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April 24, 2014

Just the Gi Top Episode 33 - Brian J. Johnson

For those of you whom may have missed the live interview Sunday night, or if anyone wants to listen to it again, our very own NWJJA's Brian J. Johnson is the featured guest on episode 33 of Just the Gi Top.  I love these guys because they ask intelligent, thoughtful questions and allow the interviewee's the opportunity to explain their answers. 
Don't miss this interview where Brian gives props to the Machado family, talks about starting a BJJ business from grass roots, offers some info on the charity needs of and discusses the complexities of competition...

December 26, 2013

Brian Johnson's "Entangled Arm" DVD Sneak Peak

Look what I got for Little Baby Jesus Day!!!  Overall I did not get jack squat for the holiday, but I did receive a preview clip of the forth coming DVD by Brian Johnson: "Entangled Arm."  The much anticipated follow up to his stellar three disk DVD series on "The Basic 12 Curriculum", this DVD will present a much more specific "game" that has been HUGELY successful with Brian and his students in both gi and no gi competition at all levels.  Requested by seminar recipients throughout North America as well as the Machado brothers, this DVD will enhance your guard attack repertoire and add some sound principles to your grappling toolbox.

Stay tuned to The Ground Never Misses for the release of "Entangled Arm" in the near future, until then make sure your fundamentals are sound with the B12 DVD Series and check out this preview of things to come:

November 19, 2013

Jean Jacques Machado Seattle Seminar Summation

Here I am nearly 24 hours removed from what many are referring to as "the most epic seminar" they have ever attended!  Three hours of gi techniques followed the next day with three more hours of no gi training, both followed by rolling with the legend himself Jean Jacques Machado one cannot help but feel overwhelmed.  Xmas certainly has come early here at the Northwest Jiu Jitsu Academy with Jean Jacques Machado's first visit!

I could go through each and every technique and breakdown the genius that lies within the shell of a humble, kind, and subtlety hilarious man, but that is boring and redundant.  Instead I would like to try and convey the energy Jean Jacques brings to the mat when he teaches.  A drive fueled by a love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an unbridled passion for a thirst that will never be quenched.  Truly and honestly he did not teach one technique that I would refer to as "advanced" or that needed special flexibility.  Actually he made things simpler then I have ever seen and yet I still feel like I missed so many details.  Details... the gentrified permanent residence of the devil.  And ultimately it is the details that make the difference.

Brian acknowledged at the summation of Sunday's seminar that what drew him to the Machado brothers in the first place was their openness and willingness to share and teach the art.  I mean lets face it you can learn techniques anywhere; YouTube, seminars, weekly classes, with training partners in your garage.  But to make a connection with a professor, to truly be treated as a part of a larger family is becoming a rare commodity.  The Machado family has a motto: "Leave your ego at the door" and they truly embody that quote.  Jean Jacques humbly shared details to the various aspects of his game.  Teaching like a father to his children we trained and had a blast sharing the mat with a man whose life is solely dedicated to the training and disseminating of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge worldwide. 

Again, we did nothing technically "fancy."  The genius of this seminar weekend is that JJM touched upon a number of positions and techniques and offered little minute details that truly made our grappling much simpler and easier.  No fancy berimbolo's or bullshit 50/50 guard.  Just plain old fashioned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that was also not sport oriented "You might need to can opener someone in a self defense situation so you need to know it." - JJM

I want to thank Prof. Jean Jacques Machado for his time and sharing of the art he loves so much! I will see you this weekend.  Also a huge thanks to my coach Brian J. Johnson for having the vision to persevere and bring the best of the best to the Seattle area (now if we could get more of the community to appreciate these opportunities).  Thank you coach!  Thanks to all whom participated over the weekend.  Without you we cannot put these events on. 

November 11, 2013

Congrats Perry Bateson: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

Congrats to my friend and NWJJA affiliate Perry Bateson (head instructor at Yuen's Martial Arts in Maple Ridge, BC)on earning his brown belt in BJJ under Brian Johnson!

November 10, 2013

NWJJA Representing at Revolution

Congrats to Rachel Linn on taking bronze in the No Gi division at the Revolution over the weekend.  From what I hear there was no shortage of hard fights and our competitors Miles, Quinn, Spider, and Joseph all fought hard.  Regardless of the outcome the training has made you all better grapplers and more conscientious athletes. 

Congrats on the hard work and effort.

October 27, 2013

NWJJA Represents at RCJ Machado 5 Brothers Camp

L-R Top: Jake / Carlos / Rigan / Brian / John / Roger / Jean Jacques
Bottom: Rachel / Kelland / Dario / Ben / Denise / Rick

My brain was flooded with Rigan Trap details as is and then Jean Jacques came along and completely destroyed what little was left, so I apologize that this will be rather short, sweet, and not so articulate.  As I sit here exhausted from 15 hours on the mat with the Machado family at the 2013 RCJ Machado camp, the one thing I can put into written form is my appreciation for the only BJJ school I have ever known; the NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Our academy, along with our affiliates from Canada, brought a total of 12 people representing 10% of the total attendance of the camp, and I can only believe that those numbers will grow each subsequent year!  To share in an experience like this is priceless and we had a great crew to travel with.  A huge thanks to my training partner Denise Holcomb who is hands down one of the best partners to work with period let alone at a camp this size.  No one else I would rather watch the Stars with (again next year right?).  Denise, by the by, had the wonderful distinction of being the only female black belt present at the camp!

