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September 27, 2015

Big Mike Finds Gold in the Nevada Desert

   My good friend and fellow martial artist Mike Gates has just taken gold in the old mans division at the 2015 IBJJF World Masters Tournament in Las Vegas Nevada!  Winning the gold with style by choking out his opponent in the final seconds of the final match.
    Mike is the epitome of why you do not want to lose the top position... just think, a few years ago this guy did not even know what grappling was.  Come a long way my friend.  Proud of you.
    Big Mike is a student of Marcos Santos, representing the RCJ Machado brethren of Dallas Ft. Worth. 

November 9, 2014

Are Jiu Jitsu Competitions to Blame For Wrestlings Dominance in MMA?

Best in the biz... Burroughs with his double

Pedro Olavarria over at Fightland just published an excellent article on one possible reason that so many high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players have had such a difficult time transferring those skills into their MMA careers.  Is collegiate wrestling to blame for such inadequacies?  Or does the modern day rule set as dictated by IBJJF poorly prepare competitors for MMA/self defense?  Food for thought here...

Self Defense Applicability??
"The other reason for sport jiu jitsu’s relative non-transferability to MMA is the same reason for wrestling’s success. In MMA, slightly more than half of all takedowns are done with the double leg or single leg takedown; compare that to the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Finals, where from 2012-2014, 50% of successful takedowns were single leg and double leg takedowns. The most successful takedowns in wrestling are the most successful takedowns in MMA. In sport jiu jitsu, if we look at the 2012 Pan Ams, more than 75% of the matches got to the ground because one or both players pulled guard. In the 2012 Worlds, roughly 75% of all matches got to the ground because one or both players pulled guard, with more than 50% of the matches going to the ground, in less than 10 seconds. Despite the fact that jiu jitsu requires a fight to be on the ground, sport jiu jitsu competitors are spending comparatively little time training in or fighting for takedowns. Sport jiu jitsu champions who cross over into MMA are hampered by the submissions they have overemphasized and the wrestling takedowns they have neglected in winning tournaments. What is the solution to this overdependence on joint locks and the neglect of effective takedowns?
    The solution to these problems is something for jiu jitsu masters and tournament promoters to figure out. Should they award more points for takedowns? Should they ban guard pulling while both players are on their feet? Should punches be allowed on the ground for higher belts? I don’t know. Certainly, the leaders of the jiu jitsu community need to answer for themselves whether MMA is even relevant to jiu jitsu anymore. The whole point of vale tudo and the original UFC was to prove that jiu jitsu works and that ground fighting is essential for anyone seriously interested in self-defense. Because of the Gracies, future generations of young men and women who want to learn actual fighting will be spared from the boredom and inefficacy of kata, one step-sparring and board breaking."

To read the entire article click here.

November 3, 2014

Enson Inoue's 'Live As A Man / Die As A Man / Become A Man' - Book Review

I have been a fan of Enson Inoue's since early in my martial career.  I remember seeing some old Shooto fights a karate buddy had VHS (that is an archaic recording medium that can now be viewed in the Smithsonian) of and Enson was one of the fighters.  His bravery inspired me, his attitude entertained me, and his fights NEVER disappointed.  From fighting MMA, to rescuing dogs and feeding the needy after the terrible nuclear disaster just a few years back, I have always been drawn to the grappling and MMA legend. So when his self published autobiography "Live As A Man, Die As A Man, Become A Man" hit the market I was stoked, as Enson Inoue IS living martial arts history.

To understand Enson one must have a fundamental understanding of Japanese culture and history.  Enson lives by the motto 'Yamatodamashii' which is loosely translated as Samurai Spirit.  Essentially it is the embodiment of the Samurai spirit they carried into every task, every day and that is whatever you do you must do with 100% heart and conviction.  You must be prepared to die spiritually, emotionally, physically to stand by your honor and integrity.  These attributes Enson finds lacking in the 21st century, again something I completely agree with and can relate to.

The reader is taken along for a ride from Enson's early childhood where he witnessed firsthand the effects of fear and cowardice.  The feeling of despair when a friend needed him and he did nothing laid a heavy impression upon Enson and drove him to never again find himself bowing down to fear.  His candor in sharing his true feelings is admirable and rare as he tackles some of the most difficult questions all men face.

