisticated thing to do. You collect another bad habit here; you collect other bad habits there. All the bad habits put together is what you end up with. 
 I experience this in my seminars, I have mixed martial artists there, you tell them to relax and they tense up. From hard empty hands to weaponry is a very hard thing, they contradict.

 Yin and yang, you have to learn how to be soft and when to be hard. One problem is that many teachers do not have sufficient experience in combat.
 There is a big movement to mixed martial arts.. .it is ok...What is your common denominator, what is your target?
 You have to be accurate and you have to be precise, any mistake you commit during an encounter is a big problem. The game is lost.
 If you are a soldier you have to accurate and precise. The same for a painter, sculptor, and carpenter. If you are making a doorknob it must fit in the door. Everything must be accurate and precise.

What do you think about so-called “Reality Based” martial arts?

 It depends on how they define their reality. What is the reality?
 If anybody comes to me and asks me what reality is, I will stab him, I will slash him and I will see how good his reality is. You cannot talk reality until you have 10 or 15 years experience. What is reality? That is just a marketing word. The traditional knowledge in terms of martial arts has been there long, long…many years ago. The people had practiced and practiced and used this in terms of how many empires and generations of invasions and fighting. This has been tested and proven over and over again.
 They haven't even tested their system? Nobody tested it? Does it work? Reality of what?   Where did you come to reality?
Thats not a knife... this is a knife!

But if we talk about combat, it is a different concept

January 7, 2011

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Seminar w/ Guro Ancheta Feb. 19-20th 2011

Three Harmonies Martial Arts Presents
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Traditional Filipino Art of
Pekiti Tirsia Kali
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February 19th 1-6pm
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One Day: $55
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Seattle, WA.
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Join us for a weekend of training in the beautifully effective Filipino art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, a systematic art of combat fighting based on the science of strategy and tactics.  Considered by many to be the most effective bladed art alive today.  All experience levels are welcome to join, no prior knowledge of Kali is required. 

Please bring a training knife (NO LIVE BLADES), rattan sticks, and safety glasses.

Guro Ancheta –
            Based in Southern California, Meynard has prided himself on training under only the best in their respective fields.  A student of Tim Cartmell’s for over 10 years, Meynard has also been training with GM Leo Gaje and Guro Tim Waid both here in the states as well as abroad for 7 years.  Meynard is also a Dog Brother (c-Strawdog).