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April 18, 2015

RCJ Machado Shop Spring Into Action Sale

They're back!!!  The 6" color RCJ Machado logo car stickers are back by popular demand along with a number of other great merchandise items that are on sale for 15% off via the coupon code: RCJSpring15

Visit today! 

January 8, 2015

Huge Savings at RCJ Shop

Here is a little treat for my regular readers... use coupon code RCJSHOP20 to save 20% when you spend $100 at the RCJ Merchandise Store!  The Machado's have tons of great designs on quality made shirts, gi's, patches, hoodies, caps, and other odds and ends.  Visit RCJ and ring in the New Year in style!

August 17, 2014

Soul Roll Alpha Gi & Rashguard Review

Soul Roll Jiu Jitsu rolled out their new Alpha Gi and rashguard earlier this year, and for the past few months I have been wearing and tearing through this gi.  First impression of the blue Alpha gi is just how bright and brilliant the colors and contrasts are on the gi.  A blue gi with a myriad of patches encompassing every major color in the spectrum embodies one of the lightest kimono's on the market.  I first looked at it and thought, "Man, this looks like a big A4." 

Before we talk about the wear, lets address the tear, of which there is none to speak of.  The Alpha gi has held up very nicely over the past few months with no signs of ripping, fading, pilling, nor loose threads.  I wash and dry all my kimono's in machines and often the color fades and the gi shrinks moderately at best.  Again no sign of damage and honestly I wish the gi would shrink more as it has barely tightened up after dozens of washes.

The Alpha kimono top is a 350 gram pearl weave that is super soft and breathes decently.  Triple stitching accompanies every seam, and stress points have been reinforced all of which again hearken to the durability I have experienced wearing Soul Roll's gi.  The patches and embroidery all are tightly stitched and have not ripped nor pilled.  As you can see the patches are everywhere and can be a bit hard to read if you are unfamiliar with the brand.  I am typically a fan of patches but even this gi is a bit much.  I do believe technically all the patchwork is IBJJF legal, but if you plan on wearing it in competition I would highly suggest taking a backup as I have seen ref's disallow perfectly legal gi's such as the Alpha because they "thought" it was illegal.  You have no time nor recourse to argue with the ref (especially if you are not Brazilian) so better safe than sorry.

Soul Roll's ripstop pants feature a drawstring with no fewer then six loops as well as double fabric covering the knees.  The cuff's are double stitched and have worn well.  The ripstop material make this kimono overall pretty light.  A tighter fit with less fabric would most likely assist in a few ounces and this kimono really retains water, so be forewarned.

In regards to wear this kimono actually misses the entire mark.  The A4 I received is extremely baggy throughout making for an uncomfortable fit and bunching at the armpits.  When asking $190 dollars that puts Soul Roll into the upper middle echelon in terms of gi prices, and when paying those prices one expects a tighter, more grappling friendly fit.

The Alpha Gi can be ordered by clicking here!

My experience with the Soul Roll rashie is much the same as the gi.  A very durable and strong rashguard that shows no signs of wear nor tear.  Sublimated graphics ensure no peeling and crap on the dojo's mat.  Triple stitched seams embody the rash guard and a tight fit make this damn near unrippable.  But the XL rashie is a bit too tight and fits one like a hot dog casing.  Though it breathes well the restrictive nature make it rather uncomfortable to wear.  I am guessing the design team in Asia did not compensate for the larger North American build.

Retailing at $59.99 you can order the Soul Roll Rashguard by clicking here. 

July 11, 2014

Flow Kimono's Gi Review

Born on a brisk winters night in Boston, the family of Flow Kimonos holds the simplicity and beauty of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in such high regard that they strive to interject those same qualities into every kimono they make.  From what I can see they have succeeded in spades!  For the past couple of months I have been wearing and tearing through Flow's Pro Series (their flagship line) kimono and must admit I am very impressed.

A beautifully simple design gives way to one of the most comfortable commercial gi's available.  With only shoulder patches adorning the gi, the design is reminiscent of old school judo (a time before NASCAR like patch work in BJJ), and the durability is certainly on par with old school dependability.  I have yet to see Flow's hemp line but I can only imagine how stinking durable those gi's are if there standard gi is so tough!?!?  I have worn this gi more than most as of late and have yet to see any wear and tear, not even minimally.  Very impressive durability.