Any true fan of combat sports needs to put 'Live As A Man.." on their X Mas wish list as Enson is the living embodiment of MMA, truly no bullshit a pioneer whose power and influence even I did not realize until reading this bio.  He takes a fight by fight breakdown of his entire MMA history; the wins and the losses.  I mean this is THE guy that handed Randy Couture his first pro MMA loss!  The list of men whom have stepped into the ring with Enson is literally a who's who of MMA, ADCC, and BJJ; Igor Vivchanchan, Mark Kerr, Mario Sperry, Frank Shamrock, Big Nog, Guy Mezger...

His history and unfortunate falling out with the Gracies is detailed, as well as a short stint training with the Machado family as well.  Enson also touches on traditionally taboo topics such as the role of Yakuza (Japanese mafia) in the Japanese mixed martial arts business.  Inoue has been able to walk in both worlds because he carries himself with dignity and stands behind what he says.  Rare attributes in today's society, thus respected by gangsters and police alike.  This position offers Enson rare insights into just how corrupt the organizations like Shooto and Pride really were / are!  Sad and disappointing to true fight fans who want to see the fighters taken care and the organizations follow a legit line to ensure the sanctity and longevity of the sport.

Overall the book is an easy and fun read offering a peak inside the mind of what I would consider a modern day warrior struggling with his identity and purpose.  Enson flirts with being a bit masturbatory in some of the retelling of the tales, and is in desperate need of a solid editor, but overall I think this book is one of the most honest insights into the mind and heart of one of the toughest SOB's on earth.  My singular selfish complaint is that we get only a glimpse of the heart of Enson Inoue, which I can say without doubt, is much larger and greater then his fighting prowess!  Following Enson's life over the years has shown me the generosity and humble serving nature of a modern Samurai where he has dedicated his life to helping out the animals and people in need throughout Japan.  He does not touch on any of his charity work designing and selling bracelets (Destiny Forever), delivering food water and hope to those affected by the terrible nuclear meltdown in Japan, as well as taking a yearly pilgrimage walking over 1300 miles in an effort to raise money for the needy in Japan.    Perhaps these are tales for a second biography  further down the road, but none the less aspects that I think are just as interesting as his fight life. 
To order "Live As A Man" Click here.  For more information on Enson, or to order some of his custom made bracelets (proceeds of which go to charities helping both people and animals) please visit Destiny Forever. 

September 30, 2014

BJJ Scout Investigates the Double Guard Pull

I am fairly confident our BJJ founding fathers are rolling in their graves with the propensity for modern tournament fighters to double guard pull.  BJJ Scout lends some time on his B-Sides channel to this conundrum:

August 24, 2014

Team Lloyd Irvin and Dateline NBC

Georgette Oden broke the news that Dateline NBC has been to Lloyd Irvin's school filming and are planning on returning in September, presumably unaware of the rape culture that has been cultivated at "Team" Lloyd Irvin.  I figure there is no better time as I saw the cult leader himself creeping back into the realm of the UFC, so apparently everyone needs a reminder of just how disgusting and manipulative this man and his "crew
" really are. 

If you agree that Dateline should be investigating the rape culture aspects of TLI, call them and make your opinion known.  their number is (866) 639-7244.  An email address, if you prefer that: [email protected] 

Sample comment with links to share (feel free to make it your own):

"Please consider the real problems behind the Team Lloyd Irvin facade before you get manipulated into writing a fluff piece to help Lloyd Irvin rebuild his fading money maker and cover up his reputation."

Brent Brookhouse's story stream was very well done:

January 9, 2014

Ground Technician: Great New Blog and Website for Grapplers

My friend and training partner Brett Smith just launched his new website and blog titled The Ground Technician.    He will be offering information on wrestling, BJJ, MMA, and all competitive grappling events both local and worldwide.  Brett is on the cusp of attaining his purple belt and has a drive and passion for the competitive side of our art like no other.  This will be a stellar site to reference for all grapplers and competitors. 

Support our fellow brother in arms by bookmarking the Ground Technician and "Like" him on Facefuck and Twitter.