Also much thanks to Rick Monce, Kelland Lindsey, Ben Wendell, and Rachel Lin for their support, ridicule, and great times.  Also a shout out to our brothers to the north, Canada that is... though they clearly need better taste in hockey teams it seemed like everyone had a blast and worked really well together!  It was great sharing the mat with Perry Bateson and his boys.
Voted two sexiest camp attendees! 

A special shout out to my brother from another mother "Big" Mike Gates.  Though he is now a BLUE BELT under Marcos Santos, we at NWJJA consider him our adopted son as he has wiggled his way into every one's hearts!  We love you brother and you know you always have a home away from home with us.

I want to thank each and every one of you for the absolute joy you have brought our coach Brian "Mr. BJJ" Johnson.  Though he may never say it, your attendance and involvement with the RCJ Machado camp means the absolute world to him and each and every one of you made him proud this weekend.  So thank you for making this an amazing event for my friend and coach.  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. 

On that note... to our coach Brian Johnson... bro, what can I say?!  Every moment I am around you, you make me a better person.  It has been too long for one of these road trips!  We differ in many ways, yet compliment each other like blood brothers.  You are an inspiration to me, a friend to me, and I am eternally grateful for your guidance.  I am not sure if your students understand how fortunate they really are, but I do and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.  Thank you for introducing me to a world that has become my lifestyle, literally my life.  Thank you for guiding me to multiple world championships.  Thank you for being there like no one else was when I needed someone most.  My loyalty to you shall never falter.

Before you sign off, if you could quickly fill out the survey to your right.  I am trying to get an idea of what kind of kimono's my readers like.  If you vote "other" please leave a comment on this post as to which ones you like. 

Can't wait for next years camp.  See you all on the mat tomorrow night!


May 9, 2013

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Official Member of IBJJF

Attention all NWJJA students; our academy is now officially registered with the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation!  We are only the fourth academy in the state, and second academy in the city of Seattle to be officially recognized by the IBJJF. Click here to see the official list.
What does this mean to the average student??  Overall nothing will change at the dojo, but for those of you whom compete in IBJJF sanctioned events (and rumor has it they are looking to do one in Vancouver, BC this year) this means you can register under the banner of NW Jiu Jitsu!  It is important to use "NW Jiu Jitsu Academy" exactly, as typing "northwest" will bring up a totally different academy.

For those looking to train at a great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, look no further then NWJJA, as the owner/head coach is a multi time World No Gi medalist, 4x Grapplers Quest Champion (pro division), 2010 US Open Absolute BB champ, BB bronze medalist at weight, and ADCC regional champion.  Not only is the coach a successful competitor but so are his students with blue belt no gi champions, NAGA World champs, multi-Revolution medalists, and all around great cats to roll with.

Stop in and say "Hi" and check out why NWJJA is THE academy for you and your family!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

April 12, 2013

NWJJA Belt Promotion Night

April 11th 2013 marked the largest belt promotion Brian J. Johnson and the NWJJA has ever seen!  Over 50 students hit the mat to congratulate fellow members of our academy and celebrate one of only four promotions you will ever get in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This summer will mark my 8th year training under Brian, easily 4-6 classes a week... and I can honestly say the level of BJJ at this academy has gone through the roof!  Any given night I get tapped by blue and white belts.  Everyone is working hard on what Brian shows us, and to that end our coach has really become quite comprehensive in his lesson plans.  Where as 6 years ago we would work one thing one week, and something totally different the next.  Now, Brian is dovetailing one week's / month's lesson into the following lesson, and then revisiting certain key concepts in future classes as well.  This woven method of teaching has proven successful in student retention and execution. A testament to Brian's dedication and service to us!

Essentially that is a long winded way of saying... ya'll are rollin' frickin' AWESOME!!  In our academy rank is earned, not given, and you can be damn sure when you are handed that belt you have been that rank for sometime!  Last night saw the promotion of both Chris McMullin, and "Scrappy" Phil to brown belt!  Two of our more technical fighters, they both have been coaching and teaching and are a great asset to this school.  Make sure to take advantage of the knowledge those two have.

Faixa Rosa was presented to my good friend and long time training partner "Shadow!"  The best partner one could ask for, proud of you bro.  Also receiving purple belts are Mike "Tony Robbins" Adams, and "Motorbike" Matt Walsh. 

Long overdue blue belts graced the heavyweight division last night with my brother from another mother Kamau earning his faixia azul, along with Kyle Adams (great to have you back on the mat bro!), OMAR (who has been officially relieved of timer duty.  Will bet you a nickel that Nick screws it up!) Alaska Cody,  and Brian.... damn dude... can't recall your last name!?  Sorry.  Repping the lightweight division Craig got his long awaited blue belt as well! 

And contrary to street rumors, Kelland Lindsay did not get demoted to five stripe white belt... this time! 

Congratulations to all and a big thank you to our coach Brian J. Johnson and all of our training partners!  Remember we all improve because of each other and the helping nature of this academy.  Let's not only maintain, but exceed with the foundation that has been laid! 

A black belt is a white belt who simply never quit!

Jake B.