The fit is great and nine different sizing options ensures your body type will find the right size.  Six loops are found on the ripstop pants along with a draw string.  I have experienced minimal bunching and binding, but this is an old school draw string and when really sweaty or wet it does catch a bit.  The draw string keeps tied in rolling though unlike a lot of the thicker cords commonly found on gi pants lately.   Reinforced knees guard against mat burn as well as wear and tear, and triple stitching has kept all seams tight and tidy.  Impressive durability with 8oz pants.  

The kimono jacket has triple stitched seams on the sleeve with smooth ribbon aligning the inside of the cuff (a minor thing that actually makes a big difference when your wrist is getting rubbed raw while rolling).  A triple stitched skirt ensures many reps of gi chokes and attacks.  Flow kimonos Pro Series takes two pulls to get the skirt out of your belt for attacks and the 100% cotton material breathes well.

The sad simple truth is most gi manufacture

rs cannot afford the time nor the resources to make more custom fit kimonos, and most choose a generic cut and pattern and go with that (the law of averages).  Flow is going to set itself apart by offering nine different sizes... essentially the next best thing to actually custom fitting gi's.  The only plip on the radar screen for me is Flow manufactures its kimonos in China and uses pretreated cotton to guard against odor and bacteria build up.  The chemicals used should be questioned in regards to health and longevity not to mention they are made by Dow.

Retailing at $139.99 Flow Kimono's Pro Series is one of 2014's best buys for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast.  A comfortable fit gi that performs with a functionality bested by no one in the $139.99 price bracket.  Click here to order yours today and tell them Jake sent you from The Ground Never Misses.  


May 6, 2014

2014 Naturally Fit Grappling Games

RCJ Machado proudly presents the 2014 Naturally Fit Grappling Games July 26th in Austin, TX.  Both gi and no gi divisions will be available for athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced.  White to black belt.  To register or for more info click here.   

April 29, 2014

RCJ Machado "United We Conquer" Limited Edition Gi Review

All photo's courtesy of Elton Pinto
One of the best things about RCJ Machado and the entire Machado family is that they are a restless bunch.  Never growing moss and always with 3-4 irons in the fire, the latest offering is the "United We Conquer" limited edition pearl weave gi.  I must be honest here I was not sure what to expect, but was plenty surprised to find a well thought out design and excellently executed fit that is affordable to the average Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. 

This 100% cotton kimono is pre-shrunk with rip stop pants and a pearl weave top.  Quite honestly it is one of the most comfortable washed cotton weaves I have ever come across.  The ripstop pants, lapel, and actual kimono cloth breathe really comfortably and disperse heat well adding to the comfort factor.  Though it is advertised as weighing 6 pounds, my A-4 weighed in at just barely 5.1, but overall the gi wears and feels like a middleweight kimono, certainly more sturdy and durable then a light weight, but much more comfortable and fluid then a heavyweight.

The embroidered logo's and pre-sewn patches are great and not too overboard, though I do believe the RCJ logo on the right calf may be illegal in the eyes of the IBJJF (if such rules and regulations apply to your competition repertoire).    The contrasting yellow and green on black is eye catching and sharp, a homage to the national colors of Brazil without being overly nationalistic.  The RCJ logo has been and will always be a basic rendering of a triangle choke on a standing opponent.  A simple symbol that represents the depth of BJJ to the learned, mirroring the approach the Machado brothers take to their training and teaching.

I love the drawstring cord and the cut of the gi is damn near as precise as I could ask without being custom tailored.  Now keep in mind I am a tall, lanky heavyweight coming in at 215#'s and standing 6'4".  So for my more stout heavyweights you may find the UWC kimono a bit loose.  I suppose you could dry the hell out of it in an attempt to shrink her up a bit but as mentioned earlier it is a pre-shrunk gi and has held it's size pretty darn well.  

The one criticism I have is the above average number of loose threads and sloppy clean up on the stitches.  All seams are solid and completely sewn, but loose threads adorn many of the end threads.  I have worn this gi for over a month now and ha

ve seen no abnormal, nor expedited, wear and tear on the kimono.  Time will tell but as of today no threads are unraveling.  I have had the heavyweights at the dojo pulling and grabbing the hell out of the gi and it has held up stellar.

Available in both white and black gi's with slightly different designs, the $139.99 price tag makes this a steal of a deal.  This is a perfect "everyday at the gym" gi, in that it will hold up to the abuse of training day in and day out all the while being affordable enough to prevent you from having to hold up a bank to afford one.

Click here to be re-directed to the RCJ Online Shop where you can purchase a UWC gi or any number of other items. 