November 8, 2013

November 4, 2013

Update on "Team" Lloyd Irvin - Rape Files 101

Okay... I have been too absent reporting on the Team Lloyd (read: Team Rape) Irvin debacle that is been happening since the first of this year.  My friend Georgette Oden has been ALL over the trial of Nicholas Schultz and Matthew Maldonado who were part of Team Lloyd Irvin over the past new years where they brutally raped a "teammate" and left her for dead in a parking garage in freezing temps. 

Couldn't resist the truth in this meme
I do not have the time nor the stomach to report all the details (PLEASE visit Georgette's blog and offer your support to her), but Maldonado has been acquitted and Schultz is up on his final one or two counts today.  It is absolutely sickening that Maldonado has been acquitted on all counts even with video evidence (early here say is stating that she asked for a threesome in the parking garage, and the next day her boyfriend got pissed so she then said she was raped).  I have read the entire report.... how the fuck a jury could even come to that conclusion is beyond me but welcome to "the best judicial system on earth."

To add to this disgusting bucket of bile, douchewaffle Lloyd "I can't get it up" Irvin has of course paid for both of their defense lawyers, has led an online blitz to buy all sorts of domains with his name in them so when you google "Lloyd Irvin" nothing about rape comes up, and stands behind the rape culture he has created on the east coast (where he teaches kids, women's self defense, and BJJ!).  Oh... did I forget to mention that Lloyd "Limp Dick" Irvin himself was acquitted of gang raping a female in 1990?  Know why??  Because "he could not get it up."  Yup, no bullshit... that was his defense (and it worked!).  So he simply sat by and watched while the other 6 men took turns raping her! 

I am here in SoCal doing some training and fought over the weekend in the 2013 No Gi World Championships where unfortunately Lloyd "Impotent" Irvin was present with a very small team of like minded individuals such as DJ "Mini-Douchewaffle" Jackson (whom btw was accused of similar assaults in his past as well), and what is truly mind boggling... FEMALE students!!!!  Sijara Eubanks and another female (not sure of her name as of this writing) were proudly flying the TLI banner yesterday!  WTF is wrong with you women????  What kind of message are yous sending females and kids whom look up to you??  SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!

Needless to say Lloyd "Viagra" Irvin and his tiny little crew could not make eye contact with anyone that walked by shaking their heads, and I would report how they did but really who gives a fuck!?  The truly scary thing is this...

Was I the only individual that was witness to both Lloyd and DJ on separate occasions being under the bleachers within 20 feet of unattended children playing?????   Parents assume that an IBJJF event would be a safe place to allow your kids to play and have fun at surely, but I must admit a HUGE knot in my stomach when I saw this and thought "What if that was my little nephew?"  "What if these parents knew the predatory monsters they were in such proximity with?"  There is SO much potential for something ugly here and the truly sad thing is it is preventable.

"Team mates" in rape
I understand it is a slippery slope for the IBJJF to approach, as Lloyd Irvin and his crew are technically not found guilty of anything as of yet.  But it begs the question... how many accusations do we need before being proactive in saying we want nothing to do with people like Lloyd Irvin?  The only way IBJJF will listen is if we speak out.  I am doing what I can with my blog and the voice I have, but I need your assistance in spreading word via this blog post, Georgette's Blog, or simply via yourself!  Lets blast this shit on FB and all over the web to ensure anyone in the Maryland area reads about the thriving rape culture Lloyd Irvin has groomed and propagated.  For Christ sake people... he is teaching kids BJJ and women's anti-rape courses!!!!!! 

Spread word, proliferate the web with pics and by all means chastise and shame anyone who supports TLI on any front.  Also please visit Georgette's blog for updates galore on the trial today!  Also check out Let the world know that BJJ, martial arts, and our society at large has no room nor tolerance for rape culture or those who support it!


October 10, 2013

Team Senility Strikes Silver at the World Master & Senior Tournament

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy was proudly represented by a core cadre of master and senior ranked fighters affectionately known as "Team Senility" this past weekend at UC Long Beach, CA.

  A huge congrats to Perry Bateson who decisively took to the purple belt senior 3 division racking up 20 points on his poor unsuspecting first victim before finishing the match with an armbar in the waning seconds!  Perry epitomizes taking his game to his opponent.  In the finals Perry's opponent got the edge with a few more points to squeeze out the gold.  This was Perry's first major IBJJF tournament and I have to hand it to my friend... you did an amazing job mi amigo!  Congrats on silver!

