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June 10, 2015

Prof Carlos Machado on The Warriors Way

Something in the air this summer... we have not one, but two of the Machado brothers featured in articles this month!  Prof Carlos Machado offers his mat wisdom in a monthly column with Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine where he shares how to practice jiu jitsu both on and off the mat.  Jiu Jitsu Style is the leading magazine for our sport so pick one up today or get a digital subscription and check out what Carlos has to say every month. 

January 7, 2015

Prof Machado in Jiu Jitsu Style

Our fearless leader Prof. Carlos Machado once again spits some wisdom in his monthly column "Machado Talks" in issue #23 of Jiu Jitsu Style.  That is one of the many things I love about this family...not only can they walk the walk, they are intelligent, educated, and wise beyond their years; most likely a testament to amazing parents IMHO.

If you get the chance try to catch one of the five brothers on the mat for sure (check out RCJ Machado for seminar info), and on your way to class swing by a bookstore and grab issue 23 of Jiu Jitsu Style, the best mag in our business! 

October 28, 2014

Carlos Machado is EVERYWHERE!!!!

I get home from over 15 hours of mat time with the most amazing family in grappling and what do I find in the mail.....

Prof. Carlos Machado is literally everywhere!  I just saw him in his hometown of Dallas, we will be hosting him this weekend here in Seattle for a seminar, and he has an article in the latest issue of Jiu Jitsu Style!  Read what Carlos has to offer at your local B&N or subscribe electronically, then swing on by NWJJA to register for this landmark seminar Saturday November 1st where Carlos Machado will make his first trip to the Pacific NW to offer some tips on making our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu better.  This will be the third red-black belt we have hosted at NWJJA, and the fourth Machado brother.

June 12, 2013

"Secrets From the Masters" DVD Review in Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

Check out the review on RCJ Machado's DVD "Secrets From the Masters" in the latest issue of Jiu Jitsu Style magazine.  If you have not subscribed to Jiu Jitsu Style then you need to remove your head from the sand and start paying attention!  THE best rag on the market in terms of covering our beloved art.  And now they are offering reviews of DVDs and products.  "Secrets From the Masters" covers the training sessions from 2011's Five Brothers Camp, the 2013 version of which is coming up this October. 

It is an excellent DVD.  Literally one for the history shelf as it is a rare treat to get all five of the Machado's on the mat at the same time! 

January 7, 2013

Machado Interview In Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

For just over 2 years now Jiu Jitsu Style has climbed its way to the top of grappling based magazines available, and held that position STRONG!   In their first issue of 2013 they hit it off with an interview with Carlos, Roger and Jean (John Machado's son) Machado talking about the birth of BJJ in America, structuring classes, the difference between promotions in Brazil and North America, along with a handful of great topics!

If you have not already subscribed make sure you do it today.  Jiu Jitsu Style is THE magazine on the market for grapplers of all backgrounds!  Rather hard to find on the newsstands, you can subscribe via any number of formats (iPad/iPhone/single issues / subscriptions etc) by clicking here!

July 4, 2012

The Basic 12 DVD Review in Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

Check out issue #9 of Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for a review of Brian Johnson's "B-12 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curriculum."  The editor did a great review, and quite frankly this is hands down the best rag on the market for grappling and BJJ.  NO MMA at all, pure grappling coverage and unfortunately it is not getting its due deserves over here in jolly ol' America.

You can order back issues directly from their site,  or get savvy and download the app for i-phone or i-pad and it will save you uber $$!  Either way please support Jiu Jitsu Style magazine, your instructor Brian, and the community overall.
 Order your copy today by clicking here!

And while we are at it, exercise your patriotic rite on this fine day of beer, brats, and blowing shit up... please vote on our latest poll asking about instructional DVD's --------->
Here is a screenshot of the review

May 1, 2012

Play Guard For Life.... Pass Guard or Death!

Shoyoroll's famous moniker "play guard for life" is quite fitting across many philosophical spectrum's, and as I progress in both life and BJJ I notice the parallels more and more daily.  Since white belt I have focused on my guard, ensuring myself I would not be one of "those" heavyweights that looks like a fish out of water on his back!  Fuck that; heavyweights will respect my guard because of the work I have put into it.

Conversely mi amigo's I have realized I need to work my passing game.  I get too frustrated and lose patience often resulting in sweeps, or at the very least better control/positioning for my partners.  So big thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for posting this Sao Paulo Pass by Oli Geddes, Roger Gracie black belt.

Rigan Machado once said to us, "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is 80% about the closed guard.  Either working from it, or working to pass it."  Really.... what more does anyone need from one of the most technical grapplers on earth??!!?