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April 10, 2015

Latest Additions to the Rungu Collection

The only good thing about my girl being gone to Africa is that when she returns it is usually with a gift of love and caring.  And in the case of being with me that typically means a gift that cuts, bludgeons, or otherwise renders opponents unable to comprehend the magnitude of their mistake in engagement.  This trip she brought me back two new styles of Rungu, a club the Masai are known to carry.  Of course one with the dent in it is a "antique" according to the kind salesmen, surely used by a Masai LOL! 

Really appreciate them regardless of their usage history, great additions to the collection.  Thank you babe! 

September 22, 2014

Jeff Davidson & The Brotherhood of the Blade Coming To Seattle

25 year veteran of the Southeast Asian and African martial arts Jeff Davidson is coming to Seattle for the first time October 4-5th 2014,  to offer a weekend of training aimed at improving your martial prowess and teaching some essential self defense.  This promises to be a great weekend of learning and fun with sticks and knives!  Open to all levels of experience and ranks, for more information on the seminar click here

Check out these video clips of Jeff teaching:

June 21, 2014

Sudanese Wrestling

I find these clips of traditional African wrestling absolutely fascinating.  David Adams Films offers documentaries from all ends of the earth and in this short snippet he previews a traditional wrestling tournament in Sudan.  A rich clash of culture, tradition, rebellion, and community these clips remind me why I got involved in martial arts to begin with. 

Stay tuned to The Ground Never Misses as we will be bringing some Yoruba African wrestling to Seattle by years end! 

January 15, 2014

Ethnic Wrestling of African and Kazakh Cultures

Wrestling in one form or another is universally shared across all political and geographic borders.  Cultures have developed specific styles and rule sets, but ultimately grappling is grappling.  With much thanks to Wrestling Roots here is a short photo essay on the Kazakh wrestling horseman called audaryspak.  Some researchers believe that the nomadic ancestors of what is now Kazakhstan were the first to domesticate horses, so it seems only natural that they developed a whole style of grappling on horseback.  Born of war and combative experience I can honestly say I have never seen such a thing.

Click here to read the entire article.

And here we have a couple videos of traditional Lutte from Niger.  A rough wrestling art rooted in hundreds of years of practice.  Africa has some of the toughest, most skilled grapplers I have ever seen.  And yes, that is a fattie he is toking before the fights.  A common practice in Africa is to smoke marijuana to ease anxiety, and numb pain.

And Rousey has nothing on this dude:

February 21, 2012

If Ever In Senegal... Make Sure to Wrestle

Thanks to Ross over at for sharing this 4 minute piece on traditional wrestling in Dakar, Senegal (thats west Africa... the continent, not the country!).  These guys are a MMA / BJJ market just waiting to be tapped!  Yolked to all get out with MAD crazy stand up grappling... add a bit o' kickboxing to the mix and some BJJ... West Africa can be the next hotbed of MMA talent!  You heard it here on the Ground Never Misses first!