The absolute standout this weekend was without a doubt Denise Holcomb who took double silver in both her division and the absolute.  Both times fighting a girl 16+ years younger representing Nova Unaio with none other then Robson Moura coaching her.  Yes my friends you heard correctly... THE Robson Mora was shouting instructions in Portuguese to his first degree black belt right next to Brian and I coaching Denise!  It was awesome, as Denise showed the months of training and hard work she has put into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Again this was Denise's first major tournament, and the first time she has fought since purple belt.

Outstanding job both of you!  Brian, myself, and all your team mates could not be prouder of the two of you!  Both Perry and Denise are exemplary role models for any and all students of the martial arts. 

Also wanted to take this moment to thank our coach Brian J. Johnson.  I am not sure if most of you understand what it is like to have a teacher, a true teacher.... guide you through an art with nothing but pure love for you and the art itself... I am not sure if many of you have experienced this.  But I have, and I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart "Thank you" to my coach, my friend, my training partner, and very much my mentor, Brian Johnson.  Without you... none of this is possible.  We will never be able to repay you for all you have given us!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

August 24, 2013

2013 Boston Open: Renan Borges vs. Francisco "Sinistro" Iturralde

Uhhhh, I am still trying to figure this choke out after watching it half a dozen times!  Other then the bullshit double guard pull at the beginning...well played sir, well played indeed! 

June 30, 2013

Rachel Lin of NWJJA Takes Silver at Rome Open

HUGE congrats to NWJJA very own Rachel Lin and her silver medal at the Rome Open!  Rachel fought in the white belt middle weight female adult division and above that I have no details (BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT LET ME KNOW!?!?!?).  This was Rachel's first IBJJF tourney and we could not be more proud!  Congrats girl!

WHITE / Adult / Female / Middle
First - ANNA FRENTZOU - CheckMat
Second - Rachel Lin - NW Jiu Jitsu Academy
Third - Zeynep Atabek - GF Team

June 23, 2013

Blast From the Past: 1996 World IBJJF Championships

Does anyone remember this thing called a closed guard in competition?  Like I said before I want to share classic fight videos with you all from time to time on some of the BJJ masters of today when they were competing yesterday.

Here is a great match between Wellington "Megaton" Dias and Helio Soneca.  Some great guard work and back and forth action followed by some awesome mutual respect:

And you may not recognize this face with less grey then now, but here is the genius behind American Top Team's success fighting in the worlds 17 years ago!  Thats right Ricardo Liborio versus Hollands Remco Pardoel (whom may look a bit familiar... UFC 2 I believe.... elbowing the crap out of a dude in the crucifix!):

June 6, 2013

2013 IBJJF Mundials In Retrospective

What a whirlwind of a past week... month... year.  When I started getting serious about competing a few years back I was fortunate enough to go to the 09 No Gi Worlds and have a wonderful trip.  I told myself on that trip that despite my advanced physical age I wanted to compete in the Mundials, the Worlds, where there are no age categories; 18 years and up at your weight and belt!  After very little self deliberation I came to the conclusion that 2013 would be the year at purple belt.  And so I began training.

I was at the Worlds every day for at least a little bit and overall it ran very nicely.  Rarely a mat without action, though I did not hear final numbers the mats saw 100's of fighters a day and each division started on time.  Some participants I heard griping about how long their brackets were taking, lest they forget some brackets such as purple lightweight had 100 plus fighters in it!  But it was my observation and experience that most everything ran quite smoothly.

What can I say in regards to the refereeing?  I realize it is a tough position, but I see more and more blown calls / misunderstanding of muddled rules / poor communication (sorry... ref's should be at least bi-lingual) each and every tournament I attend.  Penalties are thrown around like candy when players are confused as to what they did and ask.  I agree if they are rude or inappropriate they should be penalized.  But if they are simply asking what they did wrong, an answer should be provided.  On the flip side of the ref coin I will say this... what happened to the days when we did not settle until a submission?  Who the hell wants to gain an advantage point and stall out for 5 minutes??  Not Tanquinho.  Not Braulio.  Not Buchecha.  

