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June 24, 2014

Carlos Machado Interview

Here is a great short interview with Red black belt Carlos Machado of RCJ Machado fame, where he discusses the role of women in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Tracey Vandry.  In a time of misogynistic attitudes and approaches even in our martial arts, it is nice to see an advocate for equality on the mats especially from a Brazilian leader such as Carlos. 

Here is a snippet, to read the entire article click here. 

"Since BJJ has become more popular, and its' benefits are apparent to the female public, it started a great demand. I know in the past in Brazil women were not encouraged to practice BJJ because of the exclusive point of view that BJJ was predominantly a male sport. Once people realized that this was not necessarily the case, and for self-defense reasons, women could benefit tremendously from BJJ, the barriers were gradually broken. Today, more and more women join BJJ schools. It is a healthy, safe, exciting and effective self-defense method for men and women alike."

April 6, 2012

Six Reasons Women Should Participate in Combat Sports

Here is a great article translated from Portuguese by Natalia Leao from the Brazilian magazine Boa Forma, where the author offers six reasons why women should train in combat sports.  Click here to read the entire article!

I have always been an advocate for women training martial arts simply for the self empowerment aspect of the training, but Natalia offers five other awesome benefits!  In the meantime stop by and check out a Three Harmonies class Mon-Thurs at 6pm, where I have about 5 female students any given night!

"Once seen as brutish, the practice of martial arts is now recognized as an exercise that aggressively combats flab. “The idea isn’t to hurt or show you’re better than your adversary. What you gain from practicing a martial art is loss of fat, relaxation and overall improved health,” Leão further claims."

  1. Shed Fat
  2. Gain Muscle Tone
  3. Relieve Stress
  4. Improve Sex Drive
  5. Increase Brain Function and Memory
  6. Gain a Solid Core and Improve Your Posture