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May 4, 2015

Traditional Igbo Wrestling

Not sure if this is the Igbo tribe, but was too awesome to pass up
In Nigeria the women of the Igbo tribe prove that they too can hold their mud when it comes to combat sports:

Thanks to Wrestling Roots for finding awesomely rare clips and news online! 

April 10, 2015

Latest Additions to the Rungu Collection

The only good thing about my girl being gone to Africa is that when she returns it is usually with a gift of love and caring.  And in the case of being with me that typically means a gift that cuts, bludgeons, or otherwise renders opponents unable to comprehend the magnitude of their mistake in engagement.  This trip she brought me back two new styles of Rungu, a club the Masai are known to carry.  Of course one with the dent in it is a "antique" according to the kind salesmen, surely used by a Masai LOL! 

Really appreciate them regardless of their usage history, great additions to the collection.  Thank you babe! 

April 21, 2014

The White Lion - Sengalese Wrestling

Spain's Juan Espino, The White Lion, is one of the best Sengalese wrestlers and loves the passionate atmosphere in Dakar when he fights there.  Someday I will make it over to train and watch. 

Thanks to Wrestling Roots for the heads up!