Courtesy of John Cooper Photography
The worlds truly bring together the best of the best in an open tournament format from all over the world.  Met some cats from Mongolia there.  Yes the blue belt champ at ultra heavy did beat a 350 pound man in the finals.  Said Mongolian mountain tipped the scales at 450 pounds and was about 2 inches taller then me.  I must admit the brown belt matches were some of the most exciting fights throughout as the top competitors in the world rarely stalled out.  I think brown belts still have that impatient eagerness to attack like a teenage puppy which makes for some fun matches.  And of course watching the black belts thin out competition over two days was amazing for the most part.  

Overall great fights and competition, though I have one request of the IBJJF.... please bring back heel hooks! I have grown tired of the double guard pull into 50-50 guard where two "grapplers" play footsie all day and win by an advantage point.  This is not Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!  And one simple solution to all this.... allow heel hooks, with the experienced levels at the very least.  I  must admit it was nice see the Mendes brothers knocked out rather early, though we did have to suffer through the Miyao love of 50-50.

A few other quick observations from the tournament:
  • Andre Galvao is a sore loser...chewing the head referee's ear for over 10 minutes after Rafa Mendes  lost to Tanquinho
  • Dude... you are a black belt.  At this stage in the game I should not have to explain to you that it is gross beyond comprehension to be barefoot in the bathroom changing!!!!!
  • The level of BJJ has drastically improved even in the 4 years since my first IBJJF tourney!  
  • Always, ALWAYS, bring an extra gi and belt.  Too many BS DQ's because of stupid gi issues.
  • The camaraderie amongst BJJ brethren is second to none.  Heard nothing but positive encouragement before, during, and after my match! 
  • Leo Lo has a sick guard!  Period! 
  • We all love Brazilian BBQ and Acai bowls, but do we really need to inflate the prices so high?
  • UC Long Beach is a MUCH nicer venue then UC Irvine for both the competitor and the fan alike.
  • Apparently standing in front of folks trying to watch a fight is par for the course in Russia, Bulgaria, and Brazil! 
My fight...
First and foremost a HUGE shout out to my friend Asa Fuller at Ace JJ who was gracious enough to coach my big dumbass!  I really appreciate it Asa.  And a second HUGE shout out to John Cooper at John Cooper Photography for taking AMAZING shots.  I will write a separate review of John Cooper's services and photography later this week, but if you have not already make sure to check him out! 

John Cooper Photography
Overall I feel this is the most prepared I have ever been for a tournament. My physicality is great. I feel my rolling has been sharp, focused, and in general I have a firm grasp of my game. Brian my coach really helped stitch up some of the holes in my top game (yeah... I'm kinda weird like that.... big guy with great guard, and so-so top game!). Mentally it is the most focused I have been ever tournament wise. Coming into a tournament like this I had to impose my will from the get go, and my apologies to my training partners who bore the brunt of said training.

One of the most positive observations I gleamed from this past weekend was my ability to finally control my nerves. Don't get me wrong I still get the little butterflies just before stepping onto the mat, but overall I felt comfortable, confident I had been here before and it was just a fight. This is helped by my avoidance of the bullpen for the most part. The testosterone and nervous energy is unwelcoming to me, so I typically stay on the peripheral where I can still hear announcements but am away from the stagnant air.
As to how I fought.... what can I say?  I fought a decent guy but overall I know I could have beat him and feel like I was doing well throughout until I made a fatal flaw.  I opened his guard once by pressuring his throat.  He ends up scrambling and getting me back into guard.  Holding my elbows strongly I could not open his guard with pressure on his legs, so I reverted back to the throat press pass.  In hindsight he was TOTALLY anticipating me doing it and threw on the armbar quickly. 

I apologize for the limited camera view.  People were rather rude in regards to standing in front of others!

This is frustrating because I should know better and have a number of different looks.  Overall I was happy with my open guard.  His balance was good and I should have mixed it up giving different looks to him.  I suppose these are the lessons we learn, but they are frustrating none the less when you have poured out the sweat and tears (thankfully very little blood was shed!) into the hours of practice.  I keep reminding myself that if I'm going to swim I will most likely get wet, and there was only one champion last Friday. 