February 21, 2014

Rodolfo Viera & Michael Langhi: Class Personified

There is so much cliche shit I could write right now, but in the end I have nothing but admiration and respect for Rodolfo Viera and Michael Langhi. 
From Brent Smith on 10th Planet Forums:

World champions Rodolfo Vieira (GFTeam) and Michael Langhi (Alliance) were in Gramado last weekend to follow the Brazilian WPJJC Trials.
Rodolfo was watching his sister, Ana Carolina, who won at purple belt. Langhi was competing to secure his ticket to Abu Dhabi.

But, when organizer Fernando Paradeda invited both to take part in a very special moment. Langhi and Rodolfo put their gis and were ready to compete against two champions in life.

December 2, 2013

Enzo Kimono's: Nippon Classic Gi Review

George Bell created Enzo Kimono Co. with one goal in mind... quality!  Quality customer service coupled with quality products at affordable prices.  After spending the past two months in his Nippon Classic I am hard pressed to argue with the results!  Durable, comfortable, and affordable are all qualities I look for in a uniform, and overall I am pleased with Enzo's kimono.

I must confess I am not a huge fan of "built in" rash guards to my kimono's, such as the Nippon Classic.  Though I do grappling with a rashie, I prefer the ones stuck to my body not my gi.  So when I got the gi in the mail I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not it would be comfortable to me.  A 550 gram pearl weave cotton kimono along with ripstop pants make this a rather soft yet strong fit.  I have worn the gi both with and without a rashie on, and in general I would say it does a decent job wicking sweat, but without the direct contact to the skin you do not reap the benefits of keeping the muscles warm.  Often times if the gi is opened and then re tucked it is uber cold because of the sweat.  But this is not a malfunction of the gi, just the nature of rash guards sewn into kimonos.

Quite honestly the pants are one of the best cuts I have ever worn and I am quite finicky about the way gi pants fit! Without hugging my skin too much, along with being heavy enough not to ride up my leg the minute I play open guard, Enzo has designed one hell of a gi pant.  Reinforced knees along with triple stitched seams ensure these pants can take tons of abuse.  A unique three loop drawcord secures the pants and minimizes the need to retie in mid-roll. 

The kimono itself is all triple stitched and strongly reinforced.  I wanted to wear this gi for a solid 3 months (the entire 90 day guarantee) and see if on day 91 it just all fell apart.  100+ days and it is still going strong.  Normal wear and tear with the embroidery fraying a bit from friction and washing.  No holes, rips, tears, or other fabric issues.  Weight wise this will fall a bit heavy as it lined with the rashie, but the weave is very smooth and comfortable.  Likewise the ribbon lining the inside of the cuff is non-abrasive and smooth.  I would like to see some other options in the future for those needing lighter kimonos or those who do not prefer rash guards sewn in.

One of the best parts in doing business with Enzo is that you actually are dealing with the owner when you contact them.  A lot of companies have a customer service department, but with George you actually get... George.  Now I cannot speak for how long this will last, as my prediction is Enzo will blow up in the coming year, but as of right now George Bell, owner and operator honor's the industry's ONLY 90 day guarantee on his product!  

The one great aspect of rash guard lined gi's is the canvas waiting to be painted upon, in this case a nice rendering of a traditional Japanese temple/dwelling with bamboo in the foreground.  Overall the white Nippon Classic is clean with minimal bling.  The elegant Enzo logo emblazons each arm with "Live the Warrior Way" stitched across the bottom skirt, and the kanji "Nippon" which translates to 'Japan' across the shoulders on the back.   Burnt orange on white makes the gi really snap without being obnoxious.  And thankfully zero references to anything snarling, drooling, or killing!  A very zen design if you will. 

The Nippon Classic is the first in a series of kimono's that will reflect the diaspora of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (began in Japan as Judo, then to Brazil....) and George plans on continuing the beautiful design work.  But beyond that he is constantly getting feedback from his customers, so look for the each batch design to be better and improved upon!

In a sea of kimono companies offering all sorts of skilled and artistically unique designs, Enzo has made a statement as top shark in the ocean with the forth coming collaboration with the Wu Tang Clan and Wu Wear!   That's right kiddo's... taking "Protect yo' Neck" to a whole different level, Enzo introduces the Killer Bee rashguard and forthcoming Killer Bee gi!  Cyber-Monday, TODAY, you can save $10 off the rashie PLUS 10% on the pre-order of the Killa Bee Gi!  PLUS SAVE 30% on the entire inventory TODAY ONLY!!!