As you watch the video you will most likely notice a small lull in action.  Yes, thats right, for the first time ever the referee noticed (kinda weird) my piercing and made me remove it!  I have no complaints as it bought me an extra 40 seconds or so.  I thought it was pretty damn amusing. 

Much thanks and love goes out to my coach Brian, my sponsor 1914 Kimono's (the best gi's on the market), my mom and pop, my mat family at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy, and my coach Tim Cartmell. Also thanks to Chad Hospodar at Arm Bar Soap Co. for keeping me cootie-free!  I hope to offer a much better showing in the future. 

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

June 3, 2013

On The Mats Scotty Nelson and His Campaign to Save Jiu Jitsu

One of the greatest things in the martial arts is making new friends and meeting online ones face to face.  Such is the case of Scotty Nelson, On The Mat's owner and master in command.  Scotty has been a supporter of The Ground Never Misses since the early days offering gi's and apparel for review and always offering encouraging words and support through my tournament ups and downs.  So I was quite pleased to be able to meet the man face to face at the IBJJF Worlds over the weekend, and was as giddy as a kid when he invited me to OTM's warehouse.

Scotty is old school BJJ... many don't know, but he has been around since before the Gracie craze.  That is what is great about Scotty... his first and true passion is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and his passion is conveyed in his kimono's and rash guards too (I snagged a new OTM rashie on the way out, check back for the review soon)!  So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Scotty has produced a limited run t-shirt that sends a message to modern day sport BJJ practitioners:

I will write a separate review of the worlds later, but I must say something here... to the officials at the IBJJF:
BRING BACK THE HEEL HOOK!!!   I am SO tired of seeing this bullshit 50/50 guard and I can only imagine Helio and Rolls are rolling in their respective graves!  This was NOT the vision Helio had for his blessed art.  Did we forget that BJJ was created as a MARTIAL art, a method of self protection and preservation?  Dropping down and playing footsie for 10 minutes and winning by an advantage is how you wish to win the Mundials??  Not Buchecha.  Not Rodolfo.  Not Braulio.  And certainly not the master class of yesterday where pressure, control, and dominant position led to wicked submissions.

All of our 50-50 gripes and issues would be negated in one simple tournament simply by allowing heel hooks, at the brown and black belt level at the very least.  So bombard the IBJJF with messages and emails demanding the inclusion of the heel hook (who has been unfairly maligned and marginalized for no good reason!), and in the meantime hit up On The Mat to order your "No Scissor Banging" t-shirt today! 

Super soft poly-cotton blend and a relaxed fit as with all OTM shirts, you will no longer have to explain BJJ competition to your friends who don't roll!

Show some love to Scotty, OTM and BJJ!

Thanks again to the awesome crew at OTM and Scotty!

May 9, 2013

NW Jiu Jitsu Academy Official Member of IBJJF

Attention all NWJJA students; our academy is now officially registered with the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation!  We are only the fourth academy in the state, and second academy in the city of Seattle to be officially recognized by the IBJJF. Click here to see the official list.
What does this mean to the average student??  Overall nothing will change at the dojo, but for those of you whom compete in IBJJF sanctioned events (and rumor has it they are looking to do one in Vancouver, BC this year) this means you can register under the banner of NW Jiu Jitsu!  It is important to use "NW Jiu Jitsu Academy" exactly, as typing "northwest" will bring up a totally different academy.

For those looking to train at a great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, look no further then NWJJA, as the owner/head coach is a multi time World No Gi medalist, 4x Grapplers Quest Champion (pro division), 2010 US Open Absolute BB champ, BB bronze medalist at weight, and ADCC regional champion.  Not only is the coach a successful competitor but so are his students with blue belt no gi champions, NAGA World champs, multi-Revolution medalists, and all around great cats to roll with.

Stop in and say "Hi" and check out why NWJJA is THE academy for you and your family!

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

April 28, 2013

Rafael Lovato Jr. - First Non-Brazilian Absolute Champ

Mad respect to Rafael Lovato Jr. who just won the black belt absolute division at the Brazilian National's!  He is the first non-Brazilian to accomplish such a task.  Congrats RLJ!

April 27, 2013

Win Big in Vegas!

Good luck to all competitors, but especially my bro Scott Stillwell this weekend at the Vegas Open!  Kick ass and take names brother!  Most importantly have fun and learn something.


April 6, 2013

IBJJF Releases Gradation Guide

In steps to further clarify and regulate promotion in sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the IBJJF has just released a gradation guideline offering minimum ages for belts, years of consistent training in between each promotion, etc. 

As it has been explained to me in regards to 'dan' or degree ranking for black belts the following applies (I believe this to be correct):
  • 1-3rd Stripe - 3 years  (active involvement) in between each promotion
  • 4-6th Stripe - 5 years in between each promotion
  • 7-8th Stripe - 7 years
  • 9th Degree   - 10 years
For more info on the IBJJF rules, regulations, and events Click This Link!

March 19, 2013

Pan Am's 2013 Edition.... Kick Ass and Take Names!

Wanted to throw out a massive "GOOD LUCK" to all the competitors from NWJJA (Spider / Brett / Scotty / Scrappy), Ace JJ, RCJ Machado, and all fighters from across the world at the 2013 Pan Am's.  Once again the Pan Am's have topped the attendance from the previous year with well over 3000 competitors infiltrating So Cal this week to fight!  Considered one of the three top tournaments throughout the year (Pan Ams / Euro Open / Worlds) the Pan Am's draw in the best of the best in BJJ.  Unfortunately yours truly will have to sit this one out due to a nasty fiscal choke that has been applied, but fear not I will be back on the mats fighting in no time.

Kick ass, take some names, learn something about yourself and your art, but most of all.... have fun guys!



February 25, 2013

San Francisco Open a Success & David Meyer Visits Seattle Soon

With just over 600 competitors filling the Kezar Pavillion, the IBJJF's San Francisco Open was a huge success!  I will report on my fight and break it all down in another post when I have a few more minutes.  The more exciting news is regarding Nino "Elvis" Schembri's return to competition!  He had one match which he dominated and looked solid.  Here is a short interview from Gracie Mag:

Alberto Crane put in a great fight winning his division as well, and we also saw the Miao brothers close out the brown belt weight and absolute.  Personally I think it is boring as watching paint dry with team mates closing out divisions, milking the point system now in the place with the IBJJF's Black Belts.  But no one asked Jake how things should be, so until that day comes....

Overall the San Fran open was run as smoothly and timely as any IBJJF competition I have been to.  Respect and humility were abound and I basked in the great camaraderie of getting on the mat and facing ones fears and weaknesses with your fellow grapplers.  Much respect to all who fought. 

To the left here you see my training partner on Saturday night in preparation for the Open, Pablo, or as he is known in BJJ circle "La Burrito."  Not only is he shaped as such, as one can see he is impossible to choke due to a severe lack of neck!  Just like a Burrito if you squeeze too hard he slips out.  I was forced to resort to paw locks for the remainder of our session. 

Any who.... off to hit the mats with one of my idols, David Meyer, whom by the way is coming to Seattle in the near future so make sure you check out one of the living legends of our sport:

“Mastering Competition Strategy”
   Friday March 15th 6-8pm    $40
Join David Meyer, (one of the most decorated American competitors in BJJ & author of “Training for Competition”) as he shares a blue print to take your competition game to the next level.  Learn to create, establish, and implement a game plan based on your strengths.  David will also be addressing the psychological aspects of competition such as fear, nervousness, anxiety etc.  Come with a notebook and questions.  This is a rare opportunity to speak with the guy who literally wrote the book on competition!  We will also be rolling with David after the seminar so bring a gi and stay after to get your roll on!! 
“Aggressive Open Guard Dynamics”
Saturday March 16th 12-3pm $50 
(Pre-Register for Both Seminars- $80!!)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is based upon a foundational understanding and use of your guard, and in this seminar David will share some of the sweeps, submissions, reversals, and fundamentals of developing an aggressive open guard.  Open to any and all levels! 
David Meyer is a 4th degree black belt under the Machado brothers, and a member of BJJ’s “Dirty Dozen” – one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to earn black belt!
For more information or to register stop by NW Jiu Jitsu Academy (942 95th St) or contact Jake Burroughs 206-941-3232 / [email protected]