Simply click here to be re-directed to Enzo's site, and let George know you heard about Enzo here at The Ground Never Misses!  

November 22, 2013

Poll Results: Favorite Gi Pt. II

Helio Gracie's Gi
Great info this time around on the types of gi's you all wear and purchase.  Essentially there are a ton of manufacturers out there, so let me narrow down the question.  What do you look for when purchasing a gi?  what is important?  Fit?  Design?  Something other?  Vote on our new poll to your right and if "other" is selected then make sure to leave a comment below as to what it is that factors into your buying?

Here are the official poll results below:
  3 (17%)
  1 (5%)
  3 (17%)
  1 (5%)
  3 (17%)
Lucky Gi
  0 (0%)
On The Mat (OTM)
  0 (0%)
  3 (17%)
  1 (5%)
  1 (5%)
  3 (17%)
  0 (0%)
  8 (47%)

Votes so far: 17
Poll closed

November 6, 2013

Poll: Favorite Gi Pt. II

Jigoro Kano's gi
Poll results regarding your favorite gi are in and I would like a better response along with feedback!  Only 13 folks responded and no one let me know in the comments what "other" gi they liked, so I am stacking the list on poll number two regarding your favorite gi.  Please vote to the right and let me know what you like.  Trying to gather some data for future reviews and highlights of certain companies and kimonos.  Give me your feedback and let me know what you think.


Here are the results of poll number one:

  2 (15%)
  1 (7%)
Keiko Raca
  0 (0%)
  0 (0%)
M Kimono
  0 (0%)
  1 (7%)
  2 (15%)
  2 (15%)
  9 (69%)

Votes so far: 13

October 30, 2013

M Kimono's Black Hybrid Weave Gi Review

All photo's courtesy of Elton Pinto
M Kimono's and Luciana Machado Simon have become a staple in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community.  Founded in 1995 with her brother Marcelo, M Kimono's can be seen in the earliest Gracie magazines and old pictures of the greats grappling in Brazil.  A brand that has lasted nearly 20 years has something to offer, and the black Hybrid Weave I received has lived up to expectations.

Renown for its durability and strong weave, M Kimono's (MK) is without a doubt one of the toughest gi's I have ever worn.  A beautfifully simple kimono with the "M" logo embroidered in silver on the upper arm's with "Jiu-Jitsu" underneath and that is it as far as patches or advertising.  The clean design pays a homage to the traditional uniforms on our predecessors which were plain white.  The Hybrid Weave comes in white / black / blue, and the black one has maintained it's color without fading over the past couple months I have been training in it.  Aesthetically I give MK a 10 as it is beautiful in its emptiness in terms of "bling." 

As of the pictures I am 6'4" 200#'s and have a size A4, with the entire gi weighing in just shy of 5 pounds, a rather heavy hitter for competition.  But this gi is designed for more then just competition as the triple stitched seams scream to be tested weekly at the dojo.  One would think that a kimono this rugged would be rough to the touch, sandpaper like.  I am happy to announce not the case here with MK!  Honestly one of the softest weaves I have ever owned.  With the exception of the collar, the kimono is a very soft and pliable fabric which breathes just fine.  The collar is soft and comfortable but thick.  Armpits are reinforced as are the skirt slits.  Everything on this gi is triple stitched and solid.

The pants have a thin draw cord which I am am not crazy about since it cinches up when it is humid out, but it does not get untied during training much at all.  100% cotton with double fabric running the length of the leg in front from just above the knee to the cuff, those velociraptor like guard passers at your school will not tear these to shreds.  The pants are a bit restrictive and do not have the most favorable cut in the groin, but again these pants will last you a lifetime on the mats.

Be mindful of the directions regarding washing and drying any MK, as you are supposed to hang dry these bad boys.  Unfortunately that is not an option in the Pacific NW as mold and mildew strike faster then a Mayweather jab, so a little drying is needed.  The 100% cotton gi WILL shrink, the pants especially!  Really that is my only gripe about MK.  If you live in a place where you need to dry your gi at least partially in a dryer then you may want to jump up a size and shrink that bad boy down.  

The Hybrid weave has held up beautifully, not a single thread has come loose on it.  The kimono breathes very well, though the pants do not, and is uber comfortable to roll in .  The weight may deter some competitors from wearing MK in tournaments, but retailing at $180 this is a great mid-range gi.  Customer service is great with MK!  My gi was practically sent overnight (shipped from Europe!!) and was in my hands in no time.  Luciana is happy to answer questions for you and resolve any issues that may come up with your order.

Make sure to vote on the poll to your right, and if you choose "other" leave which brand in the comments section of this post please.  

You can order one of the Hybrid weave M Kimono by clicking here to be re-directed! 
Collar thickness compared to my Atama purple belt

July 11, 2013

Origin BJJ: Meeting Pete and Dedeco

Jiu Jitsu brotherhood gi

I mentioned in my previous post on the 2013 Worlds that one of the greatest aspects of the martial arts is the camaraderie and sense of kinship you have with your fellow warriors, especially when you fight each other.  Walking the mezzanine of the Pyramid at UC Long Beach you literally rub elbows with the best fighters in the world, along side some of the greatest coaches and instructors the art has ever known!  So it should come as no surprise that I took full advantage of the opportunity to speak with Origin BJJ owners Pete Roberts and Andre "Dedeco" Almeida who were both visiting the 2013 Mundials.

This marked the first time I have met either Pete or Dedeco in person as all of our communication has been via email and phone.  I was fortunate enough to contact Pete a couple of years ago prior to Origin really being on the radar screen.  I noticed their Genesis 550 gi online and simply asked if I could offer a review and a great symbiotic relationship was born.  Flash forward to mid 2013 and I find it hard to keep up with everything Origin is doing!

First and foremost Origin gi's are now 100% made in the USA!  This is HUGE news as Origin will be the first major BJJ kimono manufacturer to be completely run and made in the United States out of Farmington, Maine.  To check out a complete story on the AWESOME compound they are rocking up in Maine check out the May issue of Jiu Jitsu Magazine where editor Mike Velez gets an inside look at operations from start to finish.  Pete shares the struggles and hardship Origin has gone through just to get something made and done with the utmost quality and affordability in mind.  

They say mimicry is the highest form of flattery, but Pete pointed out another vendor at the worlds who had blatantly ripped off Origin's exact design of the Origin Mundial Backpack.  And when I say exact I mean dude at Dom Fight Gear simply replaced Origin logo with his own and changed the color scheme.  Everything else is exactly the same only made poorly.  This is frustrating to Pete because of the hard work he and Dedeco have put into Origin.  They are constantly thinking about new innovations to improve our rolling experience.  For instance Dedeco explained the positive feedback they were getting from the new swivel buckle design on the gi pants for Origin!  People love how snug they are and nothing comes loose while rolling.

Small things such as the swivel buckle or the built in rash guard on the special edition Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Gi Origin manufactured last year.  With plans to release one or two special project type gi's a year, and though the boys are being tight lipped on what their plans are, you are promised a great gi!

Great stitching is a trademark of Origin's!
With the economy in the state it is here in the United States, lets take a moment and really think about where we want to spend our money.  Wouldn't you rather spend a few extra bucks more knowing that the company you are purchasing from is employing folks in a rural Maine town?  When you call and receive great customer service its because you talk to someone at the company, not some call center in the middle of India.  100% manufactured in the United States means you are giving back to our economy in the truest sense of the word, supporting the small businessman and his employees!

All Photos courtesy Terry Neil
Check out Origin's excellent website where they offer everything from gi's to backpacks, to rash guards and grip trainers!  

December 13, 2012

Christmas Time at NWJJA

Hey kids we are coming down to the wire and final days before Santa pays us a visit.  We have a NWJJA merchandise blowout to end the year just in time for you to add to your list.  The following prices are good until January 1, 2013!

Private Lessons with 2nd degree black belt Brian Johnson: $75/hour

Keep in mind any existing student that gets a friend to sign up will receive a free 1/2 private lesson!

NWJJA Backpacks: $40

Atama Kimonos (limited sizes available, these will be the last Atamas we carry): $125

RCJ Machado Shirts: $25

Large Back Patches - NWJJA: $12
                                   RCJ Machado: $20

Small Patches -          NWJJA & RCJ: $8ea

"B 12: Basic BJJ Curriculum Vol.I-III" DVD series by Brian Johnson: $40ea or $80 for all three volumes!!

"Secrets From the Masters" DVD: $40

"Force of the Spirit" Jean Jacques Machado documentary: $20

"Unstoppable: Secrets of the Hook Flip" DVD by Carlos Machado: $30

"Mastering Choke" DVD by John Will: $40

"Attacks and Escapes" book by John Will: $25

"BJJ Guard" book by John Will: $25

Stop in and talk to Brian or Jake and stock up on everything from stocking stuffer to pro gear for class!

Happy